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PB-SERIE TERRACE IN WOOD ACCESSORIES (Guidelines on request) 4 4 5 5 The bubble indicates the VALUE of the slope 5 The alignment of figures indicates the DIRECTION of the slope 40 cm For a terrace in wood decking we recommend you : 40 cm between the batten and every 60 cm under the batten = +/- 5 pedestals/sqm. 60mm The CLIP-KIT-5 is suitable for different dimensions of batten 45mm 60mm 100mm 50mm 40mm TERRACE WITH TILES 5 60 cm Our kit PB-Clip-KIT-5 is a piece fixed on the top of the pedestal and used for batten. The batten can be fixed on the side. Clac 4 4 125m 3 3 m 2 2 1 1 1 1 2 2 3 3 3 120mm 70mm PH5 SLOPE 0 to 5% For a terrace with a slope, we have a water bubble that will ease you to determinate the value (%) and the direction of the slope to set up the slope corrector (BC-PH5). To adjust the height of the pedestal we recommend you to use our key specially conceived to adjust easily the height. (Guidelines on request) For a terrace with tiles, the number of pedestals is depending of the size of the tiles : Tiles 40 x 40 cm = +/- 7.8 pedestals/sqm Tiles 50 x 50 cm = +/- 5 pedestals/sqm Tiles 60 x 60 cm = +/- 3.8 pedestals/sqm Tiles 60 x 40 cm = +/- 5 pedestals/sqm Tiles 100 x 100 cm = +/- 1.5 pedestals/sqm + 1 pedestal at the center of the tile For terrace with tiles, you need to fix tabs on the head of the pedestal. For terraces with tiles we recommend you to use shims : those are pieces in EPDM placed on the top of the pedestal. The shims allow to compensate a thickness difference between the tiles and have a anti-chop and anti-slip effect. Difference thickness compensate 40mm 40mm + B Place the spacer tabs Central position Position in edge wall Position in quincunx Position in corner of wall 2mm Shim BC-E20 + A 1 or 2mm Shim BC-E10 or BC-E20