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Stockton Products
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Stockton Products™ was founded in 1949, in response to construction demand in the Southwestern United States, particularly California. Exterior stucco applications were popular and widespread. Recognizing the need to provide a framework around which stucco could be applied and keep it from cracking at stress points, a welded wire corner was developed that met that construction need. It was known as Corneraid®, and quickly became and remains the industry standard. Since then, a variety of welded wire products have been developed that save time, while maximizing stucco adherence to the wire-reinforced exterior. In addition, certain welded wire drywall related products are also available.

Just as the company's origins sprang from identifying and meeting a particular need, Stockton has continually sought other means of doing so for the modern contractor/builder. In 1989, Stockton acquired Casings Western, a roll-forming manufacturer of galvanized steel products. Subsequently known as C-West, the company has developed a complete metal trim line of soffit vents, decorative reveals, screeds, moisture management profiles and other trims which complements nicely the wire products which have long been associated with the Stockton Products name.

In 1995, with the growing use of extruded aluminum products for stucco and drywall, Stockton added extruded aluminum manufacturing. Stockton now carries the industry's most comprehensive line of both standard & custom reveal extruded aluminum moldings for stucco and drywall.

The combined product lines now sell exclusively under the Stockton Products logo. We invite you to peruse our website or order a free catalog to determine if our family of products could enhance your ability to meet the needs.

Welded Wire Corners - ArchAid®, CornerAid®, FormAid™ PopOutAid™ StockAid™ WeepAid™

Corner welded wire protection designed for smooth, symmetrical arches, curves, inside corners and outside corners with minimal distortion.
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Metal Products - BugStop®, Santa Barbara Weep Screed™, EmberStop®, Tru-Corner®

A variety of standard and custom metal products are available for ventilation, water management and decorative purposes.

Products are available in Copper, Galvanized Steel, Zinc, Stainless Steel or Aluminum unless otherwise noted. Please note 1/8" vent holes are not available in Aluminum (1/4" holes only).

Products include Beads, Grooves, Stops, Molds, Trim, Screed, Flashings, Reveals and Joints.
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Extruded Aluminum Products

A comprehensive line of extruded aluminum products for drywall and plaster applications.
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FAS-RBR-STRAP (Rated Base Reveal)

FAS-RBR-STRAP (Rated Base Reveal) is a 6" composite steel/intumescent profile that provides a fire and smoke rating according to UL-2079 for a recessed base board and listed under UL BW-S-0036. The FAS-RBR Strap is a fire rated steel/intumescent strap drywall accessory that provides fire rating for recessed base board assemblies. FAS-RBR-STRAP takes the place of drywall and maintains the UL fire rating. Provides both one and two hour fire ratings.

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Fiber Cement Board Moldings

Complete line of extruded aluminum moldings for use with 5/16" Fiber Cement Board panels.
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Support Products - Pozalite®

We also offers Pozalite™ a unique concrete/stucco enhancer, and industry standard building paper to help support your work site production.
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