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Add extra personality and style to paving projects with porcelain hexagon pavers. With precise rectified edges, these 3/4″ thick rectified pavers are suitable for virtually any on-grade paving application, from expansive plazas to single hexagonal ‘stepping stones' set among gravel or grass.

For elevated decks, it is not practical to support these hexagonal paving stones directly with adjustable height pedestals. However they can be laid very successfully on rooftops and suchlike using pedestal supported fiberglass grating panels where the hexagon-shaped pavers are placed over the panels, separated by a 1/8″ thick mat of recycled rubber for noise suppression and using ‘Y' shaped spacers (available from several online suppliers) to correctly space the pavers.

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Archatrak is a national supplier of exterior porcelain pavers, structural and interlocking wood deck tiles, deck support systems and site furniture. For the past two decades we have played a leading role in the introduction and market development of both interlocking deck tiles and structural porcelain pavers for creating exceptional outdoor environments.

Whether it's elevated rooftop decks on pedestals, on-grade paving over sand or gravel, resurfacing of existing concrete, or mortar set paving for vehicular applications, we supply the means to create outdoor spaces with unique character and lasting appeal, both residential and commercial.


Pavers and Deck Support Systems  

Pavers and Deck Support Systems offer an exceptionally rich catalog of styles and colors, significantly broadening the horizons of outdoor design, allowing designers to create visually stimulating spaces, in full harmony with the surrounding environment.

Our wood look styles, inspired by the warmth and naturalness of wood, display all the distinct visual features that make wood so appealing but offer a deck material in planks up to 8' long that is totally fireproof and wont fade, twist, stain or change color over time.

Our stone look styles replicate the subtle shading, highlights and sparkle of stone for a totally natural effect, but add the resilience and practicality of porcelain.

And our cement look pavers expand the options of sophisticated modern styling, without the worries of staining or freeze/thaw cracking.

Although 24x24 pavers remain our most commonly requested size of paver, with slabs as large as 48″ x 48″, planks as long as 94″ and cobblestone blocks as small as 4″ x 4″, there's a size for every application, either supported by adjustable height pedestals for rooftop decks, laid over sand or gravel, set among grass, mortar set over concrete for vehicular applications, or as deck flooring for self-contained modular decks like our StreetDeck Parklets.

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With rich, solid colors, highlights that sparkle, subtle variations in tone and shade, distinctive features and variable texture, Archatrak T20 outdoor 2cm porcelain pavers create visually stimulating spaces that expand the potential of any architectural and paving project.

Just 3/4″ thick, weighing only 9lb/sq.ft. and able to support up to 2000lb, these dense, load bearing pavers possess all the technical and aesthetic qualities to meet the exacting demands of architects and landscape designers, whether they are used on elevated rooftop decks supported by pedestals or as on-grade landscape pavers laid directly over sand or gravel or mortar set.

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With almost three times the breaking strength of 2cm porcelain pavers, but just 1/2″ thicker, Archatrak T30 (30mm thick) porcelain pavers enable exceptionally attractive and stylish outdoor paved areas to be laid in high traffic, commercial environments.

These heavy-duty commercial pavers feature the same stain resistance, wear resistance, fade resistance and frost resistance as 2cm porcelain pavers, but offer much superior resistance to breakage.

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Archatrak T50 2-inch thick pavers offer an excellent alternative to concrete paving for driveways, parking areas, plazas and other broad landscape areas subject to vehicular traffic.

In rooftop applications, these heavy duty pavers are the only porcelain pavers that will meet the requirements of ANSI/SPRI RP-4 2013, Wind Design Standard For Ballasted Single-ply Roofing Systems which specifies that pavers installed in corner zones and perimeter zones over a fully adhered membrane must exceed 22 lb/sq.ft. (Section 4.1.3).

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Add extra personality and style to paving projects with porcelain hexagon pavers. With precise rectified edges, these 3/4″ thick rectified pavers are suitable for virtually any on-grade paving application, from expansive plazas to single hexagonal ‘stepping stones' set among gravel or grass.

For elevated decks, it is not practical to support these hexagonal paving stones directly with adjustable height pedestals. However they can be laid very successfully on rooftops and suchlike using pedestal supported fiberglass grating panels where the hexagon-shaped pavers are placed over the panels, separated by a 1/8″ thick mat of recycled rubber for noise suppression and using ‘Y' shaped spacers (available from several online suppliers) to correctly space the pavers.

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Our wood-look porcelain planks skillfully incorporate all the visual features that make natural wood decking so enchanting. Knots, dark and light streaks, random grain structure, pinholes, variable color and even a weathered appearance can be faithfully reproduced, in an exceptionally wide range of colors from pale bleached grey through dark chocolate browns.

Wood-look porcelain planks avoid all the problems with natural wood decking – no decay, no attacks by insects, no fading, no color change, no staining, no twisting or warping, no scuffing, no splinters and practically zero maintenance.

These planks, most importantly, make a great alternative for rooftop decks in densely populated urban areas, since porcelain is totally fireproof.

