Plexiglass Acrylic and Polycarbonate Sheets




A&C Plastics is dedicated to helping you with your plastic needs from the selection process to purchasing and even providing advice when you need it. With the sheer number of available plastic solutions for every application, it's often difficult to decide which acrylic, polycarbonate or specialty plastic sheet is right for your project. Plastics are widely used to replace glass in all industries from food service to retailers, banks to personal use, because of the versatility, durability and reliability these materials feature.


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White Acrylic Sheeting image

White Acrylic Sheeting

White acrylic sheeting is ideal for applications requiring the beauty and clarity of acrylic where a traditionally higher impact product is required. It maintains its consistent clear edge color before and after fabrication, giving fixtures and displays the desired elegance that is lost with other impact modified plastics that impart an "industrial" look.

White acrylic has many benefiting characteristics that make it the most outstanding material for a wide range of products. Signboards, lighting, aquarium, shades, and many other furniture products utilize white acrylic to achieve the brilliant and elegant finish that attracts the customer.

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Clear Acrylic Sheeting image

Clear Acrylic Sheeting

Clear plexiglass is ideal for POP displays, store fixtures, glazing and general fabrication. Clear acrylic sheeting offers manufacturers, fabricators, and designers a high-optical product with exceptional strength and durability. It delivers exceptional cost savings through down-gauging without sacrificing the structural integrity of your application. Further cost reductions are achieved through faster fabrication, lower shipping & handling, and reduced breakage. Our clear acrylic sheet resists yellowing and offer the best in dimensional stability.

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Colored Plexiglass Sheets and Acrylic Sheeting image

Colored Plexiglass Sheets and Acrylic Sheeting

Acrylic has many benefiting characteristics that make it the most outstanding material for a wide range of products. Signboards, lighting, aquarium, shades, and many other furniture products utilize acrylic to achieve the brilliant and elegant finish that attracts the customer. The versatility and wide range of options with colored acrylic sheeting enable manufacturers to fabricate any size and any color into appealing commodities.

Save Money with Colored Acrylic Sheeting

Colored acrylic sheet is ideal for POP displays, store fixtures, glazing and general fabrication. Colored acrylics also offers manufacturers, fabricators, and designers a high-optical product with exceptional strength and durability. Get exceptional cost savings through down-gauging without sacrificing the structural integrity of your application. Further cost reductions are achieved through faster fabrication, lower shipping & handling, and reduced breakage of colored plexiglass.

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OPTIX DA Printing Plastic image

OPTIX DA Printing Plastic

Get rid of adhesion promoters and use specially designed OPTIX DA Digital Acrylic Sheet when you need to print on plastic. OPTIX developed digital acrylic to give optimal adhesion to UV curing ink without having to use adhesion promoters. The digital acrylic shares the same benefits as continually processed plexiglass sheets but provides additional benefits being specifically designed for printing. You'll save time and money by not having to apply the promoter before the application of ink, as you can digitally print directly to the acrylic sheet. Developers tested OPTIX digital acrylic with digital UV flatbed printers and numerous ink suppliers to create a specific acrylic polymer coating.

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Light Diffusing Acrylic image

Light Diffusing Acrylic

This specialty acrylic sheeting is the ideal material for signs and channel letters and any other backlit application requiring light diffusing properties. This type of light diffusing plexiglass helps diffuse the light to prevent visible hot spots and luminance fluctuations, with affecting the light transmission itself.

Features and Benefits of Light Diffusing Acrylic Sheet

  • Saves money by requiring less lighting sources and less channel material
  • Performance is unsurpassed when used with neon, fluorescent or LED lights
  • Available in the most popular colors and custom corporate colors
  • Offered in a wide variety of stock sizes with custom sizes also available
  • Available in .118" and .177" thicknesses, in a wide range of stock sizes

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Solar Tinted Acrylic Plexiglass image

Solar Tinted Acrylic Plexiglass

Solar tinted acrylic sheeting is a versatile plastic sheet product that allows for protection against the sun. Tinted plexiglass has a variety of benefits that include reducing fading of fabric such as carpet, reducing solar glare, reducing UV rays, and reducing your energy bill by keeping warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Solar tint plexiglass sheeting does not require an additional film to provide these benefits so you never need to worry about peeling, bubbles, or an ununiformed look. Additionally, plexiglass is stronger and more durable than glass so it provides more safety as well.

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Fluorescent Acrylic Sheeting image

Fluorescent Acrylic Sheeting

Although fluorescent acrylic plexiglass sheeting is brightly colored, these sheets are transparent in nature that allow the edges to glow with color.

Acrylic sheeting is lightweight and durable, making it an easy choice no matter your plastic needs. Cast acrylic sheeting such as our fluorescent plexiglass has high light transmission, weather resistance, and UV light resistance.

