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FJM Security is a division of the Frank J Martin Company which was founded in 1957 with a long history offering security products.

Our experienced friendly staff supports our distribution channels with same day shipping, superior customer service and unsurpassed end-user technical support.

We supply resettable combination security devices and other quality hardware products in a manner that exceeds our customers' expectations for value, service and innovation.


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Combination Cam Locks image

Combination Cam Locks - Combi-Cam™

Combi-Cam™ is the original dial combination cam lock with years of quality and reliability. We offer superior customers service and same day shipping. We are the experts in combination products, especially combination cabinet locks.

The Combi-Cam™ is a great solution in those environments where sharing and managing keys amongst several people is a hassle. The combination of the Combi-Cam can easily be easily changed and there are 1,000 possible combinations.

The Combi-Cam™ is available in 4 cylinder lengths - 5/8", 7/8", 1 1/8" & 1-3/8" making it a versatile lock for a variety of applications such as lockers, mailboxes, to replace RV compartment door locks, drawers, and cabinet doors, anywhere where keeping track of keys is a hassle.
Combination Locker Locks image

Combination Locker Locks - Combi-Cam Ultra™

Combi-Cam Ultra™ is the original dial combination cam lock with years of quality and reliability. We offer superior customer service and same day shipping. We are the experts in combination products, especially combination cabinet locks.

The Combi-Cam Ultra™ combination locker lock offers key override AND patented code discovery. Manager key overrides locks when codes are forgotten, an employee leaves, etc. Code discovery allows the code to be discovered so that the combination can be set to a new code.

The Combi-Cam ULTRA™ combination locker locks are available in 3 cylinder lengths 5/8, 7/8, & 1-1/8 and features a master key over-ride allowing dual access and the ability to discover the combination and recombinate the lock. Up to 10,000 combinations available and the keyway is high security with over 50,000 key codes possible and even 250 GRAND master key codes for even more flexibility.
Electronic Cabinet Lock image

Electronic Cabinet Lock - Combi-Cam E

Combi-Cam E™ offers an ergonomically compact, competitively priced electronic cabinet lock solution with an environmentally friendly battery life of up to 10 years!!

The Combi-Cam E™ provides flexibility of programming to fit a variety of security scenarios with single user mode, locker mode (multiple users) functions, master and service level override codes. A number of other functions can be modified with simple programming as well.

The Combi-Cam E™ has an amazing, up to 10 year battery life! Not only is this better for the environment but it also translates into less time hassling with changing out batteries long term.
Barrel Bolt Latch image

Barrel Bolt Latch - Combi-Bolt™

The Combi-Bolt™ is an innovative new twist on the traditional sliding bolt. It provides convenient keyless security with a 10,000 possible combinations so there is no need to hassle with keys!

The durable Combi-Bolt™ Barrel Bolt is constructed of solid metal and installs in minutes with the one way screws included with the lock. The combination barrel bolt can be easily changed at any time with no special tools required. It is more secure and convenient than hasp and padlock designs with exposed shackles making it the perfect locking solution for gates, sheds and barns as well as childproofing cupboards in your home and work shop.
Ratchet Lock image

Ratchet Lock - Combi-Ratchet™

The Combi-Ratchet™ is a secure ratchet lock with up to 10,000 possible combinations. The innovative ratchet lock provides keyless convenience with the option of master key access. World's only combination ratchet lock!

Great for retail situations whereby there is high turnover or employees are losing keys. Simply allow the employees to use their own combination and the manager can at any time open with their key and also discover the code and set it to a new combination. Ratchet Locks offering flexibility and no more key management problems!
Padlockable Cam Lock image

Padlockable Cam Lock

The padlockable cam lock is a solid metal cam lock with a built-in finger pull that allows a keyed or combination padlock to secure the drawer or door.

