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Space Automation  

Space automation for large exhibit halls and ballrooms.

A unique method to move individual panels automatically to virtually any configuration required. Low voltage planetary gear motor drive controlled by programable processor. A great time saver requiring a fraction of the man power. *patented.

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Panel Construction / Operable Walls  

The all welded, all steel construction with heavy steel (16 or 14 gauge) faces robotically fusion welded every 8 inches to perimeter frame members – gives you the best obtainable rigidity, life expectancy, low maintenance, and ease of operation.

All of this performance, at competitive cost.

One piece panels to 60 feet high.  Panel widths to 60 inches.

10 or 20 year limited panel warranty.

The BEST in guaranteed sound stopping. STC to 54, field tested NIC 40 ASTM E 336 – on your job, if specified. Available acoustically absorptive NRC 0.65.

Alpha – for highly repetitive use or severe service. Nothing else meets your needs or matches its performance. Anywhere.

Qualifies for LEED Credit MR 4.1 & MR 4.2

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The cost effective version of our ALPHA series panels. All welded steel construction with face sheet thickness ranging from 20 ga. to 16 ga. depending on desired STC. Faces are robotically fusion welded to same frame members as supplied with ALPHA “S" panel.

One piece panels to 25′ feet high. Panel width to 54 inches.

5 year limited warranty.

STC to 53, NIC to 40 E-336

Sigma – The cost effective solution to durability.

Qualifies for LEED Credit MR 4.1 & MR 4.2

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AEC's most cost effective panel construction. Panel face sheets are gypsum board or partical board. Structural aluminum frame members are mechanical fastened and encapsulate the panel face. Face sheets are field replaceable. Panel is not suitable for electric operation.

One piece panels to 12′ ft heigh. Maximum panel height is 16′ ft. Panels exceeding 12′ ft high have horizontal splice joint. Panel widths to 48″ inches.

STC from 45 to 52, NIC to 38 E-336

Gamma – An economical solution to your space division needs.

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Track System  

Track systems manufactured by Advanced Equipment and furnished, installed, and serviced by our Local Representatives, are identified as 9 Types. Each Type is unique to it's own weight capacity.

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Passdoors and Pocket Doors  

Passdoors constructed of same panel construction include, single and double configurations. Passdoors: Fabricated to comply with ADA requirements. Swinging door built into and matching panel finish and thickness; complete with frames and operating hardware. Hinges finished to match other hardware.


  • Self Illuminating, flush mounted exit sign

  • Concealed door closer equipped with hold open device

  • Panic hardware

  • Flush mounted hardware

  • Keyed operated dead-lock

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Pocket Doors available in acoustic or non-acoustic.

Storage pocket doors shall conceal stacked partition and have same materials, finish, construction, thickness and acoustical qualities as panels; complete with operating hardware.

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Glass Operable Walls  

No floor track required for most models. Heights up to 30′, widths for single panels 60″, 96″ and 180″

  • Manual or Electric Operation

  • Welded Tube Steel Frame

  • Single or Double Glazed

  • Panel Height up to 30′

  • Panel widths, folding 60″, single 96″, slider 180″

  • Powdercoat and Wood finish options.

  • Tynemic finish available.

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Curved Panels  

The use of CURVE panel operation on curved tracks of the same radius provides the designer with a space division option that may be more compatible with the room design then can be achieved with the typical straight-line operable wall.

• Curved Panels

• Curved Track

• Manual or Electric Operation

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Projection Screen Shield  

Electrically operated shield for projection screens. Top supported steel track system, operated with mirco processors and sensors. Panels operate simultaneously, all elements to be coplanar when in closed-extended-position. Panels shall be all steel welded construction.

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To select the appropriate operable wall for your project, follow these six simple steps:


   1. Select Manual or Electric Operation

   2. Determine the Configuration

   3. Select a Panel Construction

   4. Select a Panel Width

   5. Determine the Track

   6. Include Details

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A single number rating derived from a standardized ASTM field acoustical test procedure. The test is based on measurement of sound pressure lever differences on each side of the field installed product, adjusted to compensate for ambient noise levels. No adjustment of the value is made to compensate for sound absorption in the “receiving room". Thus, the result is comparable to that perceived by the human ear. A NIC rating of 40 is considered very good for an operable wall. As with STC, the higher the rating the better the operable wall is at stopping sound transmission.

Acoustical Engineers consider NIC measurement the most utilitarian and widely used method of determining the sound reducing effectiveness of operable walls. The NIC value, being determined by field testing the actual product purchased for use by the Owner/Operator, usually predicts Customer Satisfaction. A further advantage of field measurement of NIC is the ability to locate, define and correct sound leakage not related to the operable wall. Examples would be holes in sound barrier above ceiling, or common ductwork or conduit.

AEC considers field measurement of NIC, either optional or mandatory testing, to be the way to determine and control acoustical effectiveness of operable walls. It is recommended that one should not rely on STC to predict Customer Satisfaction.

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Esthetics, not limited to our standards, almost limitless possibilities.  Customize to create your vision with unique finishes.

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“ALPHA" and “SIGMA" welded steel panels exceed 20% recycled content.

These Panels qualify for material resource credits MR 4.1 and MR 4.2.

For more information, view the following PDFs:

Sustainable Design Program
Recycled Content

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