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Plastic Polish and Cleaners image

Plastic Polish and Cleaners

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing fingerprints, smudges, and scratches on a glass or plastic surface. Avoid using grocery store glass cleaners as they can damage specialty plastic sheeting such as plexiglass. A&C Plastics stocks NOVUS brand products including their well-known fine scratch remover and heavy scratch remover.

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Acrylic Samples image

Acrylic Samples

Before your commit to purchasing a large order of fluorescent, colored or even clear plexiglass, be sure you know what you're getting. The color of the acrylic sheeting
you see on a computer, tv, or phone screen, and in printed materials can differ from the actual product. We highly suggest purchasing a sample of any colored acrylic sheeting
or fluorescent acrylic sheeting before purchasing to ensure you get it right the first time.

If you have any questions about our getting acrylic samples or samples of our other products, please fill out a quote request or call us at (888) 702-6028.

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Plastic Adhesives & Weld On Glue image

Plastic Adhesives & Weld On Glue

A&C Plastics proudly distributes Sci-Grip Weldon glue and adhesives for
plexiglass acrylic sheeting
. These plastic Adhesives and weld on glues will consistently and securely bind your plastic sheets with ease. Not only will these plastic adhesives bind your acrylic sheeting, but it will do so at an affordable price. These products are available for local pick up at our Houston location or can be shipped by the case nationwide.

Don't know which Weldon IPS glue will work best for you? View our
complete guide to choosing the right plastic adhesive for your project. Make sure you look through the rest of our plexiglass acrylic sheeting products to find the one that works for your specific project.

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Acrylic Mirror Sheeting image

Acrylic Mirror Sheeting

Acrylic mirror sheeting is made from continuously processed acrylic sheet. Available in clear, textures and in over 17 vibrant colors, this durable material is ideal for slat walls, point-of-purchase displays, casinos, children's toys, cosmetic displays and for applications in the food service industry.

The standard sheet size in colored acrylic mirror is 48" X 96" in .125" thick. A&C Plastics also stocks 48" x 96", 60" x 96" and 72" x 96" sheets sizes in various thicknesses in the clear acrylic mirror. All plexiglass mirror sheets
are supplied with a 3mil laser cuttable film and produced with a 1" overage for maximum yield in laser cutting.

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Non-Glare Acrylic Mirror image

Non-Glare Acrylic Mirror

Non-glare mirror acrylic sheeting is the ideal plastic material for a variety of applications including POP displays, fabrication, and much more. Anti-glare acrylic mirror provides the same benefits of acrylic mirror sheeting, with the added feature of a non-glare surface. Our non-glare mirrored acrylic is far superior in durability and strength than a traditional glass mirror.

Looking for more anti-glare plastic sheets? Check out our non-glare plexiglass. For more information about the features and benefits of non-glare acrylic mirror or wholesale pricing, contact us by filling out a quote request or giving us a call at (888) 702-6028.

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See Through Mirror Acrylic image

See Through Mirror Acrylic

Two way mirror plastic creates privacy and security when illuminating one side, and a traditional glass-like window when both sides are well-lit. Using acrylic sheeting
for see through mirrors instead of glass can provide you with a multitude of benefits such as faster fabrication, lower shipping and handling, and less breakage than glass counterparts.

Other common names for see through mirror include surveillance mirror, transparent mirror, one-way mirror, as well as two-way mirror. Looking for standard mirrored plastic? A&C Plastics carries acrylic mirror sheeting, polycarbonate mirror sheeting, and PETG mirror.

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Clear SL Polycarbonate Sheets image

Clear SL Polycarbonate Sheets

A&C Plastics offers enhanced UV-resistant polycarbonate sheet
with exceptional weatherability & superior impact strength. Available in clear, solar colors, or white, Tru-Poly and Makrolon SL polycarbonate sheets are the perfect choices for extended service life and resistance to color shift. Clear SL sheet is easily thermoformed, fabricated and decorated requiring no special forming techniques on either male or female molds and is warrantied against excessive yellowing, hazing, breakage and loss of light transmission.

Applications of Clear SL Sign applications include predominantly white sign faces, elevated sign mast installations, and other harsh environment installations. Architectural applications include covered walkways, barrel vaults, upper story school glazing, bus shelters, and thermoformed skylights.

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White Polycarbonate Sheets image

White Polycarbonate Sheets

Available in five different thicknesses, five different lengths, and 4 different widths, our white polycarbonate sheeting is a polycarbonate product with advanced UV-resistance technology promoting long lasting outdoor weathering performance. Just like our colored polycarbonate sheet, these products have a proven track record of outstanding performance in extreme environments and are a very popular material for exterior signs in harsh outdoor conditions. Our white polycarbonate sheeting is available in pure white and off white. Lightweight, thermoformable, and high impact-resistance make these products a great choice for use with roof lighting, patio coverings, industrial warehouses, swimming pool covers, and more.