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Trim pieces are available to coordinate with 3/4″ pavers – the primary application being pool copings and stair treads to provide continuity between paved areas and pool edges or steps. The outside visible edge is typically a square rectified profile or rounded bullnose.

For steps or platform perimeters on pedestal supported decks, stair tread trim pieces may alternatively be used with vertical closure clips to provide a vertical face for the stair riser.

Please note that all trim pieces are custom made and not all pieces are available in each of our stocked paver colors. Typical lead time for supply of these special trim pieces is 5-10 weeks.

Please contact Archatrak to confirm availability before specifying or including any trim pieces in your projects.

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Check what our porcelain pavers look like in a typical external environment under different lighting conditions – full sunlight, shade and at dusk

Our 3D visualizer overlays any of our current paver colors on the surface of a rendered outdoor scene. Zoom in, zoom out and move left or right for a better view. From the admin. panel, select a paver size and choose the laying configuration – running bond or stack bond.

Be aware that the software (Web GL) can take 30 secs or so to load on first use. Also you will generally find it works best with Firefox browsers. It is currently not compatible with Microsoft Edge.

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Porcelain Cobblestone Pavers & Tiles  

24" x 24" x ¾" thick single slab porcelain pavers replicating the look of traditional cobblestone pavers but set in multi block modules, with a regular square or fan design.

The large, flat porcelain cobblestone paver format with its ‘feet friendly' surface, ensures rapid, cost-saving installation and still retains the appearance and distinctive charm of individual cobblestone blocks.

With a warm and inviting color range, excellent durability, and frost resistance, Archatrak porcelain cobblestone pavers offer an exceptional alternative to clay brick or concrete block paving, particularly in restaurant patios, shopping precincts, public plazas, pedestrian walkways, or parks and gardens.

Typically intricate and difficult to lay mosaic fan patterns including both partial arcs or complete circles, can easily be achieved with these pavers.

Archatrak porcelain cobblestone pavers are designed for laying in mortar over a concrete base and then grouted to match the color of the simulated grout between individual ‘blocks' on the pavers.

Key Benefits

  • Rapid installation over concrete base

  • Create unique patterns with fan modules

  • Precise size and thickness for safe pedestrian use

  • Random coloring replicating natural stone blocks

  • Frost, salt and stain resistant

  • Textured, slip resistant surface

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Recreating the classic look of natural stone cobblestones. Distinctively textured, antiqued edges, precisely dimensioned, lightweight, easy to lay.

With rustic hammered edges and distinctively textured surfaces, these ¾" thick, singe piece 8" x 8" or 8" x 12" porcelain cobblestone tiles are designed to re-create the sense of authentic age old materials by skillfully replicating both the color and appearance of natural stone, time-worn cobblestone blocks.

From the brooding black basalt look of ‘Namur' to the earthy, rustic look of ‘Bruges', the modern tan tones of ‘Porfido', and the traditional terracotta look of ‘Cotto', Archatrak cobblestone-look tiles faithfully mirror the subtle variations in color, tone, shading and features that make centuries old cobblestones so appealing.

The precise size and thickness greatly simplifies installation over a prepared concrete base, providing a perfectly level surface with no raised edges and opening a range of possibilities for creating expressive interior spaces with tactile elegance in showrooms, shops, wine cellars, bars and restaurants.

Key Benefits

  • Precisely dimensioned

  • Consistent height

  • Easier to lay than natural stone cobblestones

  • Stronger than stone, terracotta or clay pavers

  • Excellent durability and wear resistance

  • Frost, fade and stain resistant

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Individual 4" x 4" x 2 ½" thick porcelain blocks resembling traditional basalt cobblestone blocks, but precisely dimensioned for ease of laying.

A simpler way to create a rustic cobbled surface for pedestrian walkways or areas subject to regular vehicular traffic – driveways, laneways, roads or car parks.

With a heavily textured surface and solid body color, these porcelain cobblestone blocks are aesthetically similar to natural basalt, but much more resistant, sustainable and durable, with precise dimensions that guarantee consistent spacing of the blocks and ensure easier and more rapid installation.

For maximum stability, surface uniformity and pedestrian safety, porcelain blocks are normally laid in a mortar bed over a prepared concrete base.

Two basic color options are currently available in our porcelain cobblestone block range (black and grey). Each base color includes a blend of cobblestone blocks with subtle color variations to ensure the most natural appearance.

Key Benefits

  • A traditional cobblestone look but perfectly uniform

  • Rich, deep, through-body coloring

  • Precise size and thickness for safe pedestrian use

  • Frost, salt and stain resistant

  • Resistant to moss and mildew

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Snow Melt System for Pavers  

The most economical, flexible and easy to install solution for a snow free surface on pedestal supported pavers laid on elevated rooftop decks, terraces, patios or walkways – commercial or residential.

No boilers, pumps, gas connections or complicated networks of pipes, valves and manifolds required. No engineers needed to design the layout, piping and system specs. and no certified installers needed for installation. The ‘Heatizon' electric snow and ice melt system for pavers simply runs insulated electrical heating cables along channels in aluminum panels laid under the paving slabs.