Popular Uses:
  • Gym, Clubhouse, School Lockers
  • Anywhere whereby padlocks are desired to lock up doors or drawers.
Keyed Locks image

Keyed Locks

We offer a wide range of keyed cabinet locks to include cam locks, high security cabinet locks, deadbolt cabinet locks, push/plunger locks, glass locks, switch locks, keyless cabinet locks, computer case locks, etc. ( With most cabinet locks we can offer the following
  • Keyed alike or keyed different cabinet locks
  • Key retaining or non-key retaining
  • Master key
  • Additional keys
  • Wide range of accessories to include straight and offset cams, dust cover, finger pulls, etc.

If you need a custom cabinet lock build or configuration, we are able to work with you to provide exactly what your customer needs for cabinet locks. This can include master/grand master keying, combination/keyed offerings, keyed alike groups for different types of cabinet locks, etc.

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Cam Locks   image

Cam Locks

FJM Security Offers a variety of innovative cabinet lock solutions.

  • High Security European keyway
  • Keyed alike and keyed different cabinet locks
  • Master Key available as special order
  • Available from 5/8" to 1-1/8" cylinder length
  • Wide variety of cams available

Cam Lock Grid Page - Shows all cam locks on a grid and by cylinder size
Tubular Cam Locks image

Tubular Cam Locks

  • Regular and mini cam locks available
  • Keyed alike and Keyed different
  • Master Key available as special order
  • Over 50,000 possible combinations
  • Available from 3/8" to 1-1/8" cylinder length
  • Wide variety of cams available
High Security Cam Locks image

High Security Cam Locks

  • Regular and mini cam locks available
  • Keyed alike and Keyed different
  • Master Key available as special order
  • Over 50,000 possible combinations
  • Available from 3/8" to 1-1/8" cylinder length
  • Wide variety of cams available
Keyless Cam Locks image

Keyless Cam Locks

  • Thumb turn cabinet locks
  • Nickel/chrome and black finish
  • Available from 5/8 to 1-1/8" cylinder length
  • Spun-on cam available
  • Wide variety of cams available
  • 90 degree turn
Miniature Locks image

Miniature Locks

  • Keyed alike and keyed different
  • Tubular and push locks
  • Master key available upon request
  • Available in 3/8" and 1/2" cylinder length
  • Available in 4 pin and 7 pin versions|
  • Optional cams available
Cylinder Locks image

Cylinder Locks

  • 50,000 key changes
  • Housing and barrel brass or zinc alloy
  • Used for motorcycles, cars, vending machines, etc.
Switch Locks image

Switch Locks

  • Zinc alloy nickel-plated housing
  • Contact Rating- 4A 125AC / 28VDC. 2A 250VAC
  • Available with tubular and flat key models
  • U.L. Approved
Push/Plunger Locks image

Push/Plunger Locks

  • Regular and mini plunger locks available
  • Keyed alike and Keyed different
  • Can be customized/special order
  • Popular product for including in OEM products

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Combination Padlocks image

Combination Padlocks

Our Featured Heavy Duty Combination Padlocks have larger front facing dials compared to other locks on the market that require twisting upside down to squint at tiny dials. With a built in change screw, there is no change key/pin to lose. Great value on this quality product at very competitive pricing.

Our Combination Disc Padlock is a popular choice as a higher security padlock with limited shackle access and keyless convenience.

Our locker padlocks have a patented key override which also allows code discovery so that padlocks can be set to a new number. Great for employers, gyms and more (lost combinations, new employees, etc.) , the lock can be opened and then the combination discovered so that it can be set to a new code. One key can work for multiple locks.

The FJM High Security Padlocks are very beefy, high security padlocks at very competitive pricing. You will not find solid quality locks like these at the Big Box stores! Secure with pick proof European keyway and thicker hardened steel shackles. Available also in shrouded and D-style versions.

We have been manufacturing our Mountain Series padlocks for over 20 years. Our solid brass pin tumbler padlocks are available in sizes ranging from 3/4" to 2-1/2" in width in keyed alike and keyed different.

Another product we offer through our parent company is the Sesamee Series Padlocks. We do not manufacture this product but our parent company has a relationship going back a couple decades as a Master Distributor for this product line.

