ARCAT Revit BIM Plug-In: Biminit

Do you need more hours in the day?

Do you need to get more done?

We can help.

The ARCAT Revit BIM plug-in Biminit will give you access the the biggest BIM library on the web. Search, find, drag and drop content into your project in seconds giving you extra time to make magic happen.

  • Searchable
  • 1,000's of Objects and systems
  • Content is configurable on the fly
  • Oh, and it's all ... yes ... free
  • So, why are you still reading this?!? Hit the button below.

Seach and Find BIM inside Revit

100's Of Manufacturer's BIM at your finger tips

Arcat bim revit plug-in give access to largest bim library in revit