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Colored Polycarbonate Sheets image

Colored Polycarbonate Sheets

Colored polycarbonate sheeting from A&C Plastics offers the best flexibility, ease of fabrication, and unbeatable strength for any industrial or design application. Stronger than glass and plexiglass acrylic sheeting, colored polycarbonate sheet is a versatile material that provides real cost savings with its light weight and energy efficiency.

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Polycarbonate Mirror Plastic Sheets image

Polycarbonate Mirror Plastic Sheets

Our polycarbonate mirror sheeting is an ideal choice if you need a mirrored surface with high heat resistance, impact strength, and dimensional & UV stability. Polycarbonate mirror plastic easily outclasses glass for environments requiring high impact materials while maintaining a high level of crystal clarity. We have multiple sizes and thicknesses available for order. For help, questions on mirrored plastic, or wholesale pricing information, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Common Applications Include:

  • Security & Safety - Inspection mirrors, facial shields, correctional facilities
  • Commercial Building Construction - Fitness center mirrors, observation mirrors, and bathroom mirrors
  • Point of Purchase Displays
    & Signage - Endcap displays, cosmetic displays, jewelry enclosures, sunglass racks, and retail signage
  • Cosmetics & Dentistry - Magnifying mirrors and compact mirrors
  • Automotive Industry - Interior trim, mirrors, and accessories

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Tinted Polycarbonate (Lexan) Sheets image

Tinted Polycarbonate (Lexan) Sheets

Our product line of tinted polycarbonate sheets includes the best in class Makrolon GP tinted polycarbonate sheets in numerous colors, thicknesses, widths, and lengths. Common applications for Makrolon GP include barriers, partitions, machine guards, signage, and impact-resistant windows. These products are very popular choices for school and factory glazing and meet or exceed the physical properties of any product in its class. You can purchase our tinted lexan sheets in bronze, light grey, or dark grey.

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Clear SL2 Polycarbonate Sheet image

Clear SL2 Polycarbonate Sheet

Clear SL2 polycarbonate sheeting is enhanced polycarbonate sheeting
with UV resistance on both sides of the sheeting. This sheeting is used in applications requiring high impact strength and resistance to persistent weathering and sunlight on both sides of where the material is installed. Common applications for this product includes elevated sign masts, white exterior sign faces, bus shelters, and upper story school glazing. Available in clear in three different widths and two different thicknesses. If you're installing polycarbonate sheeting and only need UV-resistance on one side of the sheeting for applications such as greenhouse construction, check out our Clear SL polycarbonate sheet.

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Makrolon GP Sheets image

Makrolon GP Sheets

Makrolon GP Sheet is a clear, polished surface, Ultraviolet-stabilized polycarbonate for use in glazing and industrial applications. Offering high performance and economy, Makrolon GP polycarbonate sheet meets or exceeds the physical properties of any product in its class. This superior performance is backed by a five-year warranty against breakage. GP Polycarbonate Sheet is used extensively in school and factory glazing for protection against both accidental breakage and deliberate vandalism. In manufacturing environments, this high impact material excels in applications like machine guards, noise abatement shields, clear workstation partitions, freight doors and other in-plant glazings.

High Impact Strength Makrolon sheet is virtually unbreakable with 250 times the impact strength of float glass and 30 times that of acrylic sheeting. Code compliance Makrolon GP polycarbonate sheet products satisfy major building code requirements for a CC-1 rating in construction applications (BOCA, ICBO, SBCCI). Makrolon GP sheet products are listed with Underwriters Laboratories for the UL flammability standard and the UL972 standard for burglary resistant glazing materials. Additionally, Makrolon is approved for Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC 16CFR 1201) Categories I & II and ANSI Z97.1-1984 Safety Glazing Standards.

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Reel Stock Polycarbonate Sheeting image

Reel Stock Polycarbonate Sheeting

With numerous colors, thicknesses, and widths, our reel stock polycarbonate sheeting is a great choice for over-sized jobs such as greenhouses and large signage requiring a single sheet of polycarbonate. Makrolon reel stock polycarbonate sheeting is available in white, off-white, and clear enabling it to be used in many applications. This product features superior impact strength, with 30 times the impact resistance of acrylic, and enhanced UV resistance and can be easily fabricated, decorated, and thermoformed.

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AntiSkid HDPE image

AntiSkid HDPE

Antiskid HDPE or high-density polyethylene is made specifically for use in marine applications. This sheet plastic is lightweight and durable and is made from a string of ethylene molecules. The popularity of HDPE as a whole has increased dramatically due to the ability to reduce materials used when packaging products. HDPE is used across many different industries. However antiskid HDPE is specifically made for marine uses due to the non-slip surface it provides.