Other padlocks include A389 laminated steel padlocks, combination case padlocks, multi-function padlocks, disc padlocks and more.
Combination Key Cabinet image

Combination Key Cabinet

The KeyGuard Combination Key cabinet offers convenient key management with out the hassle of using keys to access keys.

KeyGuard Key Cabinets are secured standard with a secure 3 dial Combi-Cam keyless cam lock that has 1,000 possible combinations. The cabinets are constructed of durable, heavy gauge steel and are available in 48 hook and 122 hook models. Mounting hardware and colored tags are included with each key cabinet.

Other locking system options available
  • Dual Access- combination with key override. Use manager key or combination
  • Electronic Lock- User code and master code override
  • Keyed Locks- We have this option but who would want to use a key to access yet more keys
Key Safes image

Key Safes

FJM Security Products is known for our innovative combination key storage products. We offer superior customer service and same day shipping prior to 1:00 PST.

FJM Security Products was the first to introduce a dial combination lock box with millions of ShurLoks sold over the past decade. ShurLok lock box offers a patented system of two function to one set of dials whereby the key compartment combination given out is different than the shackle combination (keeps lockboxes from walking off).

The HitchSafe has been an exciting product for us with a lot of great press (numerous product of the year awards) and reviews as a very innovative and secure key storage product for those during outdoor activities where keys are a hassle or can become lost. With a 10,000 combination drawer and protective cover, this product is the best solution for secure/concealed storage.

Our KeyGuard punch button lock box allows familiar phone pad style entry with easy to remember number or letter letter combinations (just like texting). Featuring larger storage capacity and large easy-to-use punch buttons, the KeyGuard has been a popular addition.

Our solid metal, high quality KeyGuard Key Cabinets offer great value at competitive pricing. Featuring our Combi-Cam as the key cabinet lock, our slogan for this line of product is "Why use keys to access yet more keys?"

Our new MobiSafe is a secure solution for those on the go that want to prevent opportunistic theft of their Smartphones, MP3 players etc. and are seeking a light, secure mobile solution. Secured to an object such as the backpack, the MobiSafe has two ports for listening to music on the go.
Hitch Cover Vault image

Hitch Cover Vault - HitchSafe

The durable, all-metal HitchSafe converts your receiver into a VAULT with the hitch pins secured INSIDE the Hitch Receiver via two sliding bars that can only be accessed via a 10,000 possible combination drawer. The HitchSafe secures keys, license, cash and up to 2 credit cards and is great for active lifestyles where these items can be stored during outdoor activities with no need to hassle with carrying or losing keys/cards . The combinated drawer is concealed and protected with an attractive dust cover.
Lock Box image

Lock Box - ShurLok

The Shurlok key storage lock box is the professional's choice offering a superior key storage solution compared to other products on the market. The ShurLok offers a patented dual function on one set of dials which allows one combination to be used for the key compartment and another combination be used for the shackle-- and the combinations can be changed in seconds. It'''s all metal construction and hardened steel shackle make is the safest, most secure key storage solution on the market.

The ShurLok fits on any door knob or it can be secured on gates, fences etc. The optional accessories such as the mounting bracket, LeverGrip and cable give it an unlimited number of flexible applications.

The ShurLok is so simple to use and even a child can open it yet its versatility makes it the perfect key storage solution for a variety of applications such as storing a spare house key, realtor lock box, access for contractors on construction jobs, storing keys to your boat, access for house sitter,
KeyGuard Lock Boxes image

KeyGuard Lock Boxes

The KeyGuard Lock Boxes offer larger storage capacity with large with more room for keys, access cards and more. The KeyGuard durable punch buttons are larger and more friendly to use. Patented phone style front allows use of letters or numbers (just like texting on the phone) for an easy-to-remember combination. The KeyGuard lock box is available in two competitively prices models - shackle and wall mount lock boxes - both with protective covers. As an option, the shackle can be secured internal to the lock box with a small padlock to prevent the lock box from walking off once the face is opened.

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