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Components Ring How to assemble adjustable pedestal DPH-5 not screwed from 100 to 175 mm How to adjust and block the height with the keys 1 2 Unscrew height adjustment ring on base unit Unscrew as far as possible Base unit Screw the head into the base unit Safety pin x5 Top 3 Spacer Key x4 tabs Unscrew the head to control stop security CLAK Security OK 4 Clip spacer tabs or joist cradle KIT-3 Spacer tabs 5 Adjustment from 100 to 175mm by turning the ring (see AIP 11) 6 Block the desired height with the 4 keys 130mm Joist cradle Kit-3 Ring Unscrew always the 2 threads top and the coupler by turning twice before the final adjustment + B + A x2 see AIP-27 LOCK 175mm 140mm + B + A + B + A Ref:AIP-10-DPH-EN 01/08/2012 © copyright Buzon