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King StarBoard image

King StarBoard

King Starboard is an advanced high-density polyethylene sheet. Using an advanced manufacturing process, King Starboard is made with flatness and consistency for uses in a multitude of marine applications such as hatches and doors, steps, and more! The unique polymer formula is environmentally stabilized making it extremely consistent and reliable. Browse all of the color and thickness options available from A&C Plastics!

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Makrolon VR Marine Sheet image

Makrolon VR Marine Sheet

Finding the right material that offers optical abilities with durability is difficult, but Makrolon VR marine sheet excels! Makrolon VR polycarbonate sheets are glass-like, providing a high-quality optical vision which is ideal for applications such as windshields on boats. This polycarbonate product is revolutionary for the needs of the marine industry and is easy to work with. Makrolon VR is not only functional but able to be rolled, sewed and cut making it easy to work with and great for projects with limited space.

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Makrolon Marine 5 image

Makrolon Marine 5

Marine applications present a unique set of needs when it comes to materials and Makrolon Marine 5 was designed to meet them all. Makrolon Marine 5 polycarbonate sheet is designed with extreme conditions in mind. Providing optical clarity with low distortion means using a unique and manufacturing process. The hard coat technology of this polycarbonate sheet allows it to be abrasion resistant and exceptionally clear.

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Abrasion Resistant Marine Acrylic image

Abrasion Resistant Marine Acrylic

Materials need to meet the specific needs of the project they are used for, and abrasion resistant marine acrylic does just that for marine applications. Abrasion resistance means fewer scratches leading to better optical clarity. Scratch resistant marine plexiglass is a versatile material available in a variety of thicknesses that can be used for marine applications where harsh environments are encountered.

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Abrasion Resistant Marine Polycarbonate image

Abrasion Resistant Marine Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate plastic is used in a multitude of applications because of its usefulness, and in marine specific applications, abrasion resistant marine polycarbonate is a perfect option. Polycarbonate is already known for its transparency while maintaining strength and flexibility and abrasion resistant marine polycarbonate takes it one step further with scratch resistance. The scratch and abrasion resistance of these sheets allow the material to retain clear vision longer making it an ideal choice in marine applications such as windshields and windows.

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Boat Window Plastic image

Boat Window Plastic

Boat window plastic has to meet the unique needs presented with the conditions faced out on the water. Acrylic or plexiglass is an excellent option for boat windshield plastic as it is a high optical product meaning it is clear for an easy field of vision and also provides exceptional strength and durability. Not only does this product meet the physical needs required for boat window plastic but it is also highly affordable due tot he manufacturing process making it a popular choice.

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ABS Plastic Sheeting image

ABS Plastic Sheeting

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, or ABS plastic, is one of the most widely used plastic materials on the market. As a result of its high impact resistance and suitability for heavy duty applications, ABS plastic sheeting has found wide acceptance in the refrigeration and automotive industries, as well as for the printing and display markets. ABS plastic is particularly suitable for vacuum forming. ABS can be manufactured in a range of thicknesses from 200 microns to 5mm with a maximum width of 1600mm. It is available in leather grain, fine grain, and deep grain finishes on thicknesses of 1.5mm-3mm and custom colors can be made to order, subject to a minimum order requirement. Specialized ABS plastic products incorporating extruded layers of acrylic sheet for superior resistance to UV attack can be manufactured.

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Expanded PVC Plastic Sheeting image

Expanded PVC Plastic Sheeting

Expanded PVC plastic is a foamed polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheet whose extraordinary combination of features makes it ideal for signage, exhibits, store displays, POP, kiosks, screen printing and more. The surface is a smooth, matte finish that makes it ideal to paint or laminate, compared to the glossy finish of acrylic sheeting and polycarbonate sheeting. Expanded PVC sheets also have good screw and staple retention, which makes them ideal for stage prop design, cabinetry, and other wood replacement projects. Expanded PVC plastic sheets are tough, high-strength and lightweight, and can be ordered in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses, and colors. Expanded PVC sheets are free of lead, cadmium, barium, zinc and have passed all three UL 1975 requirements. It is recommended for industrial and commercial signage. It readily accepts virtually any form of graphic overlay (print, paint, and photo mounting). It is also easy to cut and shape, making it a strong choice for three-dimensional exhibits, displays, and stage sets.

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Fluted Polypropylene Sheet image

Fluted Polypropylene Sheet

Fluted polypropylene is an economical, durable and printable corrugated plastic sheeting. Fluted polypropylene sheeting is more durable than fluted fiberboard. However, it is lighter than wood or PVC. These corrugated polypropylene sheets are durable for both indoor and outdoor applications, as they are UV and moisture resistant. This type of polypropylene sheeting, when treated with Corona, is more receptive to inks, coatings, and adhesives. Additionally, corrugated polypropylene sheet is low in cost, easy to fabricate, and provides good impact resistance.

