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Soundproofing Material - Acoustiblok®

Acoustiblok is the name of both our company and our "Flagship" product. This product is used as a sound isolation material. It is typically installed before walls, ceilings and floors have been completed, thereby enhancing the Transmission Loss (TL) of these standard assemblies. Acoustiblok is a U.L. Classified (UL # CLBV.R21490), viscoelastic polymer that comes in two forms. The first is Blok16, a 1/8th" thick sheet with a weight of 1 pound per square foot. The second is Blok32, a 1/4" thick sheet with a weight of 2 pounds per square foot. Both are made from recycled plastics and non-toxic minerals that are mixed and pressed into a membrane sheet. These sheets are then trimmed to a standard size of 54" wide x 30' long and rolled up for easy transportation. The rolls weigh roughly 135 pounds each at this size. You can also order longer rolls ranging from 60' long (at 270 lbs.), to 350' long (at 1,575 lbs.), should you have a project with a larger area in need of treatment. To request a sample or more info click here
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Noise Reducing Fences - Acoustifence®

AcoustiFence® AF-6 is a highly effective, yet simple to install, outdoor acoustical barrier. The U.V. and mold resistant qualities of AcoustiFence make it uniquely suited to outdoor use. You can also paint it to blend in to any environment. AcoustiFence is a flexible material. This yields coincidental gains in attenuation at those specific frequencies where rigid barriers have strong deficiencies. As a result you will see much higher levels of performance using Acoustifence than you would using typical construction materials. This also means that Acoustifence is a great solution compared to a wooden fence or any other type of reflective barrier.To request a sample or more info click here
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Sound Panels - All Weather Sound Panels®

Our patented All Weather Sound Panels® give you high sound transmission loss coupled with high sound absorption, all in a weather resistant package. We engineered these incredibly durable and easily maintained panels specifically to resist the most rigorous industrial uses and outdoor environments. The panels present an amazing profile of just 2". We produce them in four standard rectangular sizes, but can custom make them in any size, provided the shape is square or rectangular. To request a sample or more info click here
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Industrial Noise Absorption Material - QuietFiber®

QuietFiber is specifically engineered to tackle the frequencies of sound that are critical for noise reduction. QuietFiber's Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC), ranges from 1.0- 1.25 depending on the version (Q2, Q4 or Q6). An NRC rating of 1.0 or higher means there are no reflections off of the material. Any material with an NRC that is greater than 0.50 is considered to be sound absorbing. If the NRC is less than 0.20, the material is considered to be sound reflecting. If the material has an NRC rating of say 0.60, it would have about 40% reflections off of the material. As a result, NRC materials are typically used for reflection control in spaces with high Reflection or Reverb Times (RT's).To request a sample or more info click here
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Sound Sealant - Acousticaulk ( (AC-10 & AC-28)

Acousticaulk is a portion of our bonding system. Available as AC-10, (a 10 oz. residential tube) and AC-28, (a 28 oz. commercial tube), our sealant is formulated to create a sustainable, flexible bond between two layers of Blok 16 & Blok 32 isolation material.This prevents air leaks and air gaps in our sound barrier. Acousticaulk may also be used to create a seal between Acoustiblok and metal, plastic, glass and other types of construction materials. Acousticaulk remains soft, malleable and generally resilient. This aids in reducing flanking transmissions from vibrational energy present in ridged materials.
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Fast Cure Adhesive - AcoustiBond (FCA-10)

FCA-10 is a very unique, specific formulation used to permanently adhere or laminate Acoustiblok to wood, metal and several other types of materials. FCA-10 is not a contact cement. It is waterproof and tacks very quickly. Drying time is dependent on exposure to oxygen. Edges of treatment areas will set up quicker then the inside. 100% cure time is about 24 hrs as long as air is exposed to the entire treatment area.
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Wood Floor Underlayment - AcoustiWool (WF0.125)

AW325 & AW30MB are designed for use beneath hardwood, laminate, and engineered wood floors. Used for wood floor installations only, on concrete or wood sub-floors beneath Acoustiblok Blok16 & Blok32. AW-WF0.125 works to decouple and isolate the top floor surface from the subfloor. The 1/8" thick wool composite is lightweight, flexible and easy to work with. AW-WF0.125 is available with or without a moisture barrier laminated to the bottom. Both have an antimicrobial treatment to prevent mold growth, extremely resilient, sustainable, and won™t break down like the air pockets in foam types of underlayment.
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Tile Floor Underlayment - AcoustiWool (TF0.11)

TFO.11 is a unique blend and balance of 85% recycled fibers, creating an isolation underlayment to be coupled with Blok 16 & Blok 32. Specifically engineered to use beneath tile, marble and other rigid floor surfaces. The fibrous substrate has been treated with an antimicrobial treatment to prevent mold & mildew growth. Acoustiblok floor assemblies have been Robinson Floor tested and rated "Residential" by the Tile Council of North America.
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