Shaw Stainless Fabrication Division is a premier stainless steel fabricator specializing in bollards including stainless steel bollards, DAF tanks, stainless steel pipe fabrication, and other custom stainless steel fabrication. From large diameter stainless steel pipe, pipe spools, to complete stainless steel pipe systems, we will customize a solution for your application. We are your stainless steel fabrication experts.

Shaw Stainless is equipped to create the custom stainless steel fabrication pieces you need conforming to whatever your specifications may be. Our facilities house state-of-the-art equipment from welders, lathes, saws, and presses, to square and round polishers, press brakes and mills. Our team of experts are ready to fill your order from a single custom piece to a full line of stainless steel fabrication.


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One of our most coveted product lines is our stainless steel security bollards and protective barriers. The need for vehicle stopping protection and demand for security of facilities all over the world has become increasingly important. Shaw Stainless works with clients to develop bollard sleeves and covers to make these security barriers aesthetically pleasing. Shaw can manufacture bollard skins and covers in most alloys or finishes required for your application. While we do not offer installation services, we work closely with contractors to build virtually any custom bollard requested and package to protect in transit to the jobsite to make installation run as smoothly as possible.

This type of security feature is designed to protect commercial, industrial and high-security areas. Common bollard clients include military bases, airports, stadiums, store fronts, parks, banks, corporate buildings, other high pedestrian traffic areas and more specific featured projects like Staten Island, SunTrust Park and One World Trade Center.

Contact us to discuss your bollards needs and our full line of bollard products with our experts.

Barrier Defense Systems LEED Statement

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Wastewater Treatment Systems - Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Systems

Shaw Stainless manufactures Wastewater Treatment Systems, dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems for leading wastewater engineering firms and waste water equipment suppliers. The quality standards we fabricate to are the finest in the nation and trusted by the largest, most reputable DAF and wastewater companies in the world. We work with clients to completely turnkey all projects to include: installation of control panels, electrical components, pumps, drives, and full testing before a project leaves our facility.

DAF units typically consist of the following components: contact cell / bloom chamber, flotation tank, surface skimmer, bottom skimmer, effluent discharge baffle and chamber, air saturation and bubble nucleation system. Flotation systems need several other supporting components for optimal operation including screening, equalization tanks, chemical addition, flocculation tubes / sludge handling, as well as sensors and automatic control systems. Contact us with your specific DAF system requirements.

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Wastewater Treatment Systems - Flocculation Tanks

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Pipe, Valves & Fittings

Shaw Stainless & Alloy carries an extensive inventory of pipe, valves, fittings, flanges, tube, plate, sheet, bar, channel, angle, other structural materials, and sanitary tube and fittings. Products are available in a variety of stainless steel grades, as well as other alloys including carbon steel and aluminum.

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Pipe Fabrication

Our clients rely on us to meet their aggressive schedules and deadlines. Whether it's a small stainless pipe spool or fitting to a complex stainless steel piping system, Shaw Stainless gets the job done. Our facilities have the ability to handle stainless pipe and tube up to 72" diameter in all schedules. Our highly-trained, professional welders work with stainless steel, nickel alloys, chromium molybdenum, carbon steel and many other alloys. Shaw Stainless & Alloy also specializes in seamless stainless steel pipe fabrication.

Shaw Stainless & Alloy manufactures/fabricates large diameter steel pipe and fittings up through 72 inch diameter for:

  • Water Transmission Lines - Potable Water Supply
  • Water Treatment - Plant Interior and Yard Process Piping
  • Waste Water Treatment Plants - Plant Interior and Yard Process Piping
  • Raw Water Intake - With Stainless Steel Air Burst
  • Pumping Stations - Suction/Discharge/By-pass

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Custom Fabrication

Shaw Stainless and Alloy's fabrication division ensures that each project meets customer's specifications, from accuracy and cost-effectiveness, to quality and on-time delivery. Our controlled work environment provides efficient productivity, quality assurance, quality control, and safety. Our experienced craftsmen provide on-time construction to minimize lost production with versatile responsiveness. Contact us today for the price and lead time of your fabrication requirements.

