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The Flooring Industry's Only Patented WATERPROOF Installation System

  • US Patents: 10,308,847 ◦ 9,068,103 ◦ D826,018 ◦ 9,822,288

  • EU Patents: 2809707 ◦ 3604391

  • AU Patents: 2016247149 ◦ 2013214966

  • CA Patent: 2898802

Aquaflex is the world's first patented waterproof acoustic flooring adhesive offering a new standard in UNLIMITED moisture resistance.

  • GREEN - Aquaflex is a 100% solids, “0" zero VOC, moisturecurable flooring adhesive, that meets CHPS low odor indoor air quality standards (IAQ 01350) and contributes LEED.

  • Sound Control - Aquaflex adhesive applied with our patented CBD notch trowel will provide a Delta IIC of 14. This is acoustic performance comparable to a 2mm rubber or 8mm cork acoustic underlayment!

  • Avoid Mitigation - Aquaflex is not affected by exposures to high pH, moisture or liquid water at any level. Aquaflex will even cure immersed in Concrete Pore Water (CPW)* at pH 13.5 and remain chemically unchanged indefinitely, (third party verified).

  • Easy Installation - Aquaflex must be ACTIVATED prior to application. Mix ACTIVATOR packet into adhesive with 1/2" drill and wheel. Simply trowel over SMOOTH, POROUS, CLEAN concrete. Set immediately, allow 60mins and roll the floor to activate pressure sensitive properties. Commercial sheet vinyl procedures will vary.

  • Extended Open Time - Flooring can be installed immediately. After 2-3hrs, reactions take place that result in a bond 300% stronger than a standard water-based acrylic adhesive.

  • Improved Shelf Life - Aquaflex has a stable shelf life. Guaranteed for 1 year after production date with FULL replacement.

  • Excellent Working Properties - Aquaflex has a working viscosity that will hold to the trowel. The adhesive will grab after approx. 30min of open time. Edge lift of tile will not occur if flooring material is set appropriately. This allows standard installation methods

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