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In December 2016, Wittrock Woodworking purchased Architectural Products division of Hill-Rom and moved AP division into a dedicated over 70,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Greensburg, Indiana. With this transaction, Wittrock Healthcare division has been born. With over 50 years in medical headwall and healthcare construction experience, we partner with health care providers to provide a total room solution that will exceed patients and caregivers expectations.


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Custom Architectural Products image

Custom Architectural Products

Easy to install and customized for your needs.
ImageMakers Headwalls image

ImageMakers Headwalls

Aesthetic Appeal - Available in three distinct styles, each headwall features deep polished wood to create a warm, relaxing atmosphere for your patients.
Basis Headwall System image

Basis Headwall System

Clinical VersatilityBasic Headwall supports all of the essential patient room clinical functions and acuity needs from ICU to Med-Surg
Horizon Headwalls image

Horizon Headwalls

Movable Gas Outlets - With the unique feature of movable gas outlets, the staff can react to specific patient situations with minimal concerns for improperly placed gas outlets.
Contour Headwall image

Contour Headwall

The Contour® headwall from Hill-Rom features clean, ergonomic design, clinically-flexible functionality and adds compelling design to the room. The system's gases, electrical outlets, data and nurse call are integrated with ergonomically-designed convenience, reducing the need to bend or reach.
Gallery Wall image

Gallery Wall

Hides EquipmentUp to five medical gas outlets and other medical equipment are hidden behind a movable picture. Frame can be moved horizontal (left or right) or rises vertically.
Medical Headboard image

Medical Headboard

The Hill-Rom™ Medical Headboard™s hospitality-inspired design helps you achieve your design objectives while safely and ergonomically delivering data and electrical services to the patient care arena.

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Light Solutions image

Light Solutions - Integris

The Integris® light solutions, Lite Rail and Specialite bathe the patient room in bright, warm fluorescent light. With a body frame made from extruded aluminum with die-cast end caps, the Integris patient light is housed in a high-impact acrylic lens.
Valance Light image

Valance Light

The hospital Valence Light from Hill-Rom is a wall mounted light with a distinctive, yet traditional design ideal for hospital wall lighting in today's hospitality-inspired patient spaces.
Task Light image

Task Light

Glare-free light for the patient care environment.
Over Bed Light image

Over Bed Light

Lighting systems for patient rooms.
Lightbox image


Soothing image lightboxes for the healing environment.

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Power Column image

Power Column

Hill-Rom power columns offer 360 degrees access to patients. The columns allow caregivers to move freely around the bed, including the critical area around the head of the patient. Free of the wall, the bed can be pivoted around to allow the patient to see out the window or watch television, all without disturbing vital services.

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Arm System image

Arm System - Latitude

The Latitude® arm system offers an arm system with the flexibility of a ceiling boom and the practicality of a headwall. Perfect for crowded rooms where space is at a premium, the Latitude's compact, sturdy design saves floor space and allows for plenty of space above the patient where lighting, lifts or other medical equipment needs to be stored. Get greater access to the patient and the head of bed and experience the benefit of maximum flexibility in room design.

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Patient Care Module image

Patient Care Module

The patient care module is a self contained, in-room bathroom that can be easily located in close proximity to the bed. The module, which includes a concealed flushing unit, paper holder and utensil-washing arm, is less costly than a traditional bathroom, installs easily using standard plumbing components and can be relocated to meet changing needs.
Critical Care Medical Cart image

Critical Care Medical Cart

Ideal mobile storage solution for critical patient care.

Last Update: 2018-03-14