Roller Shades, Skylights and Projection Screens




Solarfective specializes in the design, manufacturing and installation of standard and custom shading systems. Established in 1980 and based in Toronto, Solarfective has provided one-of-a-kind shading solutions for homes and commercial facilities around the world.


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Manual Teleshades® image

Manual Teleshades®

A unitized manual shade system for interior light control, privacy, and space articulation. This patented shade system also allows for finger tip raising action.
Televent® image


A patented system that uses the shade pocket to draw warm or cool air over the window into the ceiling plenum, thus increasing the efficiency of the mechanical system.
2on1 Shades image

2on1 Shades

Solarfective offers many varieties of dual shades comprised of solar shading fabrics with polyester film or blackout fabric. Shades which use film in combination with other fabrics allow a clear view to the outside while offering excellent protection from sunlight.
Motorized Shades image

Motorized Shades

Increased use of large areas of glass in commercial and residential applications demands extra large shades. Solarfective motorized shades can be wired to allow for individual control or group control with a flick of a switch.
Interior Partitioning Shades image

Interior Partitioning Shades

These shades are useful for temporarily blocking off selected areas. They can also be used as space dividers.
Projection Screens image

Projection Screens

Solarfective produces custom sized, motorized matt vinyl screens. These screens are moderately priced and readily available.
Trax® image


A patented system that uses a unique flexible track and roller system to guide shades to conform to the building's architecture.
Room Darkening Shades image

Room Darkening Shades

These shades use opaque vinyl fabric available in a variety of colours to dim out conference or board room areas for audio-visual presentations.
Film Shades image

Film Shades

Solarfective offers a complete system of shades using F.A.A. approved film for use in aircraft control towers.
Atriums image


A complete architecturally designed tracking system for sloping or curved glass skylights. We have the practical experience and technology to undertake the shading of all glazing configurations.
Counterweighted Shades image

Counterweighted Shades

Solarfective custom designs many different shapes of counterweighted shades which roll upwards at any angle. Some installations of this type include pitched skylights, octagonal atriums and barrel vaults.
Oversized Shades image

Oversized Shades

Solarfective is capable of engineering very large motorized shades. These oversized shades require special construction using battens and tubes.

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