The signage industry relies on corrugated polypropylene for a consistent, high-quality, printable surface. It can also be used as a durable packaging material for making specialty boxes or crates, temporary partitions, POP displays, and more.

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HDPE Sheet image

HDPE Sheet

HDPE is a thermoplastic offering versatility and malleability that surpasses most other plastic sheeting on the market. Used in everything from hard hats to plastic bottles, HDPE is widely recycled making it a go-to material for eco-friendly and sustainable plastic productions and construction. HDPE industrial plastic sheeting
is lightweight, yet extremely strong making it the ideal material to make recycled plastic lumber with. HDPE is certified by the FDA to be used in food processing due to its resistance to mold, mildew, and acid.

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VIVAK PETG Sheet image


For designers seeking the leading edge in point-of-purchase and in-store display design, A&C Plastics has the high-performance plastic sheeting needed to get you there - a material that can become a force in design by creating cost-effective options. Think in bold curves, complex parts, and molded-in details, without worrying about durability or fabrication costs. That's the versatility of VIVAK sheet. It's design freedom plus productivity.

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Polypropylene Sheet image

Polypropylene Sheet

Polypropylene plastics are an economical alternative to HDPE sheet
or ABS. Polypropylene sheet provides good impact resistance, considerable thermal resistance, and excellent chemical resistance. Other features and benefits of polypropylene sheeting include:

  • Acid resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Moisture resistance
  • Stress crack resistance
  • Stiff, yet flexible

Polypropylene plastic sheets are the choice plastic for containers due to its easy manufacturability, impact resistance, and low cost. Additionally, polypropylene plastic is frequently used in semiconductor and chemical industries due to its superior durability in corrosive environments. This plastic sheeting is also available as corrugated polypropylene.

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PVC Strip Curtains - Vinyl Strip Doors image

PVC Strip Curtains - Vinyl Strip Doors

A&C Plastics stocks a large selection of PVC strip curtains in various lengths, widths, and thicknesses. Vinyl strip doors can help you save energy, money, and increase comfort and safety. In addition to creating an economical barrier for partitioning your workspace, our PVC door strips provide maximum visibility and help maintain room temperatures. These vinyl strip doors are great for freezer or refrigerator curtains, overheard loading dock doors, and more. Conditions such as indoor/outdoor, level of wind, and amount of traffic will affect what thickness of stripping you should get. If you have questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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PETG Mirror Sheet image

PETG Mirror Sheet

PETG mirror sheeting is an extremely versatile plastic sheeting
commonly used in engineering, cosmetics, storage containers, and more as it is easily thermoformed and cut to create complex shapes with precise details. PETG sheeting provides superior cost savings compared to acrylic sheeting
and maximized durability for packaging and shipping like polycarbonate sheeting.
PETG mirror provides a wide range of benefits from superior clarity, surface gloss retention, no stress whitening, accepts ink and paint, and is FDA-approved for food contact.

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Impact Modified Acrylic image

Impact Modified Acrylic

A&C Plastics offers modified acrylic sheeting, continually processed to provide superior impact strength. Impact modified acrylic sheeting is a great alternative to traditional polycarbonate sheeting with higher cost savings, a wider range of forming temperature, better melt strength, and does not lose color or clarity due to sunlight.

Impact modified acrylic is the ideal plastic sheet for applications where durability is a requirement, such as signs, POP displays, windows, doors, and more.

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Scratch & Abrasion-Resistant Acrylic Sheets image

Scratch & Abrasion-Resistant Acrylic Sheets

One and two side coated acrylic, utilized in display cases and shadow boxes in public areas to minimize scuffing and scratching. The double coating offers a much, much greater resistance to chemical attack and marring. Excellent optical quality makes this product a great choice for display cases in publi areas. Available in many different thicknesses, widths, and lengths. Fill out a quote request form
now for wholesale pricing.

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Scratch & Abrasion-Resistant Polycarbonate Sheets image

Scratch & Abrasion-Resistant Polycarbonate Sheets

AR Polycarbonate Sheet is an abrasion resistant and enhanced UV-resistant sheet that offers glass-like hardness coupled with the impact strength of standard polycarbonate sheeting. Additionally, AR polycarbonate offers enhanced resistance from yellowing and hazing for an extended service life in high profile architectural glazing and is warranted against excessive yellowing, hazing, breakage, and loss of light transmission.

