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Are you looking for a proven cost effective alternative to conventional elevators for your project. The Modular Elevator System includes a structural steel framed hoist way complete with the elevator pre-installed in the structure. The hoist way includes one-hour rated walls, all electrical and mechanical components pre-installed including the pit light, pit ladder and GFI as standard in the system.With lead times five to six months faster than conventional elevator manufacturers and approximately 4 to 5 days of installation The Modular Elevator System is the fastest vertical solution for your project.

The Modular Elevator System is a pre-designed pre-engineered system. Please see our CAD and PDF drawings to design our footprint in your project. Unlike conventional systems The Modular Elevator arrives at your site as a “TURN-KEY" complete system. This eliminates expensive onsite storage of elevator components and coordination of trades in the hoist way. The modular Elevator System is non-proprietary meaning any State licensed elevator mechanic can work on our elevator without proprietary software or tools. This can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in maintenance costs over the life of the elevator. The Modular Elevator System is ideal for all exterior and interior applications. All components are from World Class Manufacturers of elevator components and are available locally throughout the country. We ship all over the US, Canada and Mexico. Below are some of the markets featuring The Modular Elevator System from Modular Elevator Manufacturing.

* Commercial Projects such as Office Buildings,
Medical Offices, Apartment Buildings and Hospitals.

* Transportation Projects such as Light Rail Stations, Parking Structures, Airports, Shipyards and Pedestrian Bridges

.* Hospitality Projects such as Hotels.

* Retail Projects such as Malls, Atriums and Shopping Centers.

* Industrial Projects such as Manufacturing Buildings, Grain storage, Oil Refineries and Modular Building Manufacturers.

* Custom Applications.


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Modular Elevator Manufacturing Builds the Most Current State of the Art Hydraulic System in the Industry. image

Modular Elevator Manufacturing Builds the Most Current State of the Art Hydraulic System in the Industry.

Our Hydraulic Elevator System is available with in-ground and holeless jacks. We are the only manufacturer to build a steel cab that complies with ASME 17.1. This can eliminate putting sprinklers, heat sensors and shunting in the hoist way. Please refer to our CAD and PDF drawings in ARCAT. We build elevators from 2000 lb. capacity to 5000 lb. capacity to meet all of the vertical requirements for your project.

We provide seven colors of high pressure laminate as standard cab finishes. We offer over 2000 upgraded cab interiors that can installed onsite in one day.

The Modular Elevator System by Modular Elevator Manufacturing can be used as a permanent in-place construction elevator. This can eliminate hundreds of thousands of dollars from the requirement to have a construction elevator on your project.

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    Modular Elevator Hoistways - A Pre-fabricated Pre-engineered Faster Solution image

    Modular Elevator Hoistways - A Pre-fabricated Pre-engineered Faster Solution

    Our modular Hoist way is made from 4x4 HSS structural steel. We include the code required overhead space within this structure. We build three hoist ways, an HW-1, HW-2 and HW-3. If you refer to page S3 in our PDF plan set you will see the elevators that fit into each hoist way.

    Our most popular size is the HW-2 with a 3500 lb. gurney complaint cab. This is the smallest footprint available for diagonal gurney compliance. There is no hoist beam required as the elevator comes pre-installed within the structure. The hoist way walls come standard with a one-hour fire rating.

    We can provide up to a three hour fire rating if required in your project. We use 5/8ths green board on the interior of our hoist way walls. Green board is mold and mildew resistant for moist environments.

    We use 5/8ths brown board on the exterior of the hoist way walls. Brown board is ideal for external walls because it has some water resistant properties and can support almost any type of exterior finish. The hoist way and pre-installed elevator can be set in as little as four hours. Once the structure is set the installation is 90% complete. All that is left to complete the Installation is the final adjustment and inspection. This takes another two or three days. Total installation time should be less than one-week.

    Modular Elevator Manufacturing builds a modular equipment room that can sit adjacent to the hoist way or up to thirty feet in a remote location. This modular machine room is only designed for exterior applications. If your project requires an interior elevator our elevator and hoist way typically sets during the early stages of the construction phase. This normally occurs before the walls are erected and after the poured foundation.

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      County of Riverside image

      County of Riverside

      Project Location: Riverside, California

      Project Owner: County of Riverside

      General Contractor: McCarthy Construction

      Architect: International Parking Design

      A Modular Elevator Manufacturing modular elevator system will save your clients weeks of design and agency review time, cut installation time, and save you tens of thousands of dollars in maintenance fees and parts.

      Our elevator is also nonproprietary, and will save your clients more than $100,000 over the life of the elevator on maintenance and parts. Our production times are 10-12 weeks and the system installs in one day.

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      Jesuit High School image

      Jesuit High School

      Project Location: Carmichael, California

      Project Owner: Jesuit High School

      General Contractor: Roebbelen Construction

      Architect: Williams Paddon Architects & Planners

      Jesuit High School is a fully accredited Jesuit, Catholic, college preparatory, private high school that serves the greater Sacramento area. As part of a campus modernization project, the school added a MEM modular elevator connecting the main floor to the second floor.

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      City of Orange Parking Structure image

      City of Orange Parking Structure

      Project Owner: The City of Orange, California.

      General Contractor: Bomel Construction.

      Architect: Choate Parking Design.

      This project is a five story pre-engineered, pre-designed Modular Elevator for the Parking Structure at the Town and County Mall. Modular Elevator Manufacturing was the only Company that could stay ahead of the construction schedule for this project. Each deck of the parking structure was built in a week. The Modular Elevator System set the elevator at the beginning of the project.

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      Columbia Street Apartments - San Diego, CA image

      Columbia Street Apartments - San Diego, CA

      Project Owner: Parikh Properties.

      General Contractor: Cannon Constructors

      Architect: Dess Partners

      Construction Manager: Boretto + Merrill Consulting.

      This project is a ground -up urban infill project in the heat of Little Italy in San Diego. This project is an 18 unit, zero lot line residential building on a 3500 square foot parcel. The small size of the parcel provides a variety of construction challenges.To offset impacts of small lot infill development Modular Elevator Manufacturing was contracted to provide a cutting-edge modular elevator. The cab and entire elevator shaft were brought into Downtown on a flatbed truck and installed in a single day. The building will be constructed around the elevator shaft and the elevator will operate as an OSHA compliant man lift during construction. The installation will save over 6 weeks of construction times well as provide a significant dollar savings to the overall cost of the project.

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      Mullin Automotive Museum image

      Mullin Automotive Museum

      Project Location: Oxnard, California

      Project Owner: Peter W. Mullin Family Trust UDT

      General Contractor: Interscape Construction, Inc.

      Architect: David Hertz Archtect, SEA

      The Mullin Automotive Museum is a private museum in Oxnard, California which focuses on rare and exquisite european automobiles.

      They wanted a very special elevator to match the decor of the museum. They selected an MEM elevator with glass wall panels in the hoistway and cab, with all components powdercoated or painted black. The museum added custom wrought iron panels integrated into the hoistway to complete the package.

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      Citrus Residential Dormitories at The University of La Verne -  La Verne CA image

      Citrus Residential Dormitories at The University of La Verne - La Verne CA

      Location: La Verne CA.

      Owner: The University of La Verne

      General Contractor: Bernards Builder

      Architect: Steinberg Architects.

      This project had three modular elevators. Two elevators in a duplex configuration and one elevator in a simplex configuration. These were five stop elevators.

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      Modular Elevator Applications Gallery image

      Modular Elevator Applications Gallery

      Modular Elevators are the perfect solution for many applications as shown below.

      • Classrooms
      • Stadiums
      • Light Rail Stations
      • Parking Structures
      • Pedestrian Bridges
      • Convention Centers
      • Cruise Ship Terminals
      • Indoor Malls
      • Outdoor Malls
      • Medical Offices
      • Hospitals
      • Other Custom Applications

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