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Whether you're 10 years old or a 10-year pro hockey player, there's nothing like the feeling of skating on perfect ice. At CIMCO, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy that amazing experience - and that's why we work hard to make your perfect ice as affordable, efficient and reliable as possible.

From ultra-economical ice systems to environmentally-friendly alternatives to fully-integrated thermal solutions, CIMCO offers a wide range of Recreational Ice Solutions designed to meet and exceed the requirements of any arena facility. CIMCO solutions feature distinct cooling layouts, control simplicity, floor design and effective engineering – all brought together to ensure a reliable, low maintenance system.



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Ice Rinks - ECO CHILL

Through advanced refrigeration design and smart analytics, Eco Chill capitalizes on the science of thermal dynamics to maximize building efficiency. Our heat recovery technology keeps costs low, without compromising ice quality, while climate-friendly refrigerants ammonia and CO₂ ensure that you're net-zero ready.


Cimco Eco Chill package


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Ice Rinks - Natural Ice

Powered by ammonia or CO₂, this ice rink refrigeration system provides high quality ice, and will ensure your facility is running on future-proof natural refrigerants that won't be phased out. In terms of safety, the self-contained refrigerant provides the lowest charge available in the industry. 

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For facilities where an engine room is not available or desired, our Breakaway ice rink refrigeration package is a compact standalone system that is built for the elements and can be installed outdoors for minimum intrusion. It runs on climate-friendly CO₂ refrigerant. 

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Ice Rinks - HERITAGE image

Ice Rinks - HERITAGE

Meet our traditional ice rink package. Not only does it run on ammonia, a climate-friendly refrigerant that has been used in ice rinks since the 1920s, but it also features tried-and-tested components such as shell and tube chillers and reciprocating compressors.


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Leisure Rinks & Skating Paths

Architecturally designed skating surface are one of today's most popular community ideas! They are an affordable option in providing a community with a unique and attractive year-round recreational facility.

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Speed Skating Ovals image

Speed Skating Ovals

  • Richmond Oval (2010 Olympics)
  • Calgary Oval ('88 Olympics)
  • Pettit Center (Milwaukee)
  • Zoetermeer (Netherlands)
  • Jilin (Changchun, China)
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