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The Teal-Jones Group is involved in timber harvesting and the manufacture of primary lumber products in the coastal region of British Columbia, Canada's most westerly province. We produce a wide range of solid wood products including high quality appearance/decorative products, structural lumber for housing and general construction, special sizes and grades for remanufacturing, as well as utility and lower grade products suitable for pallets, packaging and other industrial uses.


{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Red Cedar Shake

Red Cedar Roofing and Sidewall Shakes image

Red Cedar Roofing and Sidewall Shakes

Teal Cedar handsplit and resawn shakes reflect craftwork reminiscent of the 19th century combined with state-of-the-art durability.

Red Cedar Roofing Shingle image

Red Cedar Roofing Shingle

Teal Cedar shingles allow architects, builders and homeowners to achieve a distinctive look of character and an unsurpassed level of comfort.
Red Cedar Sidewall image

Red Cedar Sidewall

Teal Cedar remanufactured shingles for sidewalls combine classic charm with lasting durability for exceptional wrap-around or accent exteriors on residences, ranches, commercial buildings and recreational facilities.

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Southern Yellow Pine

Southern Yellow Pine image

Southern Yellow Pine

The Teal-Jones Group's operation in the Southern United States manufactures dimensional Southern Yellow Pine lumber - the preferred choice for today's building applications. Native to this area, Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) is known as one of the strongest, dependable and most versatile species of wood used for a wide range of applications and providing inherent advantages.

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar - Timbers, Clears and Select image

Western Red Cedar - Timbers, Clears and Select

Teal Cedar Lumber specializes in top-quality Western Red Cedar products for some of the world's select distributors, exporters and remanufactures For over 60 years the Jones family has been cutting Western Red Cedar on the banks of the Fraser River on Canada's west coast. This dedication explains Teal Cedar's long standing status for high quality products in the world markets.

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Whitewood Lumber

Douglas Fir Lumber image

Douglas Fir Lumber

Characterized by strength, stiffness and durability, Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) is the strongest of The Teal-Jones Group's family of fine forest products.

Hemlock-Fir Lumber image

Hemlock-Fir Lumber

Our Hem-Fir is a mixture of two species: Western hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla) and Amabilis fir (Abies amabilis).

Sitka Spruce Lumber image

Sitka Spruce Lumber

Our Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis) is an impressive wood, with the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any wood species in the world.

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Custom Cut Lumber

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Shingle Panels

Shingle Panels image

Shingle Panels

100% Vertical Grain - 100% Clear - 100% Heartwood Teal uses 100% Vertical Grain, 100% Clear and 100% Heartwood Western Red Cedar shingles in their panel system.

Last Update: 2019-11-10