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AluminTechno JLLC is an aluminum extrusions manufacturing enterprise with powder coating and anodizing lines and is a part of ALUTECH Group of Companies.

Our high-performance modern enterprise is equipped with machinery produced by the leading manufacturers from the USA, Germany and Italy. Production process and manufacturing equipment have no analogs among European countries. The complete production cycle is being performed at AluminTechno JLLC plant: from primary aluminum casting works to production of aluminum profiles and further coating. The main manufacturing components are modern foundry complexes, high-performance extrusion lines, advanced coating and anodizing manufacturing shops.

Currently AluminTechno JLLC produces a wide range of aluminum extrusions (more than 1.000 different configurations) used in construction, motor production, furniture and consumer goods, automotive industries, electric-power industry. Enterprise's annual output is 45.000 tons. AluminTechno JLLC has certified its quality control management system in accordance with the requirements of International Standard ISO 9001:2009 in TUV CERT system.

Finish quality of aluminum extrusion produced by AluminTechno JLLC is proved by three international certificates: QUALICOAT, SEASIDE and QUALANOD, AluminTechno JLLC is the only aluminum architectural system manufacturer on the territory of Eastern Europe holding all three certificates.


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Curtain Wall System image

Curtain Wall System - ALT F50

Due to its unique appearance and excellent performance characteristics, glazed facades gained popularity among architects and civil engineers. A building facade arranged of glass and aluminum framework can be of different color, properties, shape (vertical, tilted, horizontal) etc. The structural glazing technique provides new design opportunities for building facades. The structural glazing systems conceal aluminum fastenings, hence the building face turns into a glass monolith. AluminTechno offers curtain wall systems for different types of buildings, ways of fabrication and installation.

The ALT F50 system has been tested according to ASTM standards.
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Sun-Protection Louvers image

Sun-Protection Louvers - ALT SP50

The ALT SP50 system has been designed for fabrication and installation of exterior sun protective or decorative louver bars.

The use of exterior sun-protection systems is the simplest and the most effective method for passive cooling of building's interior space. Owing to the bar constructions the majority of sunbeams stop before penetrating into a room. The space between facade and sun protection bars provides air circulation (ventilation).

The ALT SP50 system is vertically and horizontally equipped with fixed bar fastenings within covering brackets or on guide rails.

Depending on the building the designer has the possibility to select essential bracket type: universal or reinforced. System assembling and mounting are maximum simplified, profile treatment operations are minimized.

Available bars dimensions from 100 mm to 400 mm with a range of polymeric or anodic coating which permits architects and designers to be able not just to engineer an exterior sun-protection system, but also to form a unique view and add additional volume for a building.
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Storefront System image

Storefront System - ALT SF400

The ALT SF400 is a center glazed storefront system, designed by AluminTechno engineers specially for US customers. Its area of application includes shopfronts, entrances and interior partitions in commercial buildings. The system is characterized by high degree of reliability and simplicity, the profiles are covered with premium quality anodizing according to AluminTechno anodizing color chart.
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Unitized Curtain Wall System image

Unitized Curtain Wall System - ALT EF65

ALT EF65 unitized curtain wall system was designed to create curtain walls glazing using ready modules (elements), assembled in a workshop beforehand. This way of assembling allows to omit the process of scaffold installation and makes high-rise construction a lot easier.

The main components of this system are frame profiles and transom bars forming the units. Infill units in such elements are fixed with the help of glass beads and wedge gaskets. Gasket kit is used for joining and caulking of the units together.

AluminTechno engineering team is always ready to adopt the system according to the requirements of the architect, designer, project requirements.
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Skylight System image

Skylight System - ALT SKL50

Translucent roofs and rooflights provide the buildings and accommodations with special, spectacular and unique look. At the same time, they ensure protection from bad weather conditions. Aluminum substructure is becoming more and more popular for glazing of translucent roofs and rooflights of different configuration.

ALT SKL50 skylight profile system is used for manufacturing of translucent structures of different configurations: roofs, domes, arch roofs, pyramids of complex geometry.

Bearing structure of ALT SKL50 profile system is made of inclined or vertical mullions and horizontal transoms with visible width of 50 mm.

