Polyurethane Millwork and Trim


Nu-Wood is simply easy to install decorative millwork products for the inside and outside of homes and commercial buildings.

Made from an advanced process of molding polyurethane, we can replicate the look and feel of wood while integrating the advantages of polyurethane products - namely it will never chip, peel or crack, nor is it affected by the weather or insects. In most cases, our products are less expensive than a comparable millwork product made from natural wood. Ready to install right out of the box, Nu-Wood products assist builders to increase their bottom line, through labor savings and more productivity, all while giving their customers the look, quality and durability that they demand. Ask us about the many textures that are also available. Additionally, all Nu-Wood millwork products come factory primed, and can be installed with no further painting, or you can have Nu-Wood custom paint your products any one of the 1500 colors available through the Sherwin Williams outdoor line of paints. Call customer service at 574-534-1192 for details.


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Nu-Wood manufactures a large variety of shutters available in all industry-standard sizes and in a variety of styles. Single and double paneled, louvered, board and batten, z-board, even flat paneled shutters. Many of our styles are available in a woodgrain finish.

Like all of our polyurethane products, they are made right here in the USA and come to your door factory primed.

You can take advantage of our Classic Color Program and order your shutters factory painted in any one of endless possibilities via Sherwin Williams paints. Simply tell us what color from the Sherwin Williams outdoor latex paints you want for your products and we paint them at the factory.

Nu-Wood shutters are lightweight and easy to install whether you are an experienced carpenter or a weekend project warrior. Nu-Wood shutters will never rot, warp, peel or crack and insects won't infest them. Our shutters are not affected by moisture so the paint stays on for decades, never needing to be scraped or repainted.

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Entrance System

A Nu-Wood Entrance System is one of the simplest ways to make a big aesthetic difference to one of the most highly visible parts of your home.

Call today and we can direct you to our nearest distributor or let us know if we can help with any questions.

PLEASE NOTE: True for ALL Nu-Wood Millwork products -SAVE TIME AND MONEY - all products come ready for install right out of the box as they are finished with only the highest quality exterior coatings. No re-painting is necessary. ALSO AVAILABLE, factory custom applied color options.

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Window Systems

Nu-Wood Window Systems are available in every shape and size that you will need to compliment the exterior of any home.

We have headers from 3″ to 18″ - straight and curved with dentil options available for many of the headers we manufacture.

Keep in mind that with all Nu-Wood products, our window systems come from the factory pre-finished with an exterior grade of Sherwin Williams latex primer, ready for install right out of the box. You can paint over the white primer to match your color scheme, and we even offer an optional finished paint program with any of Sherwin Williams Exterior Resilience Paint colors in satan finish.

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Keystones can serve as decorative accents on headers, louvers and sunbursts or offer a creative way to conceal joints when splicing headers of 108″ or longer.

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Nu-Wood offers a variety of louver shapes and sizes ranging from simple to complex and as decorative or functional.

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Gable Designs

There is not much on a house that can change the entire look of it as a Nu-Wood Gable can.

Modern, Contemporary, Farm House, Victorian....the look of most all houses can be improved with a gable, and when the aesthetic of your home increases, so does the value.

Not sure how to measure or install your new gable? No problem. Our staff of experienced experts is here to help you every step of the way.

The best thing about a Nu-Wood polyurethane gable - besides the price? You will never have to get your extension ladder out and repaint or repair your Gable because they don't chip, crack or absorb water.

Nu-Wood specializes in making custom reproductions from your original millwork.

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Brackets can be utilized in the interior or the exterior of any home. They are commonly used under soffet, window ledges, dentil blocks, shelves, eaves, balconies and window boxes.Nu-Wood brackets are easy to install, are finished and ready to hang out of the box, can be custom painted to match your project, and will never crack, peel or chip.

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Panels and Dentil Blocks

Nu-Wood offers a wide variety of Dentil Blocks for many different looks and applications.Nu-Wood products replicate wooden millwork to the finest detail, without the need to ever be repainted. Our polyurethane products cut, shape, route, nail, staple or screw just like wood as if you were working with white pine.

