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Denver, CO 80216
Toll Free: 800-891-5402
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Environmental StoneWorks provides industry leading warranties for its products and when it provides turn-key installation services. Because we design, manufacture and install our own products, no other company in the industry knows more about stone veneer that Environmental StoneWorks. For more info click here


We've emerged with a national footprint of manufacturing and distribution facilities across the United States. That's because at Environmental StoneWorks, we don't say "one size fits all." We realize that people have different needs in different areas, so we produce styles and colors of stone inherent to each region of the country. Our local approach to manufacturing, coupled with rapid prototyping, enables us to develop new products for the most demanding customer. Since a plant is typically nearby, our lead times are a fraction of the competition. Add this to our passion for consistency in how we make every piece of stone, and you can be guaranteed to experience the same level of quality no matter where you are located. If we aren't handling your install service, our products are available through dealers across the country.

Manufactured Stone Veneer Accessories  

Address Stones  

Stone Veneer: Address Stones: Horizontal

Stone Veneer: Address Stones: Vertical

Angle Trim Stones  

Stone Veneer: Angