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PVDF Architectural Coating Resins - Kynar 500® FSF®

Kynar 500 ® FSF ® resin is a special grade of PVDF resin used by licensed industrial paint manufacturers as the base resin in long-life coatings for aluminum, galvanized steel, and aluminized steel. Applications include metal roofing and siding, window and door frames, curtain wall and other miscellaneous metal trim and components. PropertiesFluorosurfactant freeExtreme weatherabilityExcellent dirt sheddingSuperb mildew resistanceSign Up For A Webinar - Click Here
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Kynar Aquatec® Architectural Coatings

Kynar Aquatec® architectural coatings provide the same long-lasting properties as Kynar 500® FSF® in an easy-to-apply latex. Water-based, liquid coatings formulated with Kynar Aquatec® latices can be easily applied to metals, PVC, textiles and elastomers. It also delivers the durability and performance our customers have come to expect from traditional PVDF coatings. Kynar Aquatec® latex coatings have numerous benefits, including superb cool roofing properties that reduce energy use and keep roofs significantly cooler than uncoated surfaces. Kynar Aquatec® coatings are extremely durable in even the harshest weather conditions and resist both dirt accumulation and mildew or mold growth.Sign Up For A Webinar - Click Here
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Cool Roof Coating

Cool roofs are made from materials that effectively reflect the sun's energy from the roof surface and allow the roof to quickly shed (or emit) heat energy. Cool roofs have a combination of high reflectivity and high emissivity that reduce roof surface temperatures by up to 100 degrees F, thereby reducing the heat transferred to the building's interior. This helps reduce energy costs (by keeping attics and ducts cooler), improves occupant comfort, cuts maintenance costs, prolongs the roof's service life, and reduces urban heat islands along with associated smog. Kynar Aquatec® emulsion-based coatings provide the high reflectivity and emissivity that can turn your roof into a cool roof and meet California's Title 24 Energy Efficiency Building Standards.Sign Up For A Webinar - Click Here
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Over time, sunlight, air and water will break down almost all construction materials. Kynar® PVDF resin is known for excellent performance under severe conditions. Similarly, Kynar Aquatec®-based coatings will withstand extended exposures to water, humidity, a wide range of temperatures, ultraviolet rays, oxygen, and atmospheric pollutants. Natural elements, such as sunlight, water, wind, and air, drastically break down coatings over time. The heart of the Kynar Aquatec® emulsion technology is the carbon-fluorine (C-F) bond. The C-F bond is one of the strongest bonds known and it is the basis for the extreme weatherability of Kynar Aquatec® emulsion based coatings.Sign Up For A Webinar - Click Here
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Metal Restoration

Restore your metal roofs easily using Kynar Aquatec® coatings from Arkema. Kynar Aquatec® emulsion-based coating formulations provide good adhesion to substrates previously coated with Kynar 500® resin and other metal coatings. These formulations enable in-field metal touchup, repair and color changes. The photo below shows a restored roof surface.Sign Up For A Webinar - Click Here
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Available Grades of Kynar Aquatec® Latex

KYNAR Aquatec® latexes are waterborne polymer dispersions (latexes) which enable the production of highly weatherable waterborne, air-dry paints and coatings based on KYNAR® PVDF resins, while enabling the formulator to meet regulated volatile organic compounds (VOC) levels.Sign Up For A Webinar - Click Here
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Kynar Aquatec® Cool White Roofing Calculator

The Kynar Aquatec® Cool White Roofing Savings Calculator enables building owners, architects, contractors and industrial designers to calculate the potential Cool Energy Savings generated by a roof protected with a Kynar Aquatec® coating.This calculator will display the yearly energy savings, cost savings and reduction in CO2 emissions for a Kynar Aquatec® coating over an elastomeric acrylic coating. Also, graphs will be displayed depicting the 20 year energy savings, life cycle cost and total CO2 reduction.Sign Up For A Webinar - Click Here
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