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DORR Industries is a Canadian manufacturer of custom architectural products. We mainly work on the transformation of panels used to make cabinet doors and cabinets. We have created a very innovative product: our "FLUSHWALL" interior door system from the Integra Series. DORR Industries is also a dedicated and ingenious team working to transform materials to inspire design. We are on the lookout for trends and our tailor-made approach allows us to offer an infinite number of possibilities.

The company was founded in 2013 and has quickly become a leader in quality and finish products.
DORR Industries wants to be at the forefront; that's why we use advanced technologies in our different manufacturing processes.

We stand out by applying techniques such as our laser-fused edgebanding, multi-layered HDF and insert handles.
This kind of initiative allows us to offer unique and impeccable products.


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FLUSHWALL SYSTEM - Modern Flush Interior Door Frame image

FLUSHWALL SYSTEM - Modern Flush Interior Door Frame

DORR Industries entry into the modern flush interior door market with its“Integra Series" extruded aluminum concealed door frame, the strongest on the market, made to accommodate concealed German Tectus hinges and Italian hardware.

  • Pre-assembled door frame, delivered in a single piece.
  • 50% faster to install than a traditional door frame
  • Light structure but strong
  • Simple finishing
  • Purchase just frame or complete with frame, door and accessories.

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The 1000 SERIES frame covers both sides of the stud for optimal strength.Whereas the, 7000 SERIES frame covers one side for a more flexible use.

• Integra Door Frames used for either Metal or Wood Studs

• DORR Industries is the only manufacturer who can use 1-3/4" doors on the "FLUSHWALL" frames

1000 SERIES: In-swing - Opening Dimensions: Metal Stud Wood Stud

1000 SERIES: Out-swing - Opening Dimensions: Metal Stud Wood Stud

7000 SERIES: In-swing - Opening Dimensions: Metal Stud Wood Stud
7000 SERIES: Out-swing - Opening Dimensions: Metal Stud Wood Stud

Completely Concealed Door Frame image

Completely Concealed Door Frame - INTEGRA

Can't see the frame? That's exactly what we want.

Gallery Video

Modern Flush Door Frame & Door image

Modern Flush Door Frame & Door

The modern and minimalist look at its best.

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"Flushwall" Door

You can purchase our ingenious frame without doors.We can also provide you with a complete productincluding door and accessories.

Your “FLUSHWALL" door is manufactured according toyour specifications. You can get a rough door without aparticular finish; however, if you want to customize the door, we havea variety of colours available.

• Solid/hollow core

• Dimensions

• Fire resistance

• Inswing/outswing

• Laser fused edge banding

• Great textures

• No finger marks

More than 75 Colour choices

• Proposed Accessories: Tectus Hinge, Manital Handle, AGB Latch

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Last Update: 2019-09-19