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Chosen Wood Windows is a premier wood window contractor that can repair, update, restore, and build your wood windows at a fraction of the cost of complete window replacement. We work on on modern, vintage and historical windows. Preserve the look of your home and hold on to your valuable wood windows.
We offer a wide variety of services such as:

We cater to both residential and commercial clients. Our residential services cater to the Northwest including both Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. Our commercial services cater to Oregon, Washington, and beyond. More often than not, replacing wood windows is a poor economic and environmental decision. Most wood windows can be restored/repaired and upgraded to rival the performance of a standard replacement window — at a fraction of the cost. Don't be tricked into replacing your windows, repair from Chosen Wood Window Maintenance is the best option on the market! If your windows cannot be saved we also offer services to build new sash and complete windows to your specifications.


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Slim Line Insulating Pane SLIP™

SLIPs are designed to update single-pane wood windows to modern standards of efficiency and operation. We have made it possible to add an additional TEMPERED pane directly to each sash overlaying your current glass setup. This simple solution can rejuvenate Single hung, double hung, casements, picture windows and more. When SLIPs are added to operating windows, the sash are kerfed and weatherstripped. The weatherstripping helps eliminate drafty windows and also tightens up loose sash in the opening. When we add all these collective updates We call it, the SLIP™ System. This modernization is a long term solution that does not seasonally need to be reinstalled.

A SLIP™ will dramatically boost insulation power in your windows and will bring great savings to your month to month energy bills. In terms of insulation power, SLIPs have been tested and are comparable with insulated glass conversions. However, unlike glass conversions, SLIPs will not succumb to seal failure and require periodic glass replacement, meaning lower future maintenance costs.

SLIPs are highly effective, well designed and well-priced, giving you superior value when compared to alternatives. SLIPs have a sleek look and feel with a low profile that blend into the sash; you'll hardly know they are there. Another key aspect is that SLIPs will ensure your window sash remains fully operable, without the need to open two sets of windows, or remove any components as you sometimes get with storm windows or inserts.

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If you're a building owner or contractor that needs complete wood sash or complete windows, either for Chosen install or self-install, we can supply. We can shop build new sash to specs or replicate wood sash and complete windows of all different styles, shapes, and sizes. We have over 20 years working with and building wood windows. Our sash are built with high grade mortise and tenon joinery and quality glazing techniques.We use Dense and durable Vertical Grain fir as our default grain. As apposed to softwoods like pine, the fir product we use holds up better against dry rot. Other choices of wood may be available upon special request.


If you have existing windows that are beyond repair, we can replicate your existing setup and get you a new product; hand built with quality materials. We can replicate a wid
e variety of types and styles. From windows built over a century ago all the way to modern sash from big name manufactures.


With customer provided specs we can build new windows/sash for your project. Single lite or multi lite, double hung or casement; we can build a variety of different wood window styles.

  • double-hung
  • casement
  • picture window
  • ...& More

Glass Options:
You may choose upon glass options. Some glass options are...

  • single pane or insulated tempered, insulated, laminated
    clear, tint, low-e,obscure, architectural,etc

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Commercial and Residential Window Restoration

Window Restoration:

For years Chosen Wood Window Maintenance has been offering full comprehensive window restoration service to commercial and residential customers. We can take on projects of various sizes, specs, and conditions. We work with general contractors, owners representatives, architects, and more to take the project to the final product. We also can work with building owners and self contract projects.

We are able to take the window restoration scope to the final installed product working within the range of the sash and frame. There are different magnitudes of window restoration and different options for updating and window finishes. Our full service window restoration, after the awarded project, starts at cataloging the openings and the components of each individual window. Components such as sash, stops, brickmold, and more will be marked so that the final restored product goes back into their matched original openings. This is not only important for historic buildings, but also the original components will match and function the best when installed in their original opening. Window openings are sealed up for interior protection. From there, we transport certain components to our restoration shop where we take the components through the restoration process that is tailored to your project. Along the way we take progress photos of the project for your records.

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Shop Only Restoration For Sash & Millwork

Chosen Wood Window Maintenance does indeed offer full-service window restoration, but also... in an effort to offer a broader range of affordable and quality window restoration options to more customers, Chosen Wood Window Maintenance offers shop only restoration options as well.

We realize that for some projects, possibly further away, it may be most cost effective for sash and millwork restoration to be handled by a facility that specializes in quality-efficient shop restoration, and for on-site restoration to be handled by one's own workforce or by another contractor. Our process yields a quality and uniform product that conforms to the customer's specific needs.

We have a background of restoring sash and millwork on many prestigious buildings.
We do not perform piece work, but rather we restore all ‘like sash' with the same restoration steps to achieve an efficient, dependable and uniform finished product. The following pages demonstrate a general process for achieving shop only restoration on your project from Chosen.

Click to Read our Shop Restoration Program

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Go Green

Environmentally conscious people are opting for restoration over replacement as a way to conserve energy, save money, and reduce their carbon footprint. Window restoration proves to be an effective environmentally friendly way to conserve resources by utilizing what has already been produced. In addition, replacement windows that contain vinyl or PVC are toxic to produce, create toxic by-products and are not recyclable.

By repairing, you save your old windows from being thrown in the landfill, and once repaired, they can be maintained for the life of the building.
Chosen Wood Windows restores, rebuilds and reproduces sash, wood and windows and doors.  Chosen Wood Window ‘s philosophy is to reuse what is good and replace what is necessary.  We reuse all the good wood components in the existing window.  If we replace the glass with insulated glass, we reuse the distorted wavy glass on other historical projects. Go Green & save on energy costs!

  • Discarded windows add to already overcrowded landfills
  • Manufacturing replacement windows produces still more waste
  • Large amounts of energy are consumed to extract and process raw materials, then assemble, transport and install replacement windows
  • Replacement windows use non-renewable resources such as petroleum
  • Forests are being depleted in the production of wooden replacments
  • Replacement windows may contain toxins

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Read through our posts to learn the benefits of restoring and updating your windows

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