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Watchfire Signs offers the best-looking, most reliable video displays and virtual scoreboards, which help businesses, organizations and sports' facilities increase engagement and generate revenue. Headquartered in Danville, Ill., Watchfire has manufactured electric signs since 1932 and LED displays, using meticulously sourced components from around the world, since 1998. The company has more than 60,000 Watchfire LED displays in operation worldwide.



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Outdoor Digital Signs

Watchfire's reputation for unmatched quality and reliability makes our outdoor signs a top choice for digital sign owners. We engineer and design every aspect of our displays to help grow businesses and organizations. We combine the effectiveness of this advertising medium with a responsiveness and ease of use that puts the control of your messaging in your hands. With more than 60,000 LED displays in operation, we have the experience and the expertise to put the most powerful advertising tool in the market to work for you.


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Indoor Displays & LED Video Walls

Watchfire's seamless LED signs and video walls make an impact. Our ultra-high resolution S-Series and finest pitch X-Series deliver optimal visibility, color and contrast under any lighting condition, including sunlight. Our displays have HD and 4K capabilities and versatile mounting options that provide ideal solutions for seamless installations, design integration and architectural needs. Watchfire's indoor displays are engineered to make an impact in lobbies, conference rooms, retail spaces, convention centers and houses of worship.


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Sports Video Displays & Scoreboards

Watchfire offers quality gate-to-game solutions. As a trusted LED manufacturer, we offer indoor and outdoor scoreboards, center hung and ring displays, digital wayfinding signs and street entrance signs. We engineer beautiful, vivid products with a wide range of resolutions and HD/4K capabilities, for dynamic content display. Our videoboards are ideal for sports venues including gyms, stadiums, arenas, sports complexes and recreation centers.


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Spectaculars & Large Format Digital Signs

Digital spectaculars are installations that are larger and more elaborate than standard out-of-home billboards. Spectaculars may be owned and operated by a single business for their own use, or by a company that sells ad space on the screen. Typically, spectaculars are custom-designed and located in areas that draw in maximum attention. Outdoor digital signage spectaculars are often located in dense commercial areas, like highly trafficked highways or lively retail spaces like New York's Times Square or downtown Las Vegas. Dynamic signage indoors can convey movement and excitement in retail locations with many activities happening, with the goal of enticing patrons to visit frequently and stay longer.


For spectacular installations, every detail around digital signage becomes bigger and more noticeable. The content on spectacular screens must be seen on impeccably engineered products for them to live up to their name by cutting clutter and creating immersive visual branding. Watchfire LED signs provide the highest quality viewing experience from 2D motion graphics to live videos showcasing rich colors and a high refresh rate to ensure content looks amazing. Our modules feature beveled edges that allow for seamless radius and mitered corners, and no other outdoor LED products stand up to the elements like Watchfire.


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Price Watcher Gas Price Displays

Watchfire's line of fully assembled gas price signs are a plug-and-play solution that make installation or retrofits quick, easy and affordable. Developed from a wish-list of c-store owners, Price Watchers are the ideal solution for gas price signage. The windowless design is durable and produces a display that is up to 40% brighter than competitors' models, with less glare, while front ventilation lengthens the LED life.  

A variety of communication options makes changing prices quick and effortless. POS system integration allows users to sync with in-store prices. Our 3-year warranty comes standard and covers all Watchfire manufactured parts and factory labor.


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Last Update: 2021-02-24