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We are innovating, integrating, insulating glass.

It's what we have done since 1987.
It's what we love.
It's who we are.

At INTIGRAL, we are a company of innovation with a deliberate pursuit of excellence. We are focused on bringing the best in quality and innovation for insulating glass units and everything of value that we can place between the glass.


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Insulating Glass

INTIGRAL offers a wide variety of glass products from leading manufacturers, all within our standard turnaround times.

As an INTIGRAL customer, we work with you to create insulated glass packages optimized for your business. In addition, we work closely with glass suppliers to provide our customers with details on upcoming innovations in glass.

It's all just part of helping you gain, and maintain, your edge in glass.

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Glass Options

  • ClimaGuard 80/70
  • ClimaGuard 75/68
  • ClimaGuard 72/57
  • ClimaGuard 70/36
  • ClimaGuard 62/27
  • ClimaGuard 55/27
  • ClimaGuard IS20

Vitro (PPG)
  • Solarban 60 vSolarban 70
  • Sungate 400

Pattern Glass
  • Obscure (Guardian P516)
  • Rain (Guardian Niagara)
  • Glue Chip (Guardian)
  • Satin Etch (Guardian)

Tinted Glass
  • Grey (Vitro Solar grey)
  • Bronze (Vitro Solarbronze)

Clear Glass
  • Guardian or Vitro
  • Garden Shelf (Guardian)
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Laminated Glass

  • PVB Thicknesses
  • PVB Types
      SentryGlas Plus (SGP)
  • Laminated Glass Colors

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Intercept Spacer System

The intercept spacer system was originally developed by PPG industries; however, it was the founders of INTIGRAL (Dick Dietrich & Edmund Leopold) that created the equipment to bring intercept into reality. INTIGRAL was the first company to use this equipment to manufacture the Intercept spacer system for the window and door industry. Since Intercept's inception, there have been many improvements and INTIGRAL is proud to offer the full line of Intercept to the market today.

Intercept Tinplate - the Original intercept system manufactured of tin-plate steel

Intercept Tinplate Blackline - The same thermal benefits as Intercept Tinplate, but the color of the spacer is black. This, coupled with black matrix, provides an aesthetically pleasing spacer system that virtually disappears once it is glazed into a window or door.

Intercept Stainless - the latest in intercept "warm edge" spacer systems. Manufactured completely of stainless steel, this product gives the highest thermal performance for the most demanding, energy savings applications.

Intercept Stainless Blackline - The same thermal benefits as Intercept Stainless, but the color of the spacer is black. This, coupled with black matrix, provides an aesthetically pleasing spacer system that virtually disappears once it is glazed into a window or door.

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Quanex's Super Spacer® Standard - featuring Polymer EPDM (Ethylene-propylene-diene-monomer) construction, dependably delivers high performance for insulating glass units, including excellent resistance to ozone, weathering, water and aging, while maintaining its flexibility through wide changes in temperature and barometric pressure.

Super Spacer® Premium - Enhanced delivers outstanding performance with high-quality silicone material and desiccant, all while featuring a narrow sightline - a preferred choice among designers and architects for beautiful aesthetics.

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Decorative Options

  • Guardian and PPG's complete line of Low-E coatings
  • Tints
  • Five thicknesses
  • Tempered and laminated
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Muntin option

  • Flat muntins
      3/16" x .610
      3/8" x 5/8"
      3/16" x 13/16"
  • Contour muntins
  • Over 300 Shaped Muntin Patterns
  • Diamond Muntins
  • Decralite Muntins
  • Over 170 Muntin Color Combinations


Contact us for our complete V-Grove catalog.

Shape Patterns

Contact us for our complete shape pattern catalog.

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ScreenLine® Blinds image

ScreenLine® Blinds

Choose between Venetian or Pleated with 28 colors and six control systems to create the ideal blinds between the glass.

In a ScreenLine® system, the blind (venetian, pleated or roller) is encapsulated within two or three glass panels. The movement of the blind, whether manual or motorized, does not compromise the insulating properties of the unit. Blinds remain virtually dust-free in a sealed insulating glass unit.
Blinds image

Blinds - Innovia

Convenient for end users and smart for manufacturers, Innovia Blinds inside the IGU delivers true innovation and consistent performance.

With Innovia, your blinds remain dust-free in a sealed insulating glass unit. We offer lift and tilt blinds with a single operator to compliment your entire window product family. Innovia blinds also feature self-leveling technology with a patented lower-gear anchor.

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Insulated Glass Photo Gallery image

Insulated Glass Photo Gallery

Intigral is proud to produce customized insulating glass units and monolithic glass products to window and door manufacturers from the Midwest States to the Mid-Atlantic.

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Innovia Blinds Photo Gallery image

Innovia Blinds Photo Gallery

Innovia Blinds are convenient for end users and smart for manufacturers. Innovia Blinds work inside the IGU to deliver true innovation and consistent performance.
ScreenLine Blinds Photo Gallery image

ScreenLine Blinds Photo Gallery

ScreenLine offers color choices and versatility in operators to fit any of your needs.

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