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Rangine Corp. - Rakks
Wall Mounted Standards image

Wall Mounted Standards

Rakks Wall Standards are made of extruded aluminum with precision channels that accept Rakks Shelf Support Brackets. Standards are available in five profiles to meet a variety of surface and recess mounted applications. Standards can be specified in any length up to twelve feet. Standards come with drilled and countersunk holes to accept color matched mounting screws (No. 6 x 1 1/2" Philips flat-head), which are included. When properly installed, screw heads are flush with the back of the channel allowing shelf brackets to be positioned at any point.
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Support Poles image

Support Poles

Rakks support poles are made of extruded aluminum with channels that accept Rakks Shelf Support Brackets. Poles are available in 4 profiles to meet a wide range of storage and shelving applications. The infinite adjustability of shelf brackets eliminates the need to level or shim poles. Anodized aluminum finishes provide a clean and chemically resistant finish.
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Shelf Support Brackets

Manufactured from extruded aluminum and available in attractive anodized finishes, Rakks shelf support brackets feature infinite adjustability and attach to standards and pole supports without slots or visible hardware. Available in three basic styles, Rakks, Universal and Aria, each of these brackets offers a distinctive look and functional design. Rakks and Universal Style brackets are stocked in Clear anodized, Black anodized and White Powder-coat finished. Aria Style brackets are stocked in Clear and Black finishes only.
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Aluminum Shelves image

Aluminum Shelves

Rakks aluminum shelves feature an attractive low-profile design that exceeds the strength and stiffness of 3/4" plywood. Shelf depths of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 inches can be achieved by combining four and six-inch deep sections. This lightweight easy-to-ship shelving can be ordered in specified lengths up to twelve feet. Shelves feature a textured top surface which hides scratches and assures a uniform appearance. Rakks Aluminum shelves are stocked in a clear anodized finish and available in custom powder coated and anodized finishes.
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L-Bracket Shelving System image

L-Bracket Shelving System

Rakks L-Bracket system provides unparalleled design flexibility, strength and value. Available in floor to ceiling and wall-supported configurations this new design features quick and infinite shelf adjustment utilizing one hidden screw. Brackets support wood, glass or aluminum shelves up to 24" deep. Cabinets can be easily attached to the poles to create attractive wall storage units and room partitions. The L-Bracket system is stocked in clear anodized, black anodized and white powder-coat finishes.
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Counter Support Brackets image

Counter Support Brackets

Rakks Counter Support Brackets provide a practical low cost and easy to install alternative to full-height laminated panel supports. They support counters up to 30" deep while providing open space under the entire length- improving both handicap accessibility and ergonomics. Counter Brackets are available in either surface or flush-mounted configurations. Rakks Sill Supports provide low-profile support or bracing for shelves or sills.
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