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Anti-Static Plastic & Acrylic Sheeting image

Anti-Static Plastic & Acrylic Sheeting

With anti-static acrylic sheeting, you can stop worrying about electrostatic discharge causing latent damage and rejects to electronic items. Also known as electrostatic dissipative (ESD) acrylic, the anti-static acrylic sheeting is coated with a transparent material that prevents the formation of static electricity on the surface. Because the coating offers a permanent solution, ESD acrylic is not affected by humidity like topical, temporary anti-static coatings used on traditional
plexiglass. Antistatic acrylic sheeting has incredible strength and resistance to abrasions and chemicals, and can be fabricated into a wide array of shapes and sizes.

Antistatic ESD acrylic is ideal for any applications involving electricity or electrically conductive surfaces including static control shields, glove boxes, conveyor line covers, electronic equipment and more. For more antistatic plastic sheets, check out AC Plastics'
anti static polycarbonate sheet.

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Black & White Acrylic Sheeting image

Black & White Acrylic Sheeting

Upgrade your signage and lighting by adding black and white acrylic sheeting. Made of cast acrylic, black/white plexiglass is weather resistant, easily fabricated, lightweight, and has a high impact resistance. Our LED color changing, backlit black and white acrylic sheeting uses a special formula to appear dark during the day, with a bright, white light at night. Black/white plexiglass sheeting is ideal for sign applications when you want your display or advertisement to remain hidden in the light, showing only when the lighting is deployed.

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Anti-Static Polycarbonate Sheeting image

Anti-Static Polycarbonate Sheeting

Anti-static polycarbonate, also known as electrostatic dissipative (ESD) polycarbonate, is a polycarbonate sheet coated with metal and plastic mixture that prevents static electricity from being generated on the plastic sheets. Anti-static ESD polycarbonate's coating is permanent and therefore is not affected by humidity as temporary topical anti-static coatings. In addition to its anti-static properties, it has superior impact and chemical resistance.

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Bullet Resistant & Bulletproof Plastic Sheeting image

Bullet Resistant & Bulletproof Plastic Sheeting

Secure your workplace or home with bullet resistant plastic sheeting. A&C Plastics stocks and distributes bullet resistant and containment grade plastic in both
acrylic sheet and polycarbonate sheet. Bullet resistant plastic is lightweight, strong, impact resistant, and crystal clear, making both bullet resistant acrylic and polycarbonate superior alternatives to bullet proof glass. Both bullet resistant and containment grade plastics are far less expensive to purchase, fabricate, and ship than its glass counterpart due to its durability.

Containment grade plastic sheeting is the ideal material for protection against forced entry with large blows with tools such as a sledgehammer whereas bullet resistant plastic is more suitable for protection against ballistics such as that from heavy automatic firearms.

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Iridescent Acrylic Sheeting image

Iridescent Acrylic Sheeting

Iridescent acrylic sheet is a colorful alternative to traditional plexiglass sheeting
used in signage, store fixtures, POP displays and more. These acrylic sheets
feature a rainbow-like surface that changes the viewing perspective as light hits it, but does not require specialty lighting. The colors of iridescent acrylic change as your viewing angle changes, creating different dimensions and color patterns. The use of ambient light to create its own effects products mirror-like reflections that shine in every color imaginable.

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FDA Approved Plastic Sheeting image

FDA Approved Plastic Sheeting

Looking for a polycarbonate plastic sheet that is cleared by the FDA to use for food preparation? Our Makrolon FD polycarbonate sheet is a clear polycarbonate plastic that is not UV stabilized but complies with FDA & NSF standard 51 requirements. With good heat resistance, close gauge tolerance, and high impact strength, FDA approved polycarbonate sheet is ideal for food applications such as commercial serving bowls, candy molds, hospital trays, incubators, and more.

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Flame Retardant Plastic Sheeting image

Flame Retardant Plastic Sheeting

AC Plastics is proud to offer Makrolon Low Flammability (LF) plastic sheeting solutions. Fire rated polycarbonate sheet is a flame inhibiting, UV-stable plastic sheeting and glazing product that is virtually unbreakable. Although stronger than glass and plexiglass, fire rated polycarbonate is easily die cut, punched and sheared to meet your fabrication needs, whatever they are. Flame retardant sheet from Makrolon is produced under rigid quality control specifications ensuring it meets ISO certification guidelines.

Makrolon LF polycarbonate sheet is ideal for a variety of industries and applications including electrical devices, aircraft components, switchgear covers and other current-carrying items. Makrolon's flame retardant sheet is also the recipient of the Certificate of Material Excellence from Material ConneXion.

AC Plastics also carries a variety of other high-impact, high-strength plastic sheeting products including bullet resistant polycarbonate, HDPE, and other polycarbonate sheet solutions.

