Basalt is a volcanic rock and one of the most common types of rock in the world. Although it is common, it is rare to find the long solid columns of basalt that we use in our products. The skin or crust on the outside of the columns will have a patina that ranges from beige to red to black and will often contain a multitude of colors. The inside of basalt is black and polishes up to a rich luster.

We create fountains, furniture and paving material out of the columnar basalt. It is a dense crystalline material, weighing in at 188 pounds per cubic foot, about 10% heavier than granite. In the state of Washington there are many basalt column formations. In some areas the flows cooled at a relatively rapid rate, forcing them to contract which caused horizontal fracturing. This gives basalt columns their unique 5 and 6 sided shapes.

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  • 18-24" diameter.

  • Heights up to 12'. Longer columns are sometimes available, please inquire.

  • Available as fountains or placement columns.

  • ~500 lbs/linear foot.

Grand Coulee Cut Sheet

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  • 10-18" diameter.

  • Heights up to 12'

  • Available as fountains or placement columns.

  • ~200 lbs/linear foot

Red Bluff Basalt Column Cut Sheet

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  • Diameter choices: 8-12".

  • Heights up to 5'.

  • Available as fountains or placement columns.

  • 8-12" diameter weight:~90 lbs/ linear foot

Gold Creek Basalt Column Cut Sheet

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We make these modern looking pieces by hand chiseling granite and basalt columns. Each fountain has been slightly tapered from the bottom up, promoting good water flow, sound and action. Available in Salt & Pepper Granite and Basalt.

  • 8" Diameter

  • Weight:   ~1.7lb./inch

  • 12" Diameter

  • Weight:   ~185lb./ft.

Chisel Basalt Cut Sheet

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Columbia Basin Basalt Columns are the largest columns available, with diameters ranging from 24" to beyond 48". Ideal for use in custom monuments, water features and public use projects. Diameter: 24 - 30". Length: up to 30'. Weight: ~750 lbs per linear foot

Columbia Basin Basalt Cut Sheet

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  • Natural bowl on top to hold water.

  • Excellent as one of a kind water features, birdbaths and placement stones.

  • Available in 3 diameter sizes: 14-20", 20-26" and 27-60".

  • Heights vary, please inquire.

Dish Rock Cut Sheet

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People who love the view and feel of the beach will definitely find these Seaside Beach pebbles to be a pleasant addition to their home decor. These pebbles can be added to water features like a fountain or a pond to bring an appealing touch to the whole area. Using these in the garden as stone mulch around plants and trees and along buildings will help to control the growth of weeds, reducing day-to-day maintenance.

Also commonly called Indonesian beach pebbles or tumbled beach pebbles, we stock large quantities of these beautiful stones at our warehouse, enabling us to meet the supply needs of both small and large-scale landscaping projects.

Seaside Ivory Cut Sheet
Seaside Green Pebble Cut Sheet
Black Seaside Pebble Cut Sheet

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Our line of rounded aggregates are versatile and attractive. Kiln-dried and truly rounded, they are ideal for use as a seeding aggregate, epoxy-resin flooring systems, footpaths, walkways, driveways, and general use garden bed mulch.
Spreading a layer of aggregates on the soil can not only help in moisture retention during the summer season, but also provide better insulation from extreme temperature fluctuations.

Seaside Ivory 3/8″ Cut Sheet
Seaside Green 3/8″ Cut Sheet
Black Seaside Aggregate Pebble Cut Sheet
Seaside Mixed 3/8″ Cut Sheet
Rainbow Aggregate Cut Sheet
Coral Mix Cut Sheet
Oxbow Brown Cut Sheet
Tan Blend Cut Sheet
White River Cut Sheet
Grey Blend Aggregate Cut Sheet
Chinook Brown Cut Sheet

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Specific design in mind for your Basalt column water feature? We have you covered too. With our full-service, state of the art fabrication shop, we can create pieces for you in a timely and cost effective manner. Our team of stone artisans can help you through the process of designing your pieces all the way to delivering the finished product directly to your location.

Our capabilities include but are not limited to, cutting, grinding, carving, sandblasting, jet cutting, engraving, etching, coring, welling, polishing, honing, flaming, bush hammering, bull nosing, beveling, etc. Give us a call or send us an email with your project idea, and we will help you with the rest.

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As one of the many custom services we offer, our engraving team can sandblast text and imagery directly into our basalt or granite paving, columns, benches, or fountains. Popular sandblasted and engraved products are memorial columns or benches, address markers, mailboxes, sculptures, commercial art, and landscape paving.

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