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Door Systems, is dedicated to providing innovative solutions for your smoke and fire containment needs as well as assisting in concept, design and layout of all future projects.

Whether you are an architect seeking consultation on a new construction project or a building owner/engineer looking to bring your existing facility up to code while reducing maintenance cost, the Door Systems, staff is here to assist.

Door Systems products include DSI Fire Protective Smoke Curtains and Syntegra Integrated Fire Door Systems.

The gravity fail-safe DSI Smoke and Fire Protective Curtains have market leading features and the highest technical specifications available, yet offer cost-effective and flexible solutions to fire and smoke control. DSI curtain systems are designed to be discreet, robust and simple to operate and maintain, so a solution can be found for the most challenging architectural demands. Every smoke curtain and fire curtain from Door Systems, is rigorously tested and complies with all relevant UL standards allowing their incorporation into design throughout the United States.

The locally manufactured Syntegra Integrated Door System is created to include all working hardware and the door into a single integrated package. Syntegra completely integrates the steel door, hardware and frame into a single working unit - no bolt-ons or add-ons. Precision-engineered, factory-assembled systems eliminate the need to order, coordinate, and site-assemble individual components. Code compliant, cost effective, unparalleled durability and superior aesthetics make the Syntegra Integrated Door System the product of choice for architects and building owners.

By utilizing Door Systems products for your next new or renovation project, you will be acquiring the best, complete, single source solution for your smoke and fire protection requirements.

I invite you to review the full array of products and services we have to offer and look forward to assisting you with any questions you might have regarding your future needs.


Jeff Bonnema, President


{{}} {{this.hide}} DSI Smoke and Fire Curtains

DSI Smoke and Fire Curtains image

DSI Smoke and Fire Curtains

Fire protective Smoke Curtains

  • Elevator Smoke Containment Systems
  • Meets All Local & National Codes
  • UL Smoke & Fire Rated
  • Cost Savings to Traditional Designs
  • Other Applications Include: Fire Rated Attriums, Areas of Safe Refuge, Stairwells & Large Openings

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{{}} {{this.hide}} Integrated Fire Door Assemblies

Integrated Fire Door Assemblies image

Integrated Fire Door Assemblies

A perfect fit for every door installation '- including, but not limited to, areas of assembly, elevator cabs, elevator lobbies, cross corridors, smoke barriers and stairwells

  • Incomparable and attractive solutions for every need
  • No bulky lever escutcheons, roses, exit device housings, faceplates, protruding top strikes or door hinges
  • A variety of mechanical and electrical options to match the functional requirements of the installation
  • Saving of valuable time and on-site coordination with pre-installed and pre-adjusted hardware
  • Simple installation '- in most cases just hang the door in the opening and attach the door closer
  • Complete compatibility as it is designed, tested and certified as a complete system

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Integrated Doors Gallery Photos image

Integrated Doors Gallery Photos

Integrated Doors Gallery Photos

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DSI Smoke & Fire Curtain Photos image

DSI Smoke & Fire Curtain Photos

Smoke & Fire Curtain Gallery Photos

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