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Lucite Block Acrylic Sheets image

Lucite Block Acrylic Sheets

Take your visual communication, signage, and advertising to a new level with block
acrylic sheeting from Lucite. Block acrylic sheeting is 30mm and is a solid light diffusion sheet for the manufacturing of low profile channel letters. Lucite block acrylic allows you to embed LED lights directly into the material for an evenly diffused glow. Lucite block acrylic sheets can withstand both outdoor and indoor applications and provides a constant transmission of color regardless of the light source.

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Dry Erase Acrylic Sheets image

Dry Erase Acrylic Sheets

Optix E-Series dry erase acrylic sheets by Plaskolite are an innovative lightweight design that features a chemical and abrasion-resistant coating and direct print capabilities. Dry erase plexiglass sheets are versatile, durable and easy to work with offering an alternative to the standard whiteboard. Transform your office into a functional workspace with Optix E-Series dry-erase acrylic plastic sheets.

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Frame Grade Acrylic Sheeting image

Frame Grade Acrylic Sheeting

OPTIX frame grade acrylic sheeting is the ideal plastic to use for applications where perfection and clarity are needed. This specialty acrylic sheeting is camera-inspected to ensure there are no imperfections, becoming the gold standard of picture framing. Just as with traditional clear acrylic sheeting, frame grade acrylic is just half the weight of glass with superior impact resistance. Framing acrylic offers the highest protection from UV light, absorbing up to 98% of rays, to ensure the color and integrity of the photograph or art piece remains as it was the day it was framed.

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Infrared Plastic Sheeting image

Infrared Plastic Sheeting

Although all plexiglass sheeting transmits infrared light, only this specialty sheeting blocks visible light and only transmits infrared. The physical properties of infrared plastic are the same a traditional acrylic sheeting, with the only difference being the light transmission. Because infrared acrylic sheeting is black and only transmits infrared rays, it is an ideal material for applications where you want to hide something such as video camera, security camera, or entertainment and audio equipment.

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Optium Museum Acrylic Sheeting by Tru Vue image

Optium Museum Acrylic Sheeting by Tru Vue

Optium Museum Acrylic is an excellent alternative to conventional glazing materials used for protecting and displaying artwork. Durable and strong, this acrylic sheeting
is produced using patented Tru Vue technology to ensure long-lasting protection against oxidization and degradation over time. Optium Museum Acrylic delivers conservation-grade UV protection that is anti-reflective and blocks 99% of UV light.
Other benefits and features of Tru Vue acrylic include:

  • Abrasion resistance
  • Anti-static
  • Shatter Resistance & Safety
  • Cleans like glass
  • Highlight transmission

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UV Filtering Acrylic Sheet image

UV Filtering Acrylic Sheet

Protect your artwork and keepsakes from natural and artificial light by using UV filtering acrylic. UV rays can change the coloring of photographs, paintings, documents and more if left exposed to the sun or fluorescent light bulbs.
Just as with standard plexiglass sheeting, UV filtering sheets are light weight, have excellent impact resistance, and are abrasion resistant. Using acrylic sheeting in favor of glass provides a clearer finish with a higher impact resistance, ideal for areas of high traffic.

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UV Transmitting Acrylic image

UV Transmitting Acrylic

In most applications using acrylic sheeting, manufacturers generally favor UV filtering acrylic for its ability to block out harmful UV rays; however, UV transmitting acrylic is also available for applications requiring UV-A and UV-B light. UV-A light (320-400 nm) and UV-B light (280-320 nm) are used in many applications, from medical treatment to suntanning. UV transmitting acrylic sheet is transparent to UV light and provides the superior quality and clarity needed in these applications.

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Polycarbonate Profiles & Hardware image

Polycarbonate Profiles & Hardware

Although polycarbonate sheeting such as multiwall can be assembled and installed using a variety of methods, using profiles are of the easier methods to use to use. Polycarbonate profiles are flexible and easily cut using a saw. The most common profile types are U-Channel, H-Channel, and R-Channel.

In addition to polycarbonate profiles, A&C Plastics has the other tools you need to complete your projects. From washers and gaskets to aluminum tape, we have the best selection of tools to help you complete your next job at an amazing price.

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Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets image

Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

Unlike other glazing materials, multi-wall polycarbonate sheet is virtually unbreakable and provides as much as 60% more thermal insulation than glass. Its light weight, durability, strength and ease of installation make it the ideal glazing material, especially for outdoor applications. Structured polycarbonate sheet is the most versatile structured thermoplastic available today. A co-extruded protective layer guarantees the highest stability against the harsh effects of the sun's rays and the multi-walled design gives a stable weathering surface.

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Lighting Plastic Sheeting image

Lighting Plastic Sheeting

There are a variety of plastic sheets on the market today that provides great benefits to the lighting industry. If you are looking for plastic for skylights, interior LED, conventional lighting fixtures, or lenses, A&C Plastics has the materials you need. There are many kinds of lighting plastics including traditional acrylic plexiglass
and polycarbonate, as well as specialty plastic such as light guide panels, Lumen XT, and light diffusion sheeting.