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Interior Millwork

The exterior of your home is not the only place in your house that can benefit from the advantages of Nu-Wood Interior Millwork.

Molding for tray ceilings is just one family of products that can be easily used inside your home. Nu-Wood products cut just like wood (specifically it has about the same density as white pine), so no special tools are required to install it either inside or outside your home!

Nu-Wood products are competitively priced and make it effortless for builders to achieve the look of custom, built-up wood pieces by simply installing one molded Nu-Wood product.

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Urethane architectural millwork is beneficial for two reasons, it is significantly more cost effective and highly durable compared to real wood.

Moulding and Temperature:

Temperature changes will cause polyurethane moldings to expand and contract.
​T​o minimize the effects of temperature changes, molding installation instructions and recommendations must be carefully observed.

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Accessories to help make trimming even easier.Use with door trim and at corners for a more rustic look while saving time and money to make your trim packages even more profitable.

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Custom & Restoration

Didn't See The Style, Size Or Color You Need?Nu-Wood's custom department can make many items not listed on this web site or in our catalog. Give us a call to discuss alterations to existing parts or share your own thoughts and ideas.

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PVC Column Wraps

Nu-Wood enhances the bottom line of builders by providing an easy-to-install PVC Wrap that is offered with “factory" finish white (no painting needed) and ready to install. The crafted PVC feature accent pieces are competitively priced to wood counterparts, yet require no special skills or tools to install with the added value of providing years of maintenance-free satisfaction.

Our PVC Column Wraps come with three sides assembled using a common lock miter for easy install. To insure no slippage occurs during shipping we also pin the three assembled sides. Once at the job site, the partially assembled column is simply slid over the existing post, the fourth side is put in place and glued / pinned and that's it. It was already cut to size and painted from the factory. Nothing else is necessary to complete the install of your custom sized, needs no maintenance, PVC column wrap.

Available in four different styles, Nu-Wood PVC Column wraps are perfect for any job where you need to maximize productivity and increase your profits.

Available in Roman, Tapered, Inset and Raised panel styles, and practically any size you can imagine, contact our Customer Service Dept for a cost on your exact size and quantity.

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Masonry Panels

We have a WIDE variety of Brick and Stone Masonry Panels to use for both interior and exterior applications.

Nu-Wood offers a variety of masonry products to help you get your project done fast. Outstanding quality, amazing detail, ease & speed of install and impressive performance are all reasons to take a look at the Brick and Stone Masonry Panels that Nu-Wood manufactures. Overall cost savings comparing traditional masonry products and labor to Brick and Stone Masonry Panels and installation is amazing. No need to hire specialized sub contractors - Brick and Stone Masonry Panels are as easy to install as siding - and go up even quicker....AND, just like all other Nu-Wood products, Brick and Stone Masonry Panels and are 100% sourced and made in the USA.

Nu-Wood boasts 8 different style panels that can be painted in 15 different HAND painted color schemes.

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Masonry Columns

Masonry Columns are the perfect answer to a variety of problems.So easy to install that home owners can do it themselves, yet realistic looking to the finest detail that no one will ever know that you didn't hire a masonry sub-contractor to build and install them. Builders and contractors love them because they can be installed without a masonry sub-contractor at ANY TIME OF THE YEAR IN ANY WEATHER.

Nu-Wood offers a variety of styles, colors and sizes to fit every taste and need. Ask about mailbox options and the ability to attach fencing to Nu-Wood Masonry Columns.

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Sign Accents - Faux Castlerock

Sign Accent's faux fieldstone columns are molded from several different types of stone and then colored accordingly to give the columns a dignified leisurely look that only well built fieldstone columns can.

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Sign Accents - Faux Cobblestone

Sign Accents offer several different types of faux brick columns and matching panels. They are so close to the real thing that you can actually see the texture of the mortar and the imperfections in the bricks.

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Sign Accents - Faux Limestone

Our Faux Limestone Columns and panels were molded directly from real Limestone columns after which our team of designers, engineers and craftsmen constructed molds from which to replicate to original.

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