Z Secure Attachment System
Z Secure Attachment System
Security Film Anchoring System
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Since 1989, Home Window Tinting and Commercial, headquartered in Dallas/Fort Worth, specializes in the application of glass films and window tint. We are certified and proficient in the application of all forms of film including Safety and Security glass films along with attachments, Sun Control films, Custom applications, and Decorative films.

The Z secure is our patented, tested anchoring system for metal doors to be used in conjunction with any security window film. ALL Safety and Security films require appropriate attachments for glass and doors. Currently, architectural specifications for door attachments reference a bead of silicone applied to the glass stop and on the filmed surface of the glass. This silicone method will not hold the glass in the frame on metal doors.

Z Secure is a custom fit product which attaches to the door frame, over the glass stop, and onto the surface of the filmed glass. Aesthetically, Z Secure is preferred over a rubberized glazing method. It is available in colors that match popular door frame options and the custom fit of Z secure can be installed with all safety and security film options.


Security Window Film Anchoring System© - Z SECURE©

Z SECURE is a patented and tested attachment system for doors used in conjunction with security window films. Glass is typically the weak point that criminals exploit to enter a building or home. Consequently, it is desirable to have a system and method which allows for increased security. Security glass film increases the security of traditional glass by holding the film on the glass. Metal doors generally have glass that is installed in a removable kit. Currently, most specifications issued with construction project drawings suggest and reference a bead of silicone be applied at the filmed surface of the glass as an attachment method. The security film will stay attached to the glass, but this silicone option will not hold the glass in a door frame without an anchoring attachment system.

IF an unwanted intruder breaks the glass in a door, Z SECURE will hold the security filmed glass and kit in the frame of the door. Z SECURE is an exclusive product made for each door size and style with available colors that match popular frame options including Clear Anodized, Dark Bronze, and more. Therefore, aesthetically this system is preferred over the common rubberized glazing tape. Z SECURE is custom shaped to go over the glass stop/kit with a .50” bite on to the frame and a 90° bend over the stop/kit, another 90° bend will go onto the filmed glass surface. Bend and Angle Dimensions of the shape will always vary because of the custom fit of Z Secure and depending on the depth of the glass stop/kit.

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Z SECURE© Securement System

Method Description:

Z SECURE is a securement system which can help glass with security film withstand more blows than traditional glass. A pane of glass 104 installed onto a door frame 102 secured into a removable door kit 111. Security film 105 is adhered to the glass 104 surface and allowed to cure for a necessary period of time. A Z SECURE bracket 106 made of .040 aluminum has a glass coupler 108, a gap definer 109, and a support coupler 110 is a complete system. The glass coupler 108 is adhered to the security film via VHB Tape clear .50” using a UV Adhesive Promoter or Primer 94 and the support coupler 110 is adhered to the door frame support also using a VHB Tape clear .50” using a UV Adhesive Promoter or Primer 94 covering and including the kit.


Technical data for both the aluminum as well as the 3M materials used are available upon request.


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Legacy Christian Academy

This project required a safety and security film with a minimalistic looking attachment system.    The film is 3M Ultra 800 with our patented Z Secure© attachment system on the door and Pentagon Protection Standard Elite on the windows. 


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Interior picture of Z Secure© attachment system with matching metal to door frame

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Inside View of Z Secure© attachment system installed

This is the inside view of the door with the Z Secure© attachment system installed

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Z Secure© Attachment System Patent

United States Patent, granted on April 10, 2018.  

Tim Miller Inventor



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