Depending on the design of the building and loads, designers can select necessary load bearing elements. There is a wide range of mullions and transoms in ALT SKL50 system. Furthermore, in case of extremely big loads it is possible to reinforce all the mullions and transoms.
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Window and Door System with Thermal Break image

Window and Door System with Thermal Break - ALT W62

ALT W62 system is a thermally broken series of profiles with mounting depth of 62 mm, designed for manufacturing of window, door and fixed frames of various configurations and degree of complexity that shall meet high thermal and soundproof requirements.

The system is based on combined profiles consisting of two aluminum profiles connected with fiberglass reinforced polyamide thermal break. Combination of two materials enables manufacturing of thermally insulated profiles that ensure good static performance of the units and other joint connections.

The ALT W62 system has been tested according to ASTM standards.
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Window and Door System with Thermal Break image

Window and Door System with Thermal Break - ALT W72

The ALT W72 system is used to manufacture windows, doors and entrances designed for modern energy efficient and passive buildings. Due to newest technologies and materials, modern engineering methods the ALT W72 system meets the highest thermal and soundproof requirements.

The ALT W72 system has been tested according to ASTM standards.
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Facade Cladding System image

Facade Cladding System - ALT 150

Suspended ventilated cladding system is one of the most dynamically advanced trends in civil engineering. Architect and developers use it in their designs more and more frequently. The installation of ventilated facades is always beneficial for civil engineering companies. Installation works with regard to such facades can be performed at any time of the year. Ventilated cladding system is always a reasonable solution for a customer: an opportunity to develop a corporate style, operational resource saving, life cycle comparable to that of the building.
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Window and Door System Without Thermal Break image

Window and Door System Without Thermal Break - ALT C48

The units assembled using ALT C48 system are designed to be installed into interior and exterior openings of building walls. The system enables manufacturing of exterior and interior doors, automatic sliding doors, entrances, anterooms, shop-windows and interior partition walls in any administrative and public buildings and premises (shops, hypermarkets, business centers, offices, trade pavilions, gas filling stations, airports and railway stations, bus stations etc.).
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Window and Door System Without Thermal Break image

Window and Door System Without Thermal Break - ALT C43

ALT C43 aluminum profile system was designed to be used for both interior and exterior glazing without any special requirements to thermal insulation. The system has frame mounting depth of 43 mm and has same area of application than the ALT C48 system.
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Balcony Glazing System image

Balcony Glazing System - ALT100

ALT100 is a system of aluminum profiles designed for manufacturing of balcony glazing frames. The frames protect balconies and loggias against rain and wind, noise and dust, improve thermal insulation, contribute to coziness and comfort. The system allows manufacturing of sliding, casement and fixed sashes.
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Lift and Slide Doors image

Lift and Slide Doors - ALT SL160

ALT SL160 is intended for assemblage of lift and slide thermally broken doors with one of several active leaves, as well as fixed part or fixed vent. The system provides architects and designers with broad options of huge openings design. Lift and slide doors with thermal break permit to replace fully walls, to have high rate of security, to rise up room illumination and to keep efficiently living space. Special gaskets and ledge elements for windows and doors allow ALT SL160 to resist any poor weather conditions. ALT SL160 has the highest thermal characteristics, the most appropriate impermeability data and possible water drain.

The system allows to assemble up to 400 kg sash with a height of up to 3,5 m.
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Door and Window System with Double Thermal Break image

Door and Window System with Double Thermal Break - ALT FR76

The ALT FR76 doors are manufactured with the use of special five-chamber profile, and are indented to use as a fire resistant system:

  • one/two leaf exterior opening doors with EIW30 and EIW60 fire endurance;

  • all types of partitions with EIW45 fire endurance;

  • one/two leaf doors with perimeter locking and automatic threshold ™ EIW30 and EIW60 fire endurance.

Innovative five-chamber profiles consisting of 3 aluminium ™parts™ and connected with two pairs of thermal breaks have been designed specially for ALT FR76 system. The mounting depth of profiles is 76 mm. The possibility to install the infill units from 10 up to 48 mm allows to achieve high thermal and soundproof characteristics.

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Ventilation Louvers System image

Ventilation Louvers System - ALT VR26

ALT VR26 is a simple and effective solution for louvers assemblage. The system is easily integrated with various ALT systems.
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Construction Profiles image

Construction Profiles - ALT 120

AluminTechno offers its clients series of standard profiles ALT120. It was specially developed to meet the needs of civil engineering organizations and industrial enterprises in auxilliary profiles and includes more than 25 standard sizes of simply shaped profiles: equal and unequal angles, strips, electric-technical bars, plain bars, pipes of various modifications, U-profiles.