The ‘Heatizon' electric snow melt system can efficiently snow melt practically any pedestal supported paver installation. It can be installed under most porcelain, concrete or stone pavers on terraces, patios, roof decks, walkways or exterior paved areas. This electric snow melt system just requires a minimum 1 3/4" clearance under the pavers to accommodate the aluminum tray and polyurethane insulation and allow for adequate drainage under the pavers.

There are no restrictions on the minimum or maximum area for installation (other than electrical supply considerations) and the heated paver area can easily be confined to specific zones within a paved area or just a section of a 24x24 paver if required. It just requires access to the electrical supply and a location to mount the electrical control box.

Key Benefits of the 'Heatizon' Snow Melt System

  • Quick and easy to install

  • Much lower installation costs than fluid circulation systems

  • No pipes, valves, manifolds, boilers, pumps or tanks required

  • Can be used on any size area, small or large

  • Can create zones with greater or lesser heating capacity

  • Can add or remove heating panels any time

  • Can be retrofitted to an existing paved area

  • Requires only 1.75" clearance under the pavers

  • Doesn't increase the overall height of the deck

  • Aluminum panels can be cut to suit any size paver

  • No certified tradespersons required except for final hookup to the control box

  • Minimal ongoing maintenance costs

‘Heatizon' Snow Melt System Installation

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Wood Deck Tiles  

Install wood decks without needing wood bearers or steel supporting structures. These exceptionally strong wood tiles only need supporting at each corner with our Eterno ‘Prime' adjustable height deck supports, or for low height applications, can also be elevated off the surface with our fixed height rubber support pads.

Ipe wood tiles can be used to create elevated decks over most hard surfaces – rooftops, courtyards, terraces, pool surrounds, patios etc. for both residential and commercial applications. See our Ipe tile gallery pages for example of installations on raised decks.

The heavyweight, prefabricated wood tile panels are constructed with 13/16″ Ipe wood slats screwed to three solid wood support battens with stainless steel screws, creating a tile with outstanding strength, durability and resistance to flexing.

We supply structural Ipe wood deck tiles in both 24" x 24" and 24" x 48" size. Custom sizes may also be possible depending on the volume.

Key Benefits of Ipe

  • High resistance to termites, decay and mold

  • Very hard and dense

  • Wear resistant and scuff resistant

  • High bending and shearing strength

  • High resistance to warping and twisting

  • Weathers without splintering

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Build a solid wood deck surface over areas of bland, grey concrete, quickly and easily with Archatrak interlocking deck tiles

Archatrak interlocking tiles just snap together over any hard surface to create an instant outdoor floor you can enjoy year after year.

Archatrak interlocking Ipe wood deck are constructed with a plastic mesh base and inbuilt connecting tabs which allow them to simply snap together over any hard surface to create an instant outdoor wood floor. The 12" x 12" or 12" x 24" tiles are not designed to be installed with a pedestal support system like our structural Ipe wood tiles which are also significantly thicker.

Interlocking tabs on all four sides of these modular tiles ensure simple DIY installation. No specialist tools, no adhesives, no nails and no screws are required. Every tile will be automatically spaced and aligned both accurately and precisely, all without frustration, mess or fuss.

We exclusively use Ipe wood rather than softer, low cost, less durable wood species due to its excellent durability, hardness and smooth surface, even after years of full exposure to sun, rain and snow.

Key Benefits

  • Exclusively using Ipe - one of the most durable and hardest wood species

  • Very stable in use - little tendency to twist, warp or cup

  • Excellent weathering properties – weathers to light grey color

  • Very resistant to attack by decay fungi and insects

  • Suitable for highly exposed and severe climatic conditions inc. snow and ice

  • Hard wearing and scratch resistant – suitable for commercial applications

  • Virtually splinter free - even after years of weathering

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Pedestal Supports  

Pedestal systems are exceptionally useful for constructing elevated decks on rooftops and other locations where a level surface is essential or where the deck needs to cover pipes, cables or ductwork.  Typically used with porcelain or concrete pavers, when used to support fiberglass grating, the range of applications expands to included artificial turf decksplanter tray supports for green roofs, natural stone or clay paver surfaces and access walkways.

At the lowest elevations, fixed height rubber support pads are normally used since the ground clearance can be as low as 1/4″ but still ensuring water drains freely underneath the pavers. These pads can be stacked to build the height up to 1" to 1 ½", the lowest height a screwjack type adjustable height pedestals can be effectively used.

For higher deck elevations, the choice of pedestal depends on various factors – cost, speed of assembly, number of pedestal models required, slope adjustment, fire-resistance etc. For this reason, Archatrak offers a broad range of adjustable height pedestals. Our range includes fixed height pads, non-combustible pedestals, automatic slope compensating pedestals, HDPE pipe system pedestals, pedestals to support wood bearers, pedestals to reduce wind uplift of pavers and pedestals to support steel or aluminum grid systems.

