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Tresco Lighting is the leader in premiere lighting solutions for store fixtures, commercial applications, residential cabinetry, laboratory and hospitality furniture. With over 25 years of "Innovation Through Illumination" we proudly design and manufacture a full line of superior quality L.E.D. and fluorescent lighting options that are UL/ETL listed. Tresco Lighting is the trusted brand for all your project needs.

Tresco was founded in 1989 to meet a growing demand for quality cabinet and casework lighting. In 1992, we designed and offered the first UL-listed, under-cabinet track lighting system in North America. This ingenuity and success led to the rapid development and expansion of product lines targeting different segments of business. Twenty-five years later, our goal remains the same: Provide innovative, functional and design savvy products for the office, laboratory, hospitality, furniture, store fixture, mill-work and kitchen industries. We welcome you to browse our site and learn more about our company and product offering.


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LED Lighting - 12v Puck image

LED Lighting - 12v Puck

Clean and simple lines plus cutting-edge bulb technology that provides powerful, bright light without the energy consumption and heat.

Puck 1.5W Pockit Plus 12V
Puck 1W Pockit 12V
Puck 3W Power Pockit 12V
Puck 3W Puck 12V
Puck 5W Power Pockit 12V
Puck Equiline Puck 12V
Puck Solo 12V
Puck Swing 12V
Puck Xenon 12V
LED Lighting - 12v Extrusions image

LED Lighting - 12v Extrusions

Infinex is the innovative, patent-pending LED aluminum extrusion system by Tresco Lighting. Gone are the days of set fixture sizes - simply choose your style, cut to desired length and assemble to create a customized LED fixture. Not into DIY? Need a specific profile, length, and light output for your project? We've got you covered. We'll cut and assemble a custom lighting fixture to your specifications. Designed by our team of engineers, Infinex carries a UL safety listing and is available in five profiles with an array of mounting and LED FlexTape options.

Last Update: 2019-02-08