ALT120 profiles are commonly used in civil engineering as special mounting parts during edges cladding works, installation of fa™ade glazing, in the facade profile systems, production of doors and windows. They are often used as component parts for trading and exhibition equipment (shop windows, counters, exhibit booths), for the production of promotional units, furniture, partition walls, refrigerating machinery, elevators.
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HARDWARE for Aluminum Profile Systems image

HARDWARE for Aluminum Profile Systems

As a supplier of a complete architectural system and a provider of engineering solution, AluminTechno offers a wide range of window and door hardware from leading European manufacturers: Roto, Fapim, Giesse, Stublina, Dr.Hahn, for architectural and engineering systems.

The hardware has passed quality control testing of of AluminTechno technical department, which provides an excellent performance of specified functions and guarantees compatibility with ALT systems.
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Office Partition System image

Office Partition System - ALT110

ALT110 is a system of office partitions designed for office space and different utility rooms' arrangement in order to create comfortable working conditions. The system allows to create elegant interiors in halls, meeting rooms, offices and separate the halls in shopping malls.

The variety of individual solutions is reached through a wide range of design elements, textures and colors of the system. A wide area for designer experiments is provided by unrestrained combinations of glass and blind sections, tinted, matte and decorative glass and shutters of various types. The rich choice of types, colors and textures for nontransparent filling allows to create unusual interiors and to decorate them in a unique way.
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Interior Partition System image

Interior Partition System - ALT111

ALT111 interior partition wall system is designed for arrangement of work space in trading and exhibition centers, office buildings, and offers broad opportunities to design interiors for various purposes and functions.

Preparation of profiles for assembly actually consists of only one action: the profiles shall be cut according to the required dimensions at the most "convenient" 90 angle. We can forget about various labor intensive procedures like shaping or drilling of openings. The use of jigs for a precise drilling is not required in this case as well.

The own patented design concept of AluminTechno used in ALT111 system makes the installation (and dismantling) of partition walls easier. The key moment is to fix the filling via two types of clamps: symmetrical and asymmetrical. Assemblage of the partition wall framework is performed with the help of brackets. The brackets are fixed with the help of self-tapping screws, thus the necessity to do a step-by- step assembly, a drawback peculiar to the majority of systems available on the market, is completely excluded.
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All Glass Partition System image

All Glass Partition System - ALT115

ALT 115 is a system of clamping profiles and component parts fastening tempered full-glass partition walls to the floor and ceiling. ALT 115 partitions allow a uniform appearance of working space, a more effective use of natural sunlight, and visual extension of the room.

Due to innovative design developments and application of advanced solutions, AluminTechno was able to develop a unique system, with features exceeding its equivalents available on the market. This unique design solution is patented.

During the creation of the new product, we took into account the proposals and recommendations of installation companies were taken into account, thus allowing the development of an original system possessing a number of unique competitive advantages.
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Customized Profiles image

Customized Profiles

Aluminum profiles based on customer drawings

Meeting customers' needs is a priority task for AluminTechno company. Aluminum profiles manufacturing according to individual drawings allows our customers to realize the most challenging projects and concepts. Broad production capabilities and wide range of colors and textures allow us to take into account stylistic and technological characteristics of any project.

Currently the company has orders for manufacturing of aluminum profiles for furniture and interior design, heating units, advertising structures, sun-screening systems. AluminTechno profile systems are also widely used in mechanical and tools engineering, aviation, and in the process of electrical equipment manufacturing.
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Photo Gallery image

Photo Gallery

ALT F50 System
The city of Samara. Business-center "Tower".
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Photo Gallery image

Photo Gallery

F50 SG System
City of Kirov. Shopping Center TSUM
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Photo Gallery image

Photo Gallery

Systems ALT F50, ALT W62
The city of Sevastopol. Business-center"Adamant".
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Photo Gallery image

Photo Gallery

Systems ALT F50, ALT W62
Voronezh City. Residential complex "Sunny Olimp".
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Photo Gallery image

Photo Gallery

ALT W72 System
Moscow. Aparthotel YES.
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Photo Gallery image

Photo Gallery

Systems ALT 100, ALT VC65
Rostov-on-Don. Residential area "Western Gate" (Leventsovka).
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