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Just three pedestals cover the height range from 1 1/4″ to 16 1/2″. This unique design feature of Eterno ‘Prime' adjustable deck pedestals not only minimizes installation time, but more importantly, resolves the frustrating and costly issue common with most multi-component pedestal systems in accurately estimating pedestal height requirements pre-installation and subsequently dealing with unexpected height variations of the substrate on site.

Model PR1 covers the low elevations from 1 1/4″ – 2 1/2″ which typically requires two pedestal sizes, PR2 covers the range 2 1/2″ – 6″ which typically needs 2 or 3 pedestal sizes, while model PR3 extends from 6″ – 16 1/2″ where a minimum of 3 pedestals sizes are normally required.

For even higher elevations, simply add on extension elements to the PR3 paver supports to build up the height.  Add one extension to reach 24″, two extensions to reach 30″ or three extensions to reach 37″.

Self-leveling heads offer automatic slope adjustment up to 5° – no extension rings or add in slope adjustors required. Switch to fixed heads if required with just a simple add-in headlock.

Pedestal heads are rubber faced for superior noise absorption and incorporate inbuilt spacer tabs which can be easily snapped off when not required.

Key Benefits of Eterno ‘Prime' Adjustable Height Deck Supports

  • Only three pedestal supports cover heights from 1 1/4" to 16 1/2"

  • Self-leveling heads provide automatic slope compensation up to 5%

  • Wide 4 1/2″ diam. column ensures excellent stability at high elevations

  • Base is scored to enable quick cuts when laid in corners and pre-cut on one side for easy installation at walls

  • Large, 46 circular base distributes load and avoids membrane damage

  • Screwed columns provide continuous incremental height adjustment

  • Anti-twist safety lock

  • Bi-material head provides superior sound deadening and shock protection

  • Top entry tool enables post installation height adjustments

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Eterno ‘NM' adjustable deck supports feature a wide central column for greater stability at higher deck elevations and higher load capacity.

In contrast to the Eterno ‘SE' deck supports which feature a self-leveling head for slope adjustment, ‘NM' pedestals are a lower cost, fixed head design using add-in head mounted twist rings to provide variable slope compensation, each ring providing compensation up to 1%.

The single piece heads with inbuilt spacer tabs feature a rubber surface for superior noise reduction and slip resistance.

Five sizes of pedestals cover the range from 1" to 10 5/8" with extension elements added to extend the workable height to over 39″.

A top entry height adjustment tool enables quick height adjustment even after the deck has been fully installed.

The wide 8″ dia. base includes scored segments which can easily be snapped off in perimeter installations while keeping the breaking point rounded to reduce the risk of damaging any waterproof membrane.

Key Benefits of the Eterno ‘NM' Adjustable Deck Support System

  • Extra high load bearing capacity

  • Only three main components – base, column, head

  • Wide 4 1/2″ diam. column and fixed head ensures excellent stability at high elevations

  • Build decks up to 39″ high with add-in extension elements

  • Inbuilt lugs on extension elements offer extra stability using guy wires

  • Screwed columns provide continuous incremental height adjustment

  • Bi-material head provides superior sound deadening and shock protection

  • Stackable twist rings provide slope adjustment from 1% to 4%

  • Top entry tool enables post installation height adjustments

  • Wide circular base distributes load and avoids membrane damage

  • Segments of base can be easily snapped off for perimeter installation

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Archatrak steel paver support pedestals permit the construction of totally non-combustible elevated decks on rooftops or other locations where strict fire regulations are enforced.

With fire regulations in many cities becoming increasingly strict, polypropylene paver supports can no longer be used in some locations, even if fire retardant additives are included in the plastic resin.  Archatrak steel pedestals are specifically designed to overcome this problem, and most importantly, this has been achieved without any significant increase in cost over conventional, non-fire rated plastic pedestals.

The solid steel fireproof pedestals can provide incremental height adjustment from as low as 1″ to a maximum of 20″. The 6 1/4″ x 6 1/4″ totally flat steel base distributes the load evenly over roofing membranes, but an optional 9″ x 9″ buffer pad can be supplied if required. A locking ring on the screwed column prevents any movement and ensures excellent stability.

Key Benefits of Steel Non-Combustible Paver Supports

  • will not catch fire, create smoke, or spread flames

  • high load bearing - over 2200lb

  • will not crack, split or warp

  • zinc-nickel finish offers excellent corrosion resistance

  • easy to install and adjust height

  • externally threaded tube with locking ring for absolute stability

  • cost effective - comparable in price with non-fireproof pedestals made of plastic

  • only 3 components - base with column, header, head cap

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'ProSupport' hybrid paver supports offer the simplicity of a cut-to-length HDPE pipe system but with the convenience of an added short screw adjustment section with the option of a fixed or self-leveling head.

Unlike the screwed column type of pedestals such as our Prime series, ProSupport pedestals use precut lengths of HDPE pipe fitted between a polypropylene base section and the head components. The entire system consists of just six components (plus cut lengths of pipe) which can cover a height range from 1 3/8″ to as high as 39″.

