A house is more than just a place to store your belongings. It's your home - your sanctuary. Home is where you spend quality time with family and friends, relaxing and sharing your life. Diamond KoteĀ® Building Products mission is to provide a 30-Year No Fade siding that lets you spend more time doing what you love. With Diamond KoteĀ® you can have confidence that your siding will look and perform for years to come.



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Horizontal Lap Siding image

Horizontal Lap Siding - RigidStack™

Build your dream home with RigidStackā„¢ siding. Featuring traditional clean lines and natural woodgrain texture, RigidStackā„¢ is a popular choice for all home styles.


From backyard baseballs to heavy rain and hail storms, RigidStackā„¢ withstands impact to protect your home. 


RigidStackā„¢ siding is 375% stronger than standard lap siding. Built to stand up to the most extreme weather in all climates, including hail up to 1.75ā€³ in diameter.


From modern to historic, our smooth texture option will complement a wide range of home styles without compromising durability.



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Vertical Panel Siding image

Vertical Panel Siding

Create visual interest with texture or vertical accents to accentuate and make your home appear larger with more dimension.


Emphasize the vertical areas on the exterior to create a rustic farmhouse inspired home. Varying the width of the trim with different sizes or spacing can create a variety of styling options.


This vertical siding style adds interest giving it a taller appearance to the home, drawing the eye upward. Choose from two different widths to customize the look to your home.


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Shake and Shingle Siding image

Shake and Shingle Siding - RigidShake™

Add style and character to your home's exterior with unique shapes and colors.


By accenting your gable areas, you can add personal style to your home. Each shape style provides its own unique feel. Select RigidShakeā„¢ or Historic Collection to complete the look.



It's important to think about the style, architecture, and time period of your home. Cape Cod and Colonial style homes use a straight edge shake, while a Craftsman style home would typically use a staggered edge shake.


Historic Collection

Victorian homes became popular in the mid 1800's and typically featured decorative Scallop shapes. Choose the look of an era and say goodbye to expensive upkeep with this low maintenance option.




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Nail Fin Trim image

Nail Fin Trim

Enhances your windows, doors, and gables.

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Nail Fin Outside Corner image

Nail Fin Outside Corner

Trim your home with quality and style.

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Nail Fin Inside Corner image

Nail Fin Inside Corner

Complete your trim package by choosing color coordinated inside corners.


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Arch Trim image

Arch Trim

Bring arched windows and entry ways to life with a seamless design.


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Keystones image


Accent arch trim with an optional keystone to draw more attention to the architectural style of your home.

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Mount Blocks image

Mount Blocks - RigidMount™

RigidMountā„¢ offers a full line of mount blocks to keep your home beautiful. These details will blend in with the overall look of your home.



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Pro-Post Wrap™ image

Pro-Post Wrap™

Set the stage with a grand entrance for your home and upgrade old peeling posts with a new Pro-Post Wrapā„¢, or add finishing touches to a deck by wrapping pressure treated posts.

First impressions are everything. The wood-look and near seamless appearance of Pro-Post Wrapā„¢ help to add style and value to your home. It makes an incredible difference to your home's look.

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Drip Cap image

Drip Cap

Used above windows, doors and all horizontal band boards; drip cap is the best defense against water penetration.


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Spacer Flashing image

Spacer Flashing

Allows for proper spacing between siding materials and roofing, decks, driveways, or sidewalks.

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H-Molding image


There's no need to worry about gaps between your siding, H-Molding's provide a complete finished look.

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Brick Ledge Flashing image

Brick Ledge Flashing

Critical component to protect your home's structure from water, used at the transition between brick or stone and siding.

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Diverter Flashing image

Diverter Flashing

Creates an effective downward and outward water flow off the roof and away from the walls.


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Z-Flash image


Designed to keep water out of horizontal seams when stacking panel siding.


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Starter Board image

Starter Board

Providing the perfect transition between the ground and the first course of siding, shielding siding from moisture intrusion and rot. Features the look, feel and function of natural wood without the constant care.  Highly resistant to rot, warping, cracking and is impervious to insects.


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Soffit & Fascia image

Soffit & Fascia

Create a dramatic effect by finishing your overhangs, porch, and ceilings with the same woodgrain look.


We provide a product with a high (net free air) rating of 10 NFA to work with your roofing vent system. Commonly used vinyl and cement systems only average 5-7 NFA which may not meet roof warranty standards.


Thin metal fascias are easily damaged by hail and storm debris or could blow off in the wind. Just like our siding, our fascia resists impact and can hold up against the damaging effects of mother nature.


Beautiful cedar texture and proper ventilation will help with completing the look of your home. Choose a whole siding system with matching woodgrain for a high-end feel.


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Oversized, Receptacle and Universal image

Oversized, Receptacle and Universal

Designed to mount items such as: exterior lighting, electrical outlets, data/network boxes, and intake/exhaust vents.



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Split Block image

Split Block

Designed with a unique joint that protects against moisture intrusion and works with water, gas, and electrical conduit where they exit/enter the building.


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Horizontal Rigidmount™ image

Horizontal Rigidmount™

Features a wide design without pre-cut holes, allowing for easy pass through for HVAC piping or any mix of wall utilities.

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Personalized Rigidmount™ image

Personalized Rigidmount™

Make your house numbers be as distinctive as your home's siding with the Personalized RigidMountā„¢option. Choose up to five characters.

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Last Update: 2021-04-27