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Exterior Structural & Curtain wall

These studs and track are manufactured from mill certified hot-dipped galvanized steel and are designed for use in curtain wall and load bearing applications. Thicknesses range from 33 mils (20 ga.) to 118 mils (10ga.). Flange or leg sizes for both studs and track range from 1 1/4" all the way up to 3-1/2". These products are produced with a standard G-60 coating as well as G-90 upon special request.

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Sure-Span® Floor Joist System

Sure-Span® is a revolutionary floor joist system specifically developed by CEMCO for both commercial and residential construction projects. The trapezoidal punch-outs enable several trades, such as plumbing, HVAC, technology, and electrical to take advantage of access route for various services while sturdy, long floor spans are maintained. Sure-Span® SSCJ joists are produced in depths ranging from 7 1/4 inches up to 14 inches.The corresponding SSTT Rim Tracks are produced with pre-spaced tabs at 12, 16, or 24 inch on-center configurations for ease of installation. All Sure-Span® components are manufactured from the same high-quality mill certified hot-dipped galvanized steel in G-60 and G-90.

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These critical components are often combined with our stud and track systems to provide for extra bracing, furring, backing, and sound-dampening requirements. The available products in this group include, resilient channels, furring/hat Channels, backing Plate/flat strapping cold-Rolled/u-Channel and various angles, clips,and brake shapes. 



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Drywall Framing System - ViperStud® and Viper-X™

CEMCO's solutions for interior non-load bearing steel framing are ViperStud® and Viper-X™ Drywall Framing Systems (West coast only). ViperStud® is a lighter, stronger, and much better option than other products available on the market. Viper-X™ has flat 1-7/16"wide flanges made in high strength/high yield galvanized steel.

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Specialty/Fire Rated Products

CEMCO line of FAS (Fire, Air, Sound) products are some of the most innovative and labor saving solutions for head of wall applications, often replacing previous systems vulnerable to fatigue, in-elasticity, and other problems associated with dynamic movement using products that lose their elasticity over time.


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Slotted Track

CEMCO's CST Brand slotted tracks are listed in over 200 UL fire rated assemblies. CST branded slotted tracks are available in thicknesses ranging from 30 mil to 68 mil and with legs from 2-1/2"to 3-1/2". Special drift slots are available upon request.

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Sure-Board® For Shear

CEMCO's Sure-Board products have been an industry favorite for over 20 years. Improvements to the family of products include 200W for residential/mid-rise construction, 200SF for wood and steel floor systems, and 200B for blast walls.

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Rough Openings - ProX Header®

The unique shape of ProX Header is engineered to carry higher load values with less steel.

Most wall openings can be supported with a single piece header and for wider openings an insert member is added for additional strength. The patented system utilizes an internal clip that fastens to the vertical Jamb stud(s). The ProX Header member snaps into place and leaves a flush surface for the application of drywall. Material and labor costs are sharply reduced and construction productivity is increased. Installation is simplified and can be accomplished with a single framer. As with a traditional built-up box header the need to measure, cut and fit several stud and track components is eliminated. Additionally there is no welding and much less screwing when using ProX Header.


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Shaftwall / Area Separation Walls

The United States Gypsum Co. in partnership with CEMCO, presents the construction industryA's best performing shaftwall, fire wall, and party wall components; The SHEETROCK Brand Shaft Wall System. CEMCO is the licensed manufacturer of these products, which include the CH-Stud, J-Track, H-Stud, and C-Runner components. A successful history of quality and productivity are the basis for this long-standing partnership between USG, the largest gypsum wallboard producer in the world, and CEMCO, the premier manufacturer of cold-formed steel framing products in the Western United States.
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Expanded Metal Lath

CEMCO's versatile metal lath is ideal as a plaster base and reinforcement for all types of construction in walls, ceilings, and fireproofing of steel beams and columns. Easy to cut and form to ornamental plaster work. Provides ample keying for scratch coat and is commonly used for plaster machine application. The expanded metal lath is available in 1.75, 2.5, and 3.4 pounds per square yard. All three of these are available in either flat, self-furred(dimpled of grooved), or in combination with paper-backing with D or K paper.

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Expansion Joint

As the premier provider of metal lath products to the construction industry, CEMCO offers expansion joints and expanded corner beads manufactured by Niles Building Products, Inc. These expanded metal trims and expansion joints are produced from hot-dipped galvanized steel that comply with ASTM C1063 and C841. Some products are also available in pure zinc on a special order basis. Corner trims are available in 1-A or 2-A Reinforced configurations in 8', 9', 10', and 12' lengths carefully packaged in heavy-duty cardboard boxes for easy shipment and storage.
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Corner Accessories

CEMCO provides along with its extensive metal lath and accessory product line, corner accessories for every application used by today's contractors. CEMCOCORNER, a welded wire product is available in standard lengths to accommodate just about every situation seen in the field. CEMCO also provides expanded corners for exterior plaster systems in both 1A and reinforced 2A configurations, also available in various lengths.
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Screeds, Casings, Weeps

CEMCO manufactures several types of weeps, screeds, and casing beads for the exterior plaster industry. All are manufactured to tight tolerances using hot dipped galvanized steel that meets ASTM, Federal Specification, and FHA specifications.
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Patches are a recent development by CEMCO based on a timeless use of 2.5 diamond lath, but manufactured in strips or A'patchesA' to be used over door and window corners to greatly reduce cracking, by reinforcing stress areas. Patches can also be used as grout stop in masonry applications.
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