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Willard Shutter Co., Inc.
EconoSpan® Flat Picket (Horizontal and Vertical) image

EconoSpan® Flat Picket (Horizontal and Vertical)

Flat picket screens offer flexibility and simplicity. Picket orientation can be horizontal or vertical, and allow 15% free airflow. They are simple & affordable and can accommodate a wide variety of layout conditions. Like all EconoSpan® louver products, they ship in knock-down kits complete with detailed installation instructions, and install quickly.
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Rolling Shutters image

Rolling Shutters

Willard Rolling Shutters, also known as roll-up shutters or over-head coiling shutters, consist of a self-mating horizontal slat systems that open and close by operation of an over-head axle tube suspended in a shutter housing or over-head cavity. These shutters are available in a variety of configurations to suit various applications. They can be effectively used for hurricane & storm protection, security, privacy, sunshade, and insulation. Also offered are a variety of electronic controls and accessories such as remote controls, security keypads, timers, weather & light sensors, low voltage dry contacts, and other intelligent, smart house controls allowing customization in order to satisfy today's modern architectural smart system designs. Electric and Manual Roll-Up Shutters for Security and Sunshade Electric and Manual Roll-Up Shutters for Hurricane and Storm Protection
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Folding Accordion Shutters image

Folding Accordion Shutters

Simple to operate, the Folding Accordion Shutter provides immediate protection from hurricanes, storm, and burglary/ intrusion. It is economical without sacrificing performance. The shutter glides along extruded aluminum tracks using nylon rollers mounted on stainless steel carriages, and can be secured from the inside or outside using aluminum locking rods and an optional key-lock. When open, blades stack neatly like an "accordion" at the sides of the opening. It's easily adapted to most window and door openings, and widely used to protect large areas like sliding glass doors, balconies, and lanais. The folding design allows for virtually unlimited left to right runs, and gives the product the unique ability to enclose entire areas from a single set of blades.
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Removable Storm and Security Panels image

Removable Storm and Security Panels

Removable storm shutters and panels are designed to be "put up" in the event of a hurricane or storm by placing them into a pre-installed panel mounting system over a window, door, or other area to be protected. Economical and easy to use, these products protect against flying debris and water penetration associated with hurricane force winds, and made available in various materials to suit application and budget. They are typically taken down and stowed away in a storage area when not in use. Designed with convenience and storage in mind, removable storm shutters and panels are a huge advantage and recommended alternative to cumbersome "homemade", plywood shutters.
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