At Shaw Fab, we specialize in stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum & titanium fabrication. The projects displayed below will give you an idea our fabrication capabilities. From cooling towers to tanks, DAF systems, platforms, and more... we deliver the quality and precision your project deserves.

Our fabrication services include custom cutting, plasma cutting, laser cutting, polishing, grinding, welding & threading. Shaw can also produce short run and production run parts. We offer all types of stainless steel polishing services including mechanical & high purity electropolishing. Custom cutting & laser cutting capabilities include the cutting of different shapes, sizes & density of materials to specifications. Threading services include threading ends, fittings, & full lengths of pipe to specifications.

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Custom Machining

Equipped with CNC lathes and mills, our production team can provide you with a single, customized piece, or a full production run. We will gladly and accurately machine all types of materials to your specification. Shaw Stainless supports the highest standard of customer service. With just-in-time delivery, and same-day delivery in most of Georgia, it is our goal to provide you with a quality product, when you need it, and with quality service to back our name.

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Electropolishing & Passivation

Shaw Stainless offers chemical and electrochemical treatments of stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant alloys. Electropolishing, also known as electrochemical polishing or electrolytic polishing, provides a smooth and shiny finish to your product.

Stainless steel has a protective oxide layer on the surface which provides corrosion-resistance. During the manufacturing or machining process, this layer may be removed. Electropolishing restores the corrosion-resistant properties often required in many highly-corrosive environments.

Passivating stainless steel is a process that is performed on the surface of a stainless steel or alloy component. In passivation, the stainless steel spontaneously forms a surface film which makes it more passive or a chemically inactive surface and is non-reactive to air. A low corrosion rate of the metal, stainless, or alloy is the desired result of the passivation process. ASTM B912 is the standard specification for passivation of stainless steels using electropolishing. ASTM A380 / A380M-13 is the standard specification for cleaning.

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Laser Cutting

Shaw Stainless offers laser cutting services for your custom-cut requirements. The word laser is an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. The laser was first theorized by Albert Einstein in 1917, but it wasn't until 1960 when the first laser beam was created. The advantages of laser cutting include very high-quality edges, speed of cutting, and tight tolerances.

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Metal Forming

Shaw Stainless has the metal forming capabilities with modern facilities and equipment and experienced machinists to facilitate your project needs.

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Pipe Threading

Aside from standard stainless steel nipples, custom pipe threading service is available for schedule 40 and thicker pipe. Your job may require a specific length or thread combination, and we can meet your custom requirements. Our tooling includes dies for National Pipe Taper (NPT) as well as British Standard Pipe Taper (BSPT) for up to 4" nominal pipe size.

Shaw Stainless also manufactures rigid stainless steel conduit in 304 and 316 for corrosive environments.

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Precision Saw Cutting

We offer custom-cut material for your time-saving needs and for overall ease of handling. Not every jobsite is equipped to handle 20 foot lengths of material, and not every job calls for the full stick, so we offer cutting services to get you exactly what you need. While it may be more economical to purchase the full length depending on the size and type, we will cut per your specifications to facilitate handling and installation!

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Roll Grooving

Shaw Stainless has stainless steel roll grooving capabilities with modern facilities and equipment and experienced machinists to facilitate your project needs.

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Stainless Steel Polishing Services

Shaw Stainless is an industry leader when it comes to stainless steel polishing services. Our stainless polishing services is a secondary process on mill finish stainless steel that produces an aesthetically pleasing surface finish. Our diverse stainless steel polishing equipment allows us to offer a variety of finishes on many different types of products - including polished stainless steel pipe, polished stainless steel tube, polished stainless round bar, polished stainless square bar, polished stainless flat bar, polished stainless angle, polished stainless steel plate, polished stainless sheet and even polished stainless fittings. The complexity of the product effects how labor-intensive the stainless steel polishing process is, which determines the cost - with polished stainless steel pipe or polished stainless steel tube being the most streamlined, and polished stainless fittings or inside of angle requiring a hand-held tool being the most complex.

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Waterjet Cutting

Shaw Stainless is a proud owner of a Flow Waterjet system in our Powder Springs manufacturing facility. We offer nesting and cutting services from small jobs to large production runs. Contact us with your custom-cut material requirements!

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Last Update: 2021-03-04