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Protect all visitors on your roof, whether they are your employees or subcontractors. Unlike individual roof fall protection methods, Delta Prevention offers you constant and collective protection.

With our patented recycled rubber base and aluminum components, our guardrail systems offer ultimate corrosion resistance while protecting your roof.

Our roof fall protection products are certified by an independent engineering firm and meet CNBC and OSHA standards. Also inquire about our engineering and facilities validation service, once the work has been completed.

Our roof fall protection products are designed and manufactured in Canada.


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Guardrail System and Roof Fall Protection image

Guardrail System and Roof Fall Protection

The roof guard rail system from Delta Prevention is extremely popular to eliminate permanently the risks of falling down your roof. Thanks to their multiple configurations, our roof guard rail are the most versatile on the market
Temporary Freestanding Guardrail image

Temporary Freestanding Guardrail

The Delta Prevention temporary guardrails are extremely durable and can be installed very quickly. They are ideal for ensuring safety on a construction site or on the site of a short maintenance. Does your temporary guardrail meet the standards in force? Ours, yes!
Roof Warning Line Systems image

Roof Warning Line Systems

The VSS SafetyLine is a warning line system used to delimit a visual protection perimeter between work zones at height. The VSS SafetyLine is 100 % compliant with the CNBC and OSHA permanent warning line standards.
Ladder Fall Protection and Metal Guardrails image

Ladder Fall Protection and Metal Guardrails

The ladder fall protection guardrail kit for access ladders improves security around these very common access points. Delta Prevention has developed the ladder fall protection guardrail kit to fit all ladders and roofs.
Roof Hatch Safety Railing Equipment image

Roof Hatch Safety Railing Equipment

The roof hatch safety rails protects access to the hatch, often installed at the edge of the roof. This fall protection railing also prevents falls in the hatch when it is left open. As every guardrail system, the roof hatch safety rails are a mandatory roof fall protection system.
Skylight Fall Protection Systems image

Skylight Fall Protection Systems

Installing a skylight fall protection guardrail on your roof ensures optimum safety for workers who need to visit the roof. In fact, according to CCSC Standard 2.9.2, all risk areas must be protected by guardrails, including skylights. Are you compliant?

Last Update: 2019-09-19