‘ProSupport' pedestals are particularly useful for high elevation decks where a solid pipe may offer greater stability compared with screwed columns fitted with multiple extension elements and where the incremental cost of increasing the height beyond 2 7/8" is determined only by the length of pipe used.

At the lowest elevations from 1 3/8" – 2 7/8" where it is impractical to use a cut pipe, two sizes of screw adjustable pedestals are used to provide continuous height adjustment. Above 2 7/8", sections of cut HDPE pipe are used in combination with a short, screwed adjustment column, which permits height adjustment of up to 1 ½" as well as micro adjustment even after installation, by inserting a special tool into the head of the pedestal. This screwed column also has the unique advantage of being able to switch from a fixed head configuration to a self-levelling head providing up to 5% compensation simply by flipping the column – no extra components needed.

The plastic head has inbuilt spacers tabs which are snapped off when not required. For enhanced noise reduction and slip resistance, a 1/16" rubber shim is normally added to the head.

Key Benefits of 'ProSupport' Paver Supports

  • just six components needed for height range from 1 3/8" to 39"

  • 3010 lb. maximum load per pedestal

  • self-leveling head adjusts for slopes up to 5%

  • simply flip column to switch from fixed head to self-leveling

  • no need for multiple models of pedestals

  • easier to estimate components when elevations are unclear

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Lay pavers directly over concrete slabs using stackable rubber support pads.

Solid rubber construction offers superior sound absorption, enhanced shock protection and much greater slip resistance between both pavers and pads and pads and concrete, than plastic pads.

Inbuilt spacer tabs ensure quick and easy installation and guarantee accurate spacing and alignment of the pavers. Unwanted tabs can be easily removed with a sharp knife.

Stack ¼" (ETE-PAD6) and 3/8" (ETE-PAD10) rubber pads to build the support height across a sloping surface, to a max. height of approx. 1 ½".

Thin 1/16" shims (ETE-LGH3) can be employed for micro height adjustments either to correct for slight variations in the thickness of the pavers or to eliminate any rocking of the pavers.

If required, slope compensation twist rings can be placed over the pads to ensure a perfectly level surface on the pads, although this is not normally required for most low height installations.

For elevations beyond 1" – 1 ½", switch to Eterno adjustable height pedestals with their soft rubber heads, inbuilt spacer tabs and incremental height adjustment from 1" to 30" or more.

Key Benefits of Rubber Support Pads

  • minimal surface preparation

  • faster and easier installation

  • perfectly horizontal surfaces

  • no cracking/lifting of tiles due to water penetration

  • rapid draining of water – no pooling

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Pedestal Accessories  

Secure, level and stable support system for narrow plank style porcelain pavers on elevated roof decks and raised platforms

¾" thick porcelain pavers used on elevated decks require support at each corner and at intervals no greater than 24" along any side. With pavers less than 16" wide, a rail support system is generally preferred for lower pedestal cost and faster installation.

Eterno NM pedestals are placed over the substrate at 24" intervals in both directions.

Hollow steel rails are positioned on the head of the pedestals and locked in place with head caps.

Sliding head caps are placed along the steel rails to provide support and correct spacing at each corner of all porcelain planks not located on top of pedestal heads

Key Benefits of Rail Support Systems

  • increased stability

  • greater resistance to sideways movement of pavers

  • more flexibility to use pavers of different widths and lengths

  • less pedestals required with narrower plank style pavers

  • may avoid the need for perimeter containment

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Build a wood deck in less time and at lower cost on rooftops, plazas, terraces and garage roofs with 'Prime' adjustable height joist supports.

Using ‘Prime' pedestals to support wood bearers means that no wood or steel substructures are necessary, other than the bearers to which the deck planks are fixed with nails, screws or clips.

This pedestal system still allows easy access for inspection of membranes and maintenance to any concealed service pipes, ducts or cabling. Air can circulate freely under the deck and water flow easily to surface drains.

The wide diameter pedestal base avoids damage to waterproof membranes and ensures stability of the deck installation.

On sloping substrates, our ‘Prime' pedestals offer automatic slope compensation up to 5% by means of their self-levelling heads. The heads can be locked in a fixed position if required with an optional head lock component.  Wood bearers are laid directly over the pedestal heads and screwed to the upright bracket.

The spacing of the pedestals, both parallel and perpendicular to the bearers, should be confirmed with a structural engineer prior to construction. You should also confirm that the installation complies with all relevant codes and regulations.

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Reduce sound transmission through adjustable height pedestals and bonded SBR (styrene-butadiene) rubber pads.

Sound transmission from elevated rooftop paving to residential or office areas below can sometimes be a problem and soundproofing with conventional pedestal supports can be challenging.

A hard polypropylene composition does little to absorb noise from pedestrian traffic when pedestals have no noise-absorbing material either under the base or on the heads.

For this reason, our Eterno Prime, SE or NM pedestals feature a special bicomponent head with a soft rubber surface. These heads can dampen sound by up to 25 dB.

