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Saflex® and Vanceva® are the most trusted names in polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayers for laminated glazing-delivering outstanding performance and durability, backed by reliable and knowledgeable service. As a result, it's found in nearly 40 percent of laminated architectural and automotive glass products.

Saflex interlayers are valued in architectural applications for the safety, security, acoustic, UV/solar and structural glazing applications. The Vanceva color system enables architects and designers endless design freedom with +17,000 color interlayer options. Together, architects and designers trust Saflex and Vanceva when safety, comfort and style are the most critical conerns for demanding applications.


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Saflex® Clear PVB interlayer image

Saflex® Clear PVB interlayer

Protecting people and property, Saflex interlayer adds post-breakage safety and security to laminated safety glass applications. Unlike monolithic glass, properly designed laminated glazing made with Saflex interlayer reduces the risk of injury from broken glass because the glass adheres to the interlayer after impact. By holding glass in place, the interlayer provides protection by preventing the release of glass shards from becoming dangerous flying or falling glass fragments. This may also help keep the system integral once broken-protecting the building envelope. Exterior: Doors, windows, curtain walls, wall coverings, and overhead glazing. ​Interior: Partitions, doors, windows, skylights, furniture, balustrades, retail shelving, flooring.
Saflex® Structural PVB interlayer image

Saflex® Structural PVB interlayer

Providing superior structural capacity versus conventional PVB, Saflex® Structural interlayer is a PVB interlayer designed for applications where interlayer rigidity and high glass adhesion requirements for laminated glass are critical. In properly designed systems, Saflex Structural is capable of containing glass shards at high and low temperatures after impact and under load - even in open edge laminated glass.
Saflex® Acoustic PVB interlayer image

Saflex® Acoustic PVB interlayer

Modern building designs emphasize liberal use of glass. However, sound transmission can be significant through ordinary glass. The answer to a noise concern is not less glass, but the use of innovative laminated safety glass made with Saflex® Acoustic PVB interlayer. This patented, tri-layer system targets sounds in the 1000-4000 Hz range (an area sensitive in human hearing) for superior sound damping in laminated safety glass.
Saflex® Solar PVB interlayer image

Saflex® Solar PVB interlayer

Reducing solar heat gain, Saflex® Solar PVB interlayer is a high-visible light, solar absorption technology designed to enhance solar heat gain performance. It is specifically formulated to provide reduced solar heat gain with high visible light transmittance, consistent angular color, no need for edge deletion and the ability to be used in curved glass applications. Saflex Solar also provides the same benefits laminated glass is known for: glass shard containment, impact resistance, sound abatement, security, and storm protection.

Saflex Solar absorption interlayer reduces transmittance of ultra-violet (UV) and near-infrared (NIR) energy while allowing a high level of visible light transmittance.
Saflex® Storm PVB interlayer image

Saflex® Storm PVB interlayer

Saflex® Storm interlayers are specifically designed and formulated to meet the exacting building requirements for laminated glass in severe wind and windborne debris markets. These are tough, resilient interlayers that provide rigidity, strength, glass adhesion, and protection against windborne debris and flying objects. Laminated glass made with Saflex Storm PVB interlayer is designed to retain glass shards in post breakage scenarios.

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Vanceva® Colors PVB interlayer image

Vanceva® Colors PVB interlayer

The Vanceva® Colors interlayer system enhances the style of laminated safety glass like never before-combining color and white interlayers to produce more than 17,000 transparent, translucent, or solid colored glass combinations - creating just the right look and ambience. In fact, no other PVB interlayer system offers the ability to achieve the range of colors and varied translucency in glass that Vanceva does.
Vanceva White Collection image

Vanceva White Collection

It's time to take a new look at white interlayers for glazing and reconsider all the places where they could add better aesthetics and functionality-especially in design elements that traditionally have used sand blasting, acid etching, paint, or wall cladding.

There's a brighter choice: the Vanceva® White Collection of high-performance interlayers for laminated glass.
Vanceva Illusion White image

Vanceva Illusion White

Offering the ability to transition from medium translucence (~65%) to full transparency, Vanceva® Illusion White polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayers give designers and architects new opportunities in glazing in the balcony segment.

Vanceva Earth Tones image

Vanceva Earth Tones

Architects and designers now have an innovative option to expand their creative boundaries and fulfill their vision without sacrificing structural integrity: Vanceva® Earth Tones (formally Saflex® Earth Tones), a collection of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayers in shades of blue, grey, green, brown, and bronze.

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StructuralPro Calculator image

StructuralPro Calculator

This proprietary software, developed by Eastman in conjunction with industry glass experts, is based on the methodologies of European (EN) and international (ASTM and ISO) standards for glass characteristics and design.

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