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ZippyGrid is made from high quality extruded aluminum. It is shipped in 20 ft lengths to be cut using a miter saw with a metal cutting blade. ZippyGrid is adhered directly to glass surfaces, using the high bond glazing tape provided, to match the between glass grid pattern (supplied and installed with glazing by glazier). Work is done in the field by workers with basic finish carpentry skills.


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Storefront Grid Window Wall

Finally, a cost-effective alternative to steel sash windows.

Zippy Grid can be used both for new storefront and for remodeling existing storefront.

A full range of custom colors are available including colors to match all standard storefront systems. Contact us directly for more details.

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  • Apply ZIPPY GRID to standard storefront and achieve a convincing alternative to expensive, true-divided, steel sash windows.
  • Different profiles available to fit all major standard storefront systems. Call for details.
  • ZIPPY GRID is easily field installed with common tools without complicated training.
  • Contact us for more detailed information.

Rated 5 based on 1 product reviews

Last Update: 2021-01-08