For further noise reduction, we offer 1/8th inch thick shock-resistant rubber pads which can be placed under the base of our polypropylene pedestals to lower sound transmission by 18 dB.

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Prevent lateral movement of pavers at perimeter walls and maintain uniform gap for drainage.

Deck to wall spacer clips reduce any sideways movement of porcelain pavers at a boundary wall or parapet and ensure a uniform gap is maintained between the outer edge of the paver and the wall.

The spring-loaded spacers maintain a ¼"-3/8" gap between the paver edge and the wall allowing water to drain away freely. The stainless-steel clips are specifically designed for use with Eterno NM or SE pedestals.

These spacers for porcelain pavers are simply placed over the tabs on the head of all pedestals laid around the perimeter of the elevated deck, prior to laying down the porcelain or concrete pavers. A central slot cut in the clips provides a degree of adjustment for pedestal placement along the perimeter, but the pedestal base may be cut as shown below to provide greater adjustment where necessary.

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Pedestal supported elevated decks or raised platforms sometimes require the deck to be terminated before reaching a perimeter wall. Vertical closure clips permit a section of a paver to be secured vertically to the outer row of pedestals forming the face or riser of any step down.

Using fixed head Eterno NM pedestals or Prime pedestals fitted with a head lock, two special stainless steel clips are attached to the pedestal, one placed over the head and the other under the base, which is pre-cut on one side to hold the paver face as close as possible to the pedestal column. The combination of these two clips grips the vertical face securely and prevents horizontal movement.

Caution: This solution is only intended to create a vertical closure where the step height is no higher than a normal stair riser. In all installations where the deck is not finished at a solid retaining wall, the completed elevated deck must be completely stable, free from all sideways movement and comply with all relevant regulations and codes.

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Fiberglass Grating Panels  

With excellent corrosion resistance, strength, impact resistance, slip resistance and long service life, FRP grating is of the most useful, versatile, and economical solutions available for the construction of pedestrian walkways, dock decking, bridges, platforms and stairways, compared with more traditional materials such as galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel, or wood.

Interwoven high-strength glass rovings embedded in a thermosetting resin matrix, create one-piece structural panels which exhibit excellent bi-directional strength and one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any material.

We supply grating in 8′ x 4′ panels for optimum transportation, handling and installation and in three mesh sizes which satisfies all but the most specific decking applications. For such exceptional applications, we can usually supply other grating sizes, styles, resin composition and surface finish on request, subject to minimum order size.
Typical applications for this versatile decking product include:

  • Boardwalks

  • Dock decking for jetties & pontoons

  • Ramps for the disabled

  • Pedestrian bridges

  • Rooftop access walkways

  • Viewing platforms

  • Industrial work platforms

  • Stairs and landings

  • Beach access

Benefits of Fiberglass Grating

  • Lightweight – only 1/4 the weight of steel and 1/3 the weight of aluminum

  • High strength – tension, compression and bending strength similar to steel

  • High impact resistance - springs back to original shape when deflected

  • Excellent slip-resistance with bonded grit surface

  • Long life span – typically in excess of 25 years

  • High fire resistance, low flame spread index, and low toxic fumes with selected resins & fillers

  • Highly resistant to corrosive chemicals

  • Unaffected in marine environments and prolonged exposure to wet conditions

  • Uniform color and appearance

  • Easy on-site fabrication and/or trimming

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Green roofs have become increasingly popular in recent years, and in some locations have become mandatory, with rooftop plantings reducing energy costs, improving air quality, increasing biodiversity and reducing storm water runoff. One of the easiest methods of creating an instant green roof is to use plastic planter trays filled with growing medium and plants.

We supply unfilled modular plastic trays which you can then fill on site with around 4 inches of growing media and small, low-growing plant species such as succulents that require minimal maintenance and relatively low water needs. Although trays may often be placed directly on the rood surface,  in many cases, there's a need to elevate the trays to avoid service pipes, electrical conduits and surface irregularities, or raise the plantings to match the height of paved areas, or to correct for the slope on the roof space.

Fiberglass grating panels supported by adjustable height pedestals undoubtedly offer the most effective and versatile means of supporting raised planter trays. The fiberglass panels not only provide a solid base for the planter trays but can provide support for pavers set among the plantings – porcelain, stone or concrete. Expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam is combustible and labor-intensive to install while concrete pavers are extremely heavy and may exceed roof loadings with filled planter trays.

Some of the other benefits of using fiberglass grating panels to elevate and support an extensive green roof tray system include:

  • less pedestals needed c.f. concrete pavers

  • large panel size (typically 4′ x 8′) ensures much faster installation

  • superior wind uplift protection – interconnected panels create a continuous surface

  • allows space for irrigation pipes under the plantings

  • water drains freely via the open grid structure

  • minimizes weight loading – just 2.5 – 4 lb/sq.ft. (depending on panel thickness)

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Archatrak fiberglass grating panels offer the most cost-effective and technically advanced support system for laying synthetic turf on rooftops where you want a perfectly level surface with good drainage and secure fastening so it won't blow away.

