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How to place the joist support (Batten Holder) KIT-3 and a joist of maximum 65mm on the pedestals DPH-0 (h = 21mm) and DPH-1 (h = 32mm) Non-adjustable pedestals DPH-0 and DPH-1 DPH-0 + KIT-3 DPH-1 + KIT-3 1 Put the Rack plug Medium in the centre of support KIT-3 Pin Tube NO Pin Tube 25mm Rack Plug Medium Components Rack plug Medium DPH-0 17mm 2 Batten Holder DPH-1 28mm Fix the KIT-3 in the centre of the pedestal with the Rack Plug 3 Pin tube Block the support KIT-3 by inserting the pin tube only on the pedestal DPH-1 Rack Plug Medium Batten Holder 4mm KIT-3 Batten Holder 4mm DPH-1 28mm DPH-0 17mm 6 ma 5mm xim um 32mm 65mm 21mm DPH-0 The support Kit-3 is free 360° 65mm DPH-0 or DPH-1 DPH-1 Put the joist on the support KIT-3 and fix with screws 4 Screw a m L B a e urd n o tte b n tte Ba Screw Screw 65 mm 45 mm 65mm 45mm Slope 0% Ref:AIP-22-DPH-EN 31/07/2012 © copyright Buzon