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Matte Polycarbonate and Frosted Plastic image

Matte Polycarbonate and Frosted Plastic

Whether you are looking for added privacy in an office or home or want to add a decorative touch to a billboard or roof, matte polycarbonate is the sheeting you need. Polycarbonate sheeting is lightweight and durable, making it a great choice for both outdoor and indoor applications. Because frosted plastic is not as translucent as traditional polycarbonate, you should take into consideration the degree of light transmittance, insulation, and UV-protection you will need.

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Non-Glare Acrylic Sheeting image

Non-Glare Acrylic Sheeting

Non-glare plexiglass acrylic is a superior plastic sheet that provides minimized glare, without sacrificing light transmission. Designed with durability in mind, the non-glare plexiglass acrylic is typically used in museums, art galleries, and in home decor such a framed photos; anti-glare plexiglass sheeting features a special matte finish that maximizes the viewing experience. If you are interested in quality patterned sheeting, shop our non-glare acrylic sheeting today!

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Textured Acrylic Sheeting image

Textured Acrylic Sheeting

We are confident that our textured acrylic sheeting can add a unique finish to almost any application. Ideal for cabinets, partitions and patio tables, the textured acrylic sheeting adds another layer of privacy without severely impacting the light transmission. Textured plexiglass is UV absorbent, transparent, and features the same durable qualities as clear plexiglass sheeting. Being the best quality in the industry, along with the best price, our obscure texture acrylic sheeting is perfect for your next project. Shop our textured acrylic sheeting today!

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P61 Non-Glare Polycarbonate Sheets image

P61 Non-Glare Polycarbonate Sheets

If you are looking for an anti-glare alternative to traditional polycarbonate plastic sheeting, look no further than A&C Plastics' inventory of P61 non-glare polycarbonate sheeting. Non-glare polycarbonate sheet offers the same high impact strength, heat resistance and light transmission qualities of traditional polycarbonate sheets, with the added bonus of antiglare properties.

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Frosted Plexiglass Sheets image

Frosted Plexiglass Sheets

Frosted acrylic sheeting, such as P95 and DP9, is the ideal plastic material for added decorative texture to any application. This premium cell-cast
acrylic sheet
features a matte finish that resists scratches, smudges, and fingerprints, as well as diffuses reflections and surface imperfections.

Frosted plexiglass retains ink and paint from hot-stamping, silk-screening, and more. The versatility of P95 acrylic and DP9 matte acrylic lends itself to the number of applications that commonly use frosted plexiglass such as showcases, decorative furnishings, POP displays, and signs across a variety of industries. A&C Plastics also carries frosted polycarbonate sheeting.

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Polycarbonate Sheeting with Pebble Finish image

Polycarbonate Sheeting with Pebble Finish

Textured polycarbonate sheets are a great option for applications that require visual privacy or where scratches want to be hidden. Pebble polycarbonate is a UV stabilized plastic sheeting that offers high light transmission and is 250 times stronger than glass and 30 times stronger than plexiglass sheet. Common applications of textured polycarbonate sheeting with a pebble finish include privacy screens, shower rooms, gyms, conference room windows, and more.

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Multiwall Polycarbonate in Action image

Multiwall Polycarbonate in Action

Take your construction project to the next level with multiwall polycarbonate sheets from A&C Plastics. Lightweight, virtually unbreakable, and available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, multiwall sheets are the perfect fit for many architechtural applications. Multiwall sheeting provides cost effective and durable solutions for skylights, light transmitting room dividers, sun rooms, greenhouse construction, or roofing.

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TruCast Acrylic image

TruCast Acrylic

Add an elegant touch to your construction or design project with a pop of color from TruCast acrylic plastics. TruCast acrylic sheet is a great option for store fixtures, lighting, aquariums and other fixtures you want to make more visually appealing.

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Lucite Acrylic image

Lucite Acrylic

A high quality plastic for your high quality projects! Lucite® acrylic sheet is nearly half the weight of glass with added durability. Available in a variety of eye-catching colors, this plastic offers a more industrial look and lasts longer than other plastics with its resistence to yellowing and fading. This is what make Lucite® acrylic a top choice among construction and design professionals.

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Benefits of Polycarbonate Sheets image

Benefits of Polycarbonate Sheets

The clearness of glass but nearly 250 times more resistent to breakage! It's no wonder why construction professionals choose polycarbonate sheets for their projects. Polycarbonate sheets offer many benefits to a construction project including lightweight design, less need for stuructural support and of course, added durability. This plastic option also helps cut labor and time costs for a project.

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Last Update: 2019-12-02