Best ways to get my building products specified by Architects

2024 Apr 11
Best ways to get my building products specified by Architects

We will explore what does not work and what does work when it comes to building project documentation. Many things will turn an AEC professional off and frustrate them. Many things will help them save time and document their project accurately with less risk of issues later on in the building's life.

how to get specified by architects

How do I sell my product to Architects?

The short answer is - you don't. You advise. You assist. You educate. The end result is you foster a solid relationship with another professional.

How come my tradeshows are not translating to specifications?

Tradeshows, print ads, CE courses all contribute to marketing you brand to the AEC world. But, the timing may not be right. Does that young professional need my product right now? It is very unlikely. It will be 9pm on a Friday night when that engineer needs a CAD detail for their commercial building project. You need to help that engineer 24/7 by making your documention (CSI specs, CAD DWGs, Revit families, datasheets, etc.) available quickly and easily.

When are Architects looking for my building products?

3pm On a Tuesday. 6am On a Sunday ... 24/7. But I sleep. But I go out to dinner with my family. I am not always available. But, your website is. You site is one of many ways to provide the documentation the Architect needs on the interwebs.

how to get specified by architects

There is only place you need to focus on !

Where is that?!? ... Where the spec writer goes to get the spec section she needs at that moment. Yeah, ok, that may have been a bit misleading - there are many places. I was trying to be clever. You are right. I failed. :)
Seriously, there are several great places and you should take advantage of as many as you can. Each will have their power users. And, each will have features that users gravitate toward.
  • Arcat - is one of the most respected and complete sources for all Architectural documentation needs - from BIM to CAD to Specs - they have it all. Arcat is open to all and users do not need to give up their personal information to access content. This is a deal breaker for many AEC professionals.
  • Your website - all your documentation should be easily found without any barriers to download.
  • 4Specs - has a loyal audience that frequent the site for reliable spec information.
  • RevitCity - is another site that has been around for a long time because users love downloading Revit objects.
  • BiblioCAD - lists CAD, BIM and other 3D files with a wide range of content. You will find something you need there.

This list could go on forever and many sites have similar lists that are excellent.

Which one should I pick?

Not one - but many. Pick as many as you can. Each have their own set of users. Users documenting the next Walmart store to users specifying a roof for the newest Vegas casino to users rendering a future feature at Disney.

how to get specified by architects

What was that?

That was the sound of another project that was documented using an Arcat Revit family. And that ?!? That was another specification added to the spec book for the latest terminal addition to JFK in NYC. Don't miss another project!

How do you help an Architect select you?

Give them what they need when they need it. We can help. Let us know how we can help you get into more project documents. Help an Architect today!