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The GreenIce Cure System™, by GreenUmbrella™, is a complete concrete curing solution to help you - the contractor, to cut your labor, cut your downtime and cut your environmental impact. The process begins with our two-part curing products IceStart™ and IceStop™. These unique curing agents are specially designed to work with the concrete trowel to reduce or eliminate common problems flatwork finishers face. With our third product, IceCap™, you can achieve the same brilliance as you would with a ground, honed and polished floor specified for many box stores and warehouses - All with less labor, less downtime and less environmental impact. Best of all, unlike traditional concrete curing methods, the entire curing process can be completed in just one day!


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IceStart™ Cure Treatment

Troweling with IceStart™ is the beginning of a strong floor. IceStart™ is designed to ease finishing by reducing drag on concrete, reducing subsurface lateral micro-cracks, mud cracks, cat faces and shrinkage cracks. IceStart™ provides for a set time that is retarded in hot weather, without extending the set time in cold weather. It eliminates false set and gives control joints a sharper cut.

Features & Benefits

  • Removes cat faces.
  • Looks like a mechanically polished (GHP) floor.
  • Better protection than found on mechanically finished floors.
  • Opens new markets for flat-work contractors.
  • A hard troweled surface can be achieved without over-troweling.
  • Increased light reflectance - Averages 45 on a 4,500 psi mix.
  • Chasing a slab that has set up too fast is a thing of the past.
  • Will not result in poor water cement ratio as a result of bleeding slab.
  • Passed ASTM C156 and E96 parameters for curing.

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IceStop™ Fixative

Working as a fixative, IceStop™ is sprayed over the surface once the trowels are finished. Additionally, it creates a protected slab while curing as well as during construction. IceStop™ is applied using garden sprayers or high-volume, low-pressure sprayers.

Features & Benefits

  • Stops the IceStart™
    , working as a fixative.
  • Repels liquids - including water, oil and many chemicals during construction.
  • Increases hardness and density, while reducing porosity.
  • Requires no rinsing and disposal and will not gel on surface - can be allowed to air-dry.
  • Decreases black tire marking from lift trucks and other equipment.
  • Stands up to heavy abrasion and foot traffic while providing excellent slip-resistance.

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IceCap™ Surface Treatment

IceCap™ is a non-dissipating, non-resinous chemistry that will produce gloss meter readings between 50 and 70 a 30% increase in reflectivity. To apply IceCap™, simply spray and disperse with a T-bar. After applying IceCap™, burnish with a Green Umbrella-recommended high-speed burnisher to produce gloss readings unreachable by other processes.

Features & Benefits

• 100% reactive with deep penetration.
• Produces outstanding floor protection and gloss.
• Non-dissipating, non-resinous formula.
• Produces gloss meter readings between 50 and 70 for a 30% increase in reflectivity.
• Will not whiten, peel, or flake.
• Designed for all surface environments and architectural finishes.

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Fiberlite™ Fiber Additive

Green Umbrella Fiberlite™ is a uniquely designed concrete fiber that can be used as a powerful reinforcement. Fiberlite™ can be used as an alternative or combined with wire mesh to reduce cracking due to stress on the slab. When used in a polished concrete application, the fibers are transparent in the mix and can be dyed and polished.

Features & Benefits

  • Enhances performance & durability
  • Provides secondary reinforcement
  • Eliminates plastic shrinkage cracking up to 100%
  • Alkali-resistant & non-corrosive
  • Insoluble in water
  • No fiber protrusion for easy finishing
  • High impact resistance
  • Excellent bond with concrete paste

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Step 1: IceStart™ image

Step 1: IceStart™

IceStart™ is applied over the concrete during the troweling process.

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Step 2: IceStop™ image

Step 2: IceStop™

IceStop™ is applied after IceStart™ to create a protected and properly cured concrete slab.

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Step 3: Premium Concrete image

Step 3: Premium Concrete

The floor is cured and protected, with increased strength and longevity.

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