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The economical and eco-friendly alternative to paper towels and conventional dryers, Jet Towel provides outstanding drying performance and maintains hygienic environments.


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Smart Series image

Smart Series - Jet Towel

Leads the industry in drying performance and energy efficiency, with a tough exterior to maintain its design integrity.

Smarter Drying
Unmatched drying speed of 9-12 seconds and low power consumption.

Tough Exterior
Outer shell withstands over twice the average impact.

User Friendly
Large drying area and nozzle to accommodate both hands.

Smart Design
Angled top prevents leaving debris on top of unit.

Available in customized colors for large orders and can include your logo for a signature look.

Low Maintenance
Air filter placement allows quick and easy cleaning.
Slim Series image

Slim Series - Jet Towel

Our 9th generation dual-nozzle flagship model is amazingly quiet at standard speeds and features stronger front and back panels for greater impact resistance.

Rapid Drying
Jet blasts of air dry hands in 11 seconds or less.

Ultra Quiet
56 dB sound level is similar to a normal conversation.

Hygienic Design
Drain tank and antimicrobial additive eliminate germs.

User Friendly
Hand-drying areas accommodate people of all sizes

Long Lasting
Seven+ year motor life and impact resistant panels.

Low Maintenance
Keeps floors dry and requires only periodic drain emptying.
Mini Series image

Mini Series - Jet Towel

Compact models fit into tight spaces and feature a large drying area, ideal for small children or people in wheelchairs. The water-catching tray and drain tank prevent water from escaping the unit during use.

Compact Design
Small units are excellent for rooms with limited space.

Flexible Installation
Install over counters and on non-waterproofed walls.

User Friendly
Large drying area and drying tray make drying easy.

Disabled Friendly
Can be installed at wheelchair accessible levels.

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Cost Savings Calculator

Estimate the energy and paper towel supply savings you can enjoy when you install Jet Towel hand dryers in your restrooms.

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Case Studies

See how building owners and facility managers have used Jet Towel to save money and improve the cleanliness of their restrooms.

Last Update: 2018-03-22