Concrete Coatings, Admixtures, Sealers


Since 1991, Concure Products, Inc. has been developing and manufacturing:

  • Concrete Coatings
  • Concrete Admixtures
  • Vapor Barriers - Commercial Epoxy
  • Floor Sealers - Concrete/Masonry Sealants

Concure products include water based systems as well as systems that do not contain solvents.  Our chemists and engineers use environmentally friendly materials when developing new products. The ease of application and product durability are the cornerstones when targeting product development.


Approximately 4,000,000+ square feet of Concure products are being installed annually.  The combination of products and customer service is what keeps Concure Products ahead of the competition.



{{}} {{this.hide}} Concrete Additives and Cement Admixtures

Concure Admixture image

Concure Admixture

Concure Admixture is a liquid, water-based, waterproofing used to replace externally applied treatments for protecting concrete structures against moisture transmission. Concure Admixture is added to the concrete mix at the batch plant or can be added on site.  Concure Admixture becomes an integral and permanent part of the concrete slab.



Eliminates moisture problems, increases strength, reduces curling and hairline cracks.  Accelerates the curing process to receive floor covering more quickly.


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Moisture Proofing Admixture image

Moisture Proofing Admixture - InCore

InCore moisture proofing admixture is designed for sidewalks, garages, basements or where floor covering is not desired. InCore internally seals the concrete.

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Concrete Waterproofing Admixture image

Concrete Waterproofing Admixture - Genesis

Genesis is a ready to use, liquid concure concrete admixture for waterproofing.  It contains a blend of organic and inorganic chemicals for replacing externally applied treatments to protect concrete structures against moisture transmission.  Genesis is added to the concrete mix at the batch plant or can be added on site.  It generates non-soluble mineral formations and insoluble membranes in pores, capillaries and micro-cracks becoming an integral component within the concrete.



Eliminates moisture problems, reduces curling, retains water within the concrete for curing, reduces moisture vapor emission rate and permanently blocks water penetration from any direction. Genesis is chloride, nitrate and sodium free.


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{{}} {{this.hide}} Moisture Vapor Emissions Eliminators

MVE<sup>2</sup> 100% Solids Epoxy image

MVE2 100% Solids Epoxy

Available in cure rates ranging from 45 min to 16 hrs. Can also be used to repair/patch concrete. VOC compliant, meets ASTM F2170 requirements



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MVE<sup>2</sup> Water Based Epoxy image

MVE2 Water Based Epoxy

Can be applied over green or damp concrete. Air dries as it cures and an effective curing agent. Low odor and VOC compliant.



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MVE<sup>2</sup> Concrete Slurry image

MVE2 Concrete Slurry

2 step Penetrating concrete sealer that seals micro-cracks and stops moisture below the surface. Cement-based slurry application offers double protection. Compatible with cement patches, adhesives and floor coverings. No epoxy odor, VOC compliant.


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MVE<sup>2</sup> Vapor Barrier PLUS image

MVE2 Vapor Barrier PLUS

Non-silicate penetrating concrete sealer. Simple, easy to use spray down application compatible with all floor coverings. Ideal for slabs without cracks.


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2100 Cure & Seal image

2100 Cure & Seal

2100 Cure & Seal is a non-toxic, pre-mixed water-based liquid designed to penetrate deep into the concrete slab. Helps in curing new concrete and sealing concrete slabs to prevent moisture emissions.



Minimizes Surface Dusting, penetrates the surface to resist stains, oil, food, water stains, diluted acid & graffiti, Compatible with ALL floor coverings, coatings and approved adhesives for nonporous surfaces, Enhances Cosmetic Appearance and Finishing, Zero (0) VOC's / LEED Contributory when used as system, Easy application. Spray on, broom out, Eliminates the need for surface hardeners and sealers, Access to floor in 24 hours - no curing agent or wet cure necessary


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Concrete 2500 Sealer  image

Concrete 2500 Sealer

An economical water based sealer to reduce absorption and prolong the life of the concrete.


2500 Sealer is applied to fresh/green or existing concrete for waterproofing, vapor emission reduction, sealing and weatherproofing substrates.

Concrete 2500 Sealer protects floor coverings such as resilient, epoxy, carpet, rubber tile, wood, laminate, cement toppings and other sheet materials from dis-bonding failure due to concrete slab moisture.



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UniPolish Concrete EZ Polish System image

UniPolish Concrete EZ Polish System

Achieve a 3D Like Finish on Concrete

UniPolish Concrete EZ Polish System is a two component polished concrete system used to achieve a 3D like finish.


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Penetrating Surface CG Masonry Sealer image

Penetrating Surface CG Masonry Sealer

Non-toxic Penetrating Surface Masonry Sealer

CG Masonry Sealer is a ready-to-use, non-toxic, penetrating surface sealer specifically formulated for all types of above grade mineral substrates. CG Masonry Sealer is ideal for natural masonry surfaces such as stucco, brick, limestone, block, etc.



Water based system that beads water to maintain a dry look surface. Designed for vertical applications and light traffic horizontal applications. Stops moisture and damage caused by adverse weather conditions on masonry surfaces.


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Concure EPO

Concure EPO is a specially formulated, 100 percent solids epoxy primer designed specifically to bond and adhere to concrete with oily residue. Concure EPO treats and seals the concrete with, or without, additional covering.



Adheres to concrete slabs with an oil residue. Compatible with subsequent coatings when used as a primer.


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Last Update: 2021-04-01