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The beauty and simplicity of a basic LEGO® brick has always wowed me. The fit. The strength. Have you ever seen one break? The versatility. Six eight-stud LEGO bricks (2◊4) can be put together in 915,103,765 ways! Whatever one can imagine one can build!

With TRUEGRID®, we aspired to design a LEGO paver for the real world, more precisely a permeable one. Strength, simplicity and modular versatility are the legs to the gridís design.

The TRUEGRID® paver is a simple, permeable paving building block for the real world.


{{}} {{this.hide}} TRUEGRID® MACK™ - Industrial Paver

Industrial Pavers image

Industrial Pavers - TRUEGRID® MACK™

  • Patent Pending Super Strong Design
  • Double-wall I-beam construction for superior strength and durability
  • 100% Post-Consumer Recycled HDPE
  • Gridlock' positive locks
  • Earth grabbing teeth for torque strength
  • Gripping traction tread surface
  • 100% effective permeability
  • Deep Cells for Gravel Containment

  • No Staking or Clips
  • Works in All Climates & Soils
  • May be Saw Cut for Curves & Trees
  • 20 + Year, Virtually Maintenance Free Life
  • Remains Highly Permeable for Life of Project
  • No more ruts, puddles, or flooding

{{}} {{this.hide}} TRUEGRID® PRO PLUS™ - Commercial Pavers

Commercial Pavers image

Commercial Pavers - TRUEGRID® PRO PLUS™

Features and Benefits:
  • Industry best compression strength. Stronger than concrete.
  • Works with SuperSpots® Parking Markers
  • Engineered for Heavy Loads & Heavy Traffic
  • Detention under surface.
  • Deep Cells Eliminate Gravel Migration
  • Superior Patented Design
  • H20, HS20 Rated

SuperSpot Parking Markers for High Visibility, Maintenance Free Parking, Space Delineation, ADA Compliant Parking Surface that is High Heel Friendly Natural Aesthetic with Unlimited Fill Options PLUS Heavy Duty Performance

{{}} {{this.hide}} TRUEGRID® ECO™ - Residential Paver

Light Load Permeable Residential Paver image

Light Load Permeable Residential Paver - TRUEGRID® ECO™

Features and Benefits:

  • Excellent Compression Strength
  • Stronger than Grasspave2® Gravelpave2®
  • Low traffic applications
  • Detention under surface
  • Bike and Run Friendly
  • Superior Patented Design
  • H20, HS20 Rated

Ideal for DIYers and Residential Applications Environmentally Friendly and Cost Efficient Modular, Permeable, Surface Ideal For Landscape Design No Staking

{{}} {{this.hide}} SUPERSPOT® - Parking Delineators

Parking Delineators image

Parking Delineators - SUPERSPOT®

  • 6000 psi compressive strength when installed.
  • Domed and ribbed for super strength.
  • Long term UV stabilized
  • 0.90" profile above grid
  • 3.25" diameter

Mark spaces, delineate lanes, and create arrows and shapes Optimize your sustainable parking and utilize your land to the max.

For a standard 18 ft parking stripes, (28) SuperSpots are typical for a SUPERSPOT locked into every other TRUEGRID cell. See photo examples above.

The grid surface allows you to create custom shapes to serve your specific needs. If you need arrows to direct traffic, or a handicap spot symbol, maybe you want to welcome your customers with a smiley face. TRUEGRID gives you the freedom to design your parking lot how you want it.

SuperSpots are super easy to install. Just line up the slot and locking tab with the groove and insert into the grid. Then push the spot into the grid cell and tap it down with your palm. That's it. And you don't have to come back next year to restripe.

SuperSpots are designed to work with TRUEGRID PRO Plus. TRUEGRID PRO Plus is our larger 24″x24″ product that is perfect for parking applications of all sizes.

{{}} {{this.hide}} TRUEGRID® PRO™ Permeable Paver

Permeable Paver image

Permeable Paver - TRUEGRID® PRO™

Features and Benefits:
  • Industry best compression strength. Stronger than concrete
  • Engineered for Heavy Loads & Heavy Traffic
  • Detention under surface
  • No more work stoppage due to rain
  • Superior Patented Design
  • H20, HS20 Rated

The World's Strongest Permeable Paver Up to 60 Year Life Cycle, Virtually Maintenance-Free, Rated Over H-20, HS-20

{{}} {{this.hide}} Environment

Environment image


TrueGrid is designed and manufactured to be true to the specifications of your project, and true to the sustainability of our environment.

Last Update: 2017-09-26