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Founded in 2012, Centerline Brackets, a division of Centerline Steel, LLC, is a family-owned company based in St. Augustine, Fla. - the nation's oldest city. All of our brackets are manufactured by skilled craftspeople in our state-of-the-art facilities and shipped throughout the world to serve builders, installers, homeowners and design centers.

Made In the USA

Our support brackets are known industry wide for their superior strength, aesthetic design and affordability. All are made from the highest-quality steel derived exclusively from U.S. mills. We're proud to rely on American-made products to craft our brackets - including the very tools and machinery used in our warehouse.


Centerline Brackets is a “Golden Rule" company: We serve you the way you would like to be served. Everything we do is driven by our aspiration to earn your loyalty. Because we're invested in your success, we're empowered to give you the best product quality with a level of service unparalleled in the industry.

Woman Owned

Centerline Brackets is among the mere 1.2% of U.S. manufacturing businesses owned by women. We take pride in being a majority-woman-owned and operated company that values and promotes diversity and equality in the workplace and beyond.

Need a custom Product?

In addition to our portfolio of countertop supports meeting the greatest number of conventional needs, Centerline's full-service shop manufactures custom products. Our dedicated and knowledgeable customer-service team is pleased to discuss your project to help you identify the perfect bracket solutions.


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Standard Bracket

If you're looking for a product that provides hidden countertop support and is easy to install, then look no further than the Standard. Designed to mount on the top of a pony or knee wall, the standard bracket is a general-purpose bracket.

Hidden from view, the bracket serves as a sleek, modern support for any overhang. Its low profile ensures you and your guests don't have to worry about knocking your knees on large supports.

Made of 1/2" thick steel, the Standard is designed to hold a great deal of weight and can support an overhang up to 18".

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Standard Plus Bracket image

Standard Plus Bracket

Centerline's Standard Plus hidden countertop support bracket is a versatile product that can be used as a knee- or pony-wall support or as an island countertop support.

The Standard Plus countertop support differs from the Standard in that it has a 11/2" flange on the back of the bracket. The rear flange wraps down the backside of the knee or pony wall and provides an extra contact point for securing the bracket.

Made of 1/2" thick steel, this sturdy bracket can support an overhang up to 21".

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Forward L Bracket image

Forward L Bracket

The Forward L countertop support is the best choice for a commercial environment, in areas with a high volume of traffic, or if supporting an overhang of 18" or more. This bracket provides extra mounting points on the flange that allows the bracket not only to be attached to the cap of the knee or pony wall, but to the vertical studs as well.

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Island Bracket image

Island Bracket

For the always-popular island or peninsula, the Island countertop support is a great choice for supporting heavy countertops such as granite, quartz or butcher block. The bracket is designed for an application where no knee wall exists and the countertop extends directly off the base cabinets.

Created with ease of installation in mind, the bracket attaches to the inside of the cabinet face frame via a steel flange and extends through the cabinet and out the back to support the island overhang. The key to this bracket's strength lies in the cantilever action that uses the weight of the countertop material to ensure a solid structure.

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Island Support System image

Island Support System

Floating an overhang on more than one side of an island or peninsula requires an innovative solution and the Island Support System fits the bill. This unique system uses lap joints to create a custom bracket specific to the kitchen's design.

Once mounted, the countertop support creates a cantilever, leveraging the weight of the countertop as well as the 1/2" steel. It's a perfect bracket for multiple overhangs.

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Front Mounting Bracket image

Front Mounting Bracket

Front Mounting Bracket

The Front Mounting countertop support is designed to be mounted directly to a stud and can be used in either an existing or new installation. This bracket comes in five convenient sizes and can provide support for countertop overhangs or shelves up to 18“.
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Front Mounting Plus Bracket image

Front Mounting Plus Bracket

The Front Mounting Plus countertop support bracket is designed for use in high-traffic or load applications such as commercial environments, shower benches or free-floating desks. This is achieved by the addition of a low-profile gusset that substantially increases the load rating on the bracket. It can be used to support an overhang up to 24".

This bracket mounts directly to the stud and also can be hidden from view.

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Center Levered Bracket image

Center Levered Bracket

The Center Levered support is designed for use when you have countertops that extend on both sides of a knee or pony wall. It is also an ideal solution for use in commercial locations such as bars or with offset overhangs.

Steel flanges provide additional stability to the bracket and can be repositioned to fit your project.

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Spanning Bracket image

Spanning Bracket

Just as the name implies, the Spanning Bracket is used when support is needed for a span of countertop where there's support on both ends, but nothing in between. This bracket is perfect for creating a floating desk between cabinets.

The Spanning Bracket is also used where you have overhangs on opposite sides of a support cabinet. If you have an overhang on three sides of a cabinet the spanning bracket can be substituted in the island system to provide support.

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Floating Wall Mount Bracket image

Floating Wall Mount Bracket

The Floating Wall Mount creates a sleek and seamless look for countertops and can be used in many environments. This versatile bracket, designed to affix to the side of a stud within the wall, has the ability to float vanities, countertops, benches and shelves directly off the wall.

Cleverly hidden behind the wall, this sturdy bracket is the perfect way to achieve an open, free-floating look so popular today.

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Commercial Standard Bracket image

Commercial Standard Bracket

Our Commercial Line of Hidden Countertop Support Brackets
are designed to be a lower cost alternative for Professional Granite Installers and Tradesmen. Hidden Countertop Brackets are precision laser cut and built of 3.5" x .25" hot rolled American Steel. They are designed to support countertop overhangs up to 14" deep.


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