Our 4' x 8' ‘MiniMesh' grating panels have apertures of just ¼", ensuring a ensuring a solid base but allowing rapid drainage of water and eliminating pooling, both critical factors in synthetic turf installations.  The slight ‘give' characteristic of fiberglass gratings rovides a more comfortable and natural feeling underfoot compared with installations over a very hard surface like concrete.

The large 4' x 8' panels can be securely locked together with stainless steel clips and secured to the parapet surrounding the deck area, offering a totally connected surface that is highly resistant to wind uplift. The turf itself can be secured to the grate by adhesive and also by mechanically fixing it to battens under the grate, or more simply by using 1/4″ diam. aluminum rivets.

In addition, fiberglass panels do not add significantly to the weight loading on a roof deck. At only 3.5-4.0 lb. per sq.ft., they are much lighter than concrete or porcelain pavers. Even when filled with sand to stabilize the artificial turf pedestal system, the total weight of the grating plus turf will be less than 7 lb. per sq.ft.

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Resurface existing elevated decks or build new decks with a surface of natural stone, porcelain pavers, cobblestones or clay pavers over high load bearing, fiberglass grating panels.

On rooftop decks, simply lay the stone, clay or porcelain pavers over our structural fiberglass grating panels, supported by adjustable height pedestals. On decks with wood or metal joists, just place the fiberglass panels over the joists, secured by stainless steel fastenings and lay the pavers on top. No need for cement based mortars, grouts or adhesives – pavers are loose laid with conventional spacers, just like a sand set, on-grade installation.

And with these large (8′ x 4′), exceptionally strong support panels, you can easily lay irregular sized pavers, other pavers not strong enough to be supported by pedestals alone or on surfaces where it's not permitted to lay pavers directly or permanently.

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In any sensitive natural landscape, the ideal boardwalk or nature viewing platform should unobtrusively blend into the existing landscape, avoid detracting from the view but invite you to enjoy and explore the distant surrounds. It should be exceptionally durable, highly impact resistant, fire resistant, provide safe and secure footing, offer maximum resistance to all weather conditions and require minimal ongoing maintenance over an extended lifespan.

Our fiberglass grating panels meet all the basic requirements for high traffic boardwalk decking, especially in more remote or environmentally sensitive locations where ease of installation, exceptionally low maintenance and long lifespan are critical selection criteria.

Along bike paths and hiking trails, our 8' x 4' fiberglass grating panels are frequently used on small bridges, especially where the bridge may be subject to inundation from time to time. And bridges with deteriorating wood planking can be easily upgraded simply by fixing our fiberglass panels over the existing deck, giving the bridge a new lease of life with a superior slip resistant surface.

Compared with the more traditional boardwalk decking materials including softwood, hardwood, steel, composite wood and precast concrete, heavy-duty FRP gratings for walkways tick all the boxes in terms of a durable, low maintenance, unobtrusive boardwalk surface.

  • no rotting, twisting, warping, splintering, splitting

  • no loose, dangerous nails or screws

  • no rusting or corrosion

  • excellent slip resistance in wet or dry conditions

  • suitable for marine environments

  • highly resistant to moss and mildew growth

  • practically zero maintenance

  • allows light to reach vegetation below

  • fire resistant

  • no leaching of preservative chemicals

  • lightweight and easily cut in field

  • can be colored to blend unobtrusively into the landscape

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In marine environments, for jetties, pontoons, piers, walkways, platforms, staircases and landings, fiberglass gratings outperform other materials in almost all respects.

Fiberglass gratings from Archatrak offer an excellent opportunity to build, renew or repair walkway surfaces on docks, piers, marinas, pontoons and other waterfront facilities. In recent years, fiberglass gratings have developed an enviable reputation in the marine industry because of their ability to withstand the wettest, oiliest and iciest marine conditions. They will not rust or corrode like steel gratings, and easily outperform wood which soon degrades, cracks or warps in wet environments. Fiberglass is salt resistant, algae resistant and essentially maintenance free.

Fiberglass gratings have excellent structural strength and impact resistance, are not subject to sagging like composite wood and weigh considerably less than steel.

For marine applications, a gritted anti-slip surface is normally specified which offers exceptional traction in all weather conditions, making fiberglass grating not only one of the safest, but also the most attractive and cost-effective decking surfaces available.

Archatrak fiberglass grating is typically supplied in 4′ x 8′ panels. The large panels can be easily cut on site as required with a power saw fitted with a diamond blade. The panels are normally fixed to bearers with stainless steel hold down clips, positioned at max. 48″ intervals around the perimeter.

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Archatrak ‘StreetDeck' is a complete, ready-to-assemble, modular decking system for building Parklets and contained street seating for outdoor dining – typically situated on the roadside of urban shopping strips in place of one or two parking spots. It was specifically designed for quick and easy assembly and disassembly in any location – pavements, roadway parking spaces, outside retail establishments etc., without needing any extra components or skilled labor to assemble. But StreetDeck can also be used for temporary or permanent display stages, event seating platforms, special event flooring, pop-up cafes, music stages, trade events – in fact anywhere a perfectly level, stable, and self-contained elevated floor is required, temporarily or permanently.

