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Since its beginning in I971, Entol has been a pioneer, and recognized leader in the design, production and marketing of architectural ceilings, mouldings and ornament. In 1984 Entol introduced its award winning Venezia™ ceiling system which became the foundation of the acclaimed BeauxArts Group. The industries acceptance of Entol’s works is largely due to its innovation, dedication to detail and craftsmanship.


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Nu-Vues offers the Industry's broadest selection of ceiling designs in a unique product line that allows designers to provide a cost effective and economical way to add the richness of ornamental ceiling detail. They are visual treasures suitable for all types of design assigments; ranging from contemporary and traditional themes for offices, restaurants, casinos, hotels, luxury condominiums, and upscale retail stores to historic restorations. All Nu-Vues panels install easily and quickly into standard suspension grid systems and provide quick, easy access to the plenum area.

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Quorum is a collection of one piece, decorative coffered frames (fabricated with open centers) to accept standard size acoustical panels as inserts. Quorum frames install directly out of the carton and into the grid, saving costly intermediate field assembly. They are available in a variety of sizes up to 4’ x 4’, in five distinctive coffer styles (cove, crown, dentil, multi-step and egg & dart). Because Quorum panels are pre-assembled, there are no unsightly open seams to be seen at every miter joint. All Quorum ceilings install into standard 15/16” or the narrower 9/16” grid systems.

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Beau Arts

Beaux Arts ceilings were inspired by the grand ballrooms, and great halls of Old World manors and palaces. Entol has captured the beauty and grandeur of this bygone era in its luxurious Beaux Arts collection. Entol's exclusive system utilizes a basic library of decorative components that may be inter-changed or added to, to create ceilings unequal for their visual impact and unique character. The systems flexibility allows specific styles to be installed flat or barrel vaulted, using standard installation simplicity, other system adavantages allow complete accessto the plenum area, and installation simplicity, other system advantages allow complete access to the plenum area, and installation of virtually all types of utility hardware for lighting, sprinklers, sound systems, cameras, HVAC etc.

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Entol's ArtCarved line of decorative ceilings embrace the intricate details of historic ornament in Comtemporary, Traditional, Classical and other old-world themes. Choose from an eclectic collection of panels featuringcoffers, filigress, grids, lattice grills and florid styles in an assortment of sizes, shapes, finishes and textures. The results is a collection offering more than 100 design alternatives.

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Tynn Type

A nostalgic collection of authentic embossed metal ceilings & mouldings and cast FRG reproductions, their origins date back to the turn of the century and still remain a favorite for residential and commercial applications. Tynn Type ceilings are available in a variety of sizes and finishes for lay-in, into standard grid, or classic nail up installation.

Last Update: 2017-12-19