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The Proslat team brings a combined 30 years of award-winning product development experience to the business and an unshakeable belief in the product. We have enjoyed steady growth since launching our patented, innovative wall panel to the market in late 2010 and we continue to build consumer loyalty by offering consistency, reliability and quality products. We hold patents in Canada and the US on the design of the wall panel, this basis of the Proslat storage solution. We are guided by the belief that the key to our success is product superiority. We promise our patented panels “out perform", “out price", and “out look" any of our competitors.


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Commercial & Multi-Family Applications

Proslat goes beyond single family homes and garages. We work with a select group of builder/developers to customize a unique product mix exclusive to their needs - whether it's custom length slatwall for specialized storage solutions or a stock product mix for Multi-Unit Residential projects.

The rental market can take its toll on a storage system. Rugged, durable storage solutions from Proslat are virtually indestructible and allow you to offer your tenants an infinite number of options to customize storage to suit their needs.

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Slatwall has long been the choice for merchandising at retail. Proslat takes it to a new level with our PVC slatwall and a plethora of options suitable for displaying whatever it is you are selling.

Our award-winning, patented design panels are extremely rugged, environmentally friendly - 90% recycled, AND easy to install and maintain. The advantages of Proslat walls are obvious, at 4 3/4 in. on center, there are fewer channels, so it's more visually appealing and less "busy". Add to that the fact that our panels are available in your choice of 4 neutral colors to suit any decor and that you can custom wrap them in most any color or finish (including branded or custom digital printed wraps) and you're in visual merchandising heaven!

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Home - Evolia Slatwall

EVOLIA SLATWALL is sold in packages of 15 individual panels, which, when installed, cover an area measuring 6 ft. high x 8 ft. wide.

Total coverage: 48 sq.ft. (4.32 sq. m.)
All necessary trims and hardware for standard installation over drywall into studs or directly to studs are supplied. Not to worry if your closet is larger or smaller than the average - Slatwall can be treated like wood and cut with any jig saw or circular saw and any leftover pieces will come in handy in the garage or another location in your home. Once installed, simply slot your accessories into place and move them around as often as you like.

• Made in Canada from 90% recycled materials
• Crisp white finish
• Installed directly to studs or to drywall into studs
• May be installed as a track, in a section or over an entire wall

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Evolia Slatwall Accessories


Not what you would expect to find in a closet, so we opened the doors to demonstrate just how well Evolia Signature Accessories work throughout the home. We have banished the boring, fake wood furniture for sleek finishes, hot colors and sleek chrome. With Evolia, we are putting the FUN back in functional.
Our accessories have the following features:

  • Chrome finish accessories
  • White matte finish shelves
  • Lifetime warranty

Evolia Basics Series

Heavy-duty ventilated wire storage with a powder coated finish. Evolia Basics is the essentials - a focus on quality and functionality for those who want a no-frills approach to storage while keeping your budget in check.

  • Heavy-duty ventilated wire storage that won't bend
  • Powder coated finish for increased resistance to corrosion
  • Same quality as Signature Series at super friendly prices
  • Lifetime Warranty

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PVC Slatwall

Our most popular slatwall - PVC Slatwall comes in two different configurations and four different colors. The heavy-duty, versatile slatwall system is designed to be modular, simple to install and easy to reconfigure as often as you like. Award-winning, Proslat Slatwall is the foundation for conquering garage clutter, with a hidden screw design to make your walls sleek, attractive and way more functional.


Holds up to 75 lb. (34 kg) per square foot

  • Impact resistant
  • Installed directly to studs or over drywall into studs
  • Panels are 2 mm thick
  • PVC Slatwall made from 90% recycled materials
  • Interlocking panels - not affected by mold, mildew, or water
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made In Canada

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Aluminium Slatwall

100% aluminium slatwall with a brushed, anodized finish - when only the best will do. 100% aluminum slatwall provides the same rugged, durable functionality as Proslat PVC slatwall and the hand-machined finish delivers in the style department. Aluminum panels are fireproof, with an interlocking design for the ultimate in modular storage design. All hardware and trims necessary for installation are in the box.


  • Holds up to 100 lb. (45.36 kg) per square foot
  • • Brushed finish
  • • Installs over drywall to studs or directly to studs
  • • Patented hidden-screw design for a professional finished look
  • • 100% fireproof
  • • Lifetime warranty

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Slatwall Accessories

Get all your gear off the ground with our large selection of hooks, baskets and shelves. Proslat offers a variety of rugged and versatile hanging solutions. Our wide range of slatwall accessories were designed with back plates that disperse the workload throughout the wall so you can hang whatever you want, wherever you want. Our accessories work exclusively with Proslat slatwall.

Hooks, Shelves & Baskets

• Made from high-grade steel
• Heavy-duty steel powder coated in Proslat silver
• Most hooks feature rubber cushion finish to protect your gear
• All heavy-duty hooks feature locking mechanisms
• Fits exclusively with Proslat and Evolia wall systems

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Proslat's heavy-duty ProRack is designed to provide maximum storage without loss of floor space. our patent-pending design delivers functional storage for bulky items on top, the flexibility to hang items below and the ability to see what's on the shelf through the grid. Built to last, our ProRack holds up to 800 lb. when properly mounted directly to studs, it can also mounted to Proslat Slatwall.


ProRack Accessories

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Garage Gator Storage Lifts

Our selection of motorized lifts offers a range of weight bearing capacities and utilities. Stop battling Christmas trees, paddle boards, Jeep® tops, and other storage nightmares, we have a solution. Proslat Garage Gator lifts and hoists are easy to install and permit one person to lift and lower things with ease. Motorized lifts feature a key lock switch and plug into any outlet.

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Manual Hoists - 105600

Large sporting equipment is usually the biggest challenge in the garage - solution, our hoist system. No heavy lifting overhead on ceiling mounts and no need for step ladders. So easy and safe, even kids can use it.

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Proslat's selection of cabinets will instantly transform any garage with five different designs, each available in multiple colors, we have the cabinet for you.

Edge Series Cabinets

Fusion Pro Series Cabinets

Barrett-Jackson Edition Cabinets

Commercial Series

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Last Update: 2020-09-01