Each kit includes all components and fixing hardware needed, avoiding expensive design, fabrication and installation costs. The complete deck kit comprises bolt-together, powder-coated, galvanized steel perimeter modules, fence panels, steel planters, ramps, porcelain pavers or wood tiles for the deck surface, and adjustable height pedestals to support the perimeter and pavers and to level the deck irrespective of the slope of the roadway or underlying surface.

For streetside Parklets, we have complete ready-to-go kits to suit 1 car space (12′ x 6′) and 2 car spaces (32′ x 6) but due to the modular design, these prefab outdoor deck kits can be extended indefinitely in length and width. Alternatively, we can supply just the self-contained deck structure with pavers, pedestals, and steel perimeter for creating a level deck surface that fits flush with the pavement surface. All other components such as planters, railings, and seating can then be added according to specific needs. Or you could bring your own planters or fence panels for additional customization.

For a bright pop of color on your Parklet, take a look at our ‘Busy' range of compact, lightweight and stackable  cafe style chairs with steel frame and powder coated aluminum seats with a whimsical polka dot pattern. These can be combined with our matching  ‘Moon' tables, either 32″ x 32″ or 32″ x 55″.

And for nighttime use, our 'Kasa' solar-powered umbrellas not only incorporate LED strip light on the spokes of the umbrella, but can charge phones while you're seated at a table.

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Dynamic, bold, commercial grade street furniture that invites interaction and conversation.

With its clear, bold colors, steel frame and powder coated galvanized finish, the ‘Cortina' range of solid steel street furniture combines outstanding functionality, durability and urban aesthetics – a range of bright and cheerful furniture designed to withstand years of constant use in the busiest commercial environments.

Designed for both fixed or free-standing applications, this simple but timeless range of street furniture imported from Diemmebi in Italy, is sure to add life and a sense of fun to drab, urban spaces.

As cafe or bistro furniture, both tables and chairs can be quickly and easily stacked and wheeled away using the specially designed trolley. For permanent installations, color matched brackets can be used to bolt the base of the chairs or tables to a concrete or paved surface.

For streetside seating and dining, the attention-grabbing style of ‘Cortina' with its durable, weather-resistant finish makes it an ideal accessory for our ‘StreetDeck' Parklets, creating lively and welcoming locations for meeting, relaxing or dining in busy urban locations.

The full range of seating includes backless bench seats (24″, 48″ & 72″ wide), single chairs (24" wide) and benches with backrest (48" & 72" wide). The matching tables are available in three lengths – 24", 48" & 72", all 24" wide.

The ‘Busy' range of chairs from Diemmebi is a more compact, lightweight, stackable range of outdoor cafe or bistro furniture, also with a solid steel frame, but featuring a powder coated aluminum seat and back with a whimsical polka dot pattern, which additionally permits rapid run-off of water. The ‘Busy' range can be teamed with the compact and stackable ‘Moon' tables – either 32" x 32" or 32" x 55".

Our full range of outdoor furniture, planters and other amenities can be explored on our new ArchatrakUrban website.

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Solar seating and lighting products designed for the needs of an increasingly connected and active world, committed to the use of renewable, sustainable energy.

Archatrak now supplies a comprehensive range of outdoor seating, lighting and device charging products, all powered exclusively by the sun. Products designed for the needs of an increasingly connected and active world, committed to the use of renewable, sustainable energy.

Apart from bench seating incorporating phone charging, WiFi access, environmental sensors, ambient lighting and Bluetooth speakers, our extensive product range includes solar work stations, solar phone charging stations, solar bollards, e-Paper signage and solar lighting products.

To more clearly present these products, we have created a new web site Products are displayed in respective categories and just a sampling of the products featured on the website pages are shown below.

The majority of the solar products we offer are sourced from Europe and reflect the most modern styling, the most up to date technology, the most utility and highest quality.

Solar products are not just a novelty, a passing fad. They build more utility into existing products such as park benches by adding phone charging, WiFi access and ambient lighting, encouraging more outdoor activity and increasing safety. And with solar lighting products, not only are ongoing operating costs reduced to zero, but they totally eliminate expensive trenching for mains electric connection and can be installed in the most remote locations where access to mains power would be prohibitively expensive, impractical or impossible.

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Pedestal & Paver Estimator  

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We will generate an estimate for your next project.

Our estimates can be made using any of our pedestals (Eterno PrimeEterno NM, or IGNO ) or pavers, to ensure that you receive the most accurate quote possible.

The pedestal and paver calculator will provide an estimate of not only the quantity and size of each pedestal and the number of full-size pavers required, but also the optimum placement of pedestal and pavers, slope lines, perimeter length and height measurements.

Let our team of experts handle how to best achieve your project goals and contact us to receive an estimate for your project

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