CGI Commercial is committed to being a trusted partner with architects,engineers, glaziers and dealers in the commercial market. We offer pre-glazed storefront window and door systems configured for some of the most demanding commercial and residential applications in the industry. With CGI Commercial you will continue to see our name providing customers with personal services, product reliability, integrity,quality and on-time delivery.


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SlimFront Window System SS3520 image

SlimFront Window System SS3520

The SlimFront impact-resistant storefront window wall system was designed specifically for high-design-pressure applications. With sizes up to 4' x 15', this astonishing storefront window wall solution is ready for anything without losing an inch of greatness.

Engineered with flexibility in mind, this storefront window wall system not only incorporates various glass options and panel configurations; it easily integrates with our SE 3550 Storefront Entry Door system and includes a wet seal system developed to provide ultimate protection from the elements.

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Storefront Window System SS3500 image

Storefront Window System SS3500

  • Available in single or multiple panel configurations
  • Up to +90/-120 design pressures
  • Ideal for use in conjunction with the storefront entry door Maximum size up to 4' x 12' wet seal
  • Amazing, uninterrupted views and a great source of natural light Wet seal, non-weep system
  • Prevents water from penetrating the frame and offers ultimate protection from the elements

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Storefront Entry Door  SE3550 image

Storefront Entry Door SE3550

Design Pressures

Up to +90/-120, provide security, safety and performance in wind-borne debris areas


Available as a single or double door

5-ply hook-bolt locking mechanism

1/2" stainless steel bolts secure the door to the frame or adjoining door in three places for exceptional security and protection

Heavy-duty, stainless steel, non-removable pin hinges

Provides additional security by restricting door from being removed from frame

American Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant

Meets requirements for opening,hardware, and threshold


Storefront Entry Door features a standard pull handle / push bar and may be upgraded to a panic bar

Terrace Door features high-quality, stylish,contemporary lever handles with a 3-point active locking mechanism

Optional heavy-duty surface mount or overhead closers

Designed for high traffic applications

Optional transom

For additional design options

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Retail Gallery

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Residential Gallery

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Lodging Gallery

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Restaurant Gallery

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Misc/ Project Work

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