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The positive response from clients, coupled with the astonishing accolades from decorative concrete contractors alike, gave birth to Couture Concrete Systems. George Lacker of GLC3 developed Concretivity in 1996 as an alternative to tile, carpet and other more traditional flooring options, with the goal to raise and establish the level of craftsmanship in the decorative concrete industry.

Couture Concrete Systems' Concretetivity is a cementitious topping that can be applied at 3/8-inch to 2-inch thicknesses. As our premier product Concretetivity was and is primarily used to achieve amazing looks in overlayed polished concrete flooring. But the applications and looks that can be achieved don't stop there. Concretivity replaces the need for multiple products to create stunning concrete countertops, unique concrete staircases, and vertical polish concrete applications. The versatility of Concretetivity is that one product can be troweled, burnished, stamped, stained, inlayed or imbedded, textured and/or polished. It is available in gray or white, works indoors or out, and can be integrally colored for additional decorative effects.

For over 2 decades, Concretetivity has been showcased in private residences, restaurants, retail stores, airports, offices and residential spaces. Couture Concrete Systems was featured at the 2012 & 2014 Concrete D├ęcor Show, and the company and its products have been featured in both consumer and trade show publications.


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Concretetivity Overlay

Concretetivity's overlay gives worn concrete a face lift regardless of the condition of the substrate. You can create unique and custom looks to meet your interior and exterior needs. Installation of overlays is not limited to concrete surfaces.

Concretetivity can be applied at 3/8" - 2"of thickness that can be troweled, burnished, polished or textured to give each application a custom concrete floors, walls, countertops or stair cases, so let your imagination run.

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Microtistic Cementitious Topping

Couture Concrete System's Microtistic is a thin cementitious topping that is a durable, cost-effective alternative to replacing old, worn concrete. This resurfacing product provides superior performance and aesthetic properties to the substrate it is applied to, both exterior and interior. A wonderful textured look can be achieved by applying a lighter colored finish coat over a darker base. The surface can be scored, etched, stenciled, stained, mottled, troweled, brushed, or textured or colored and finally sealed to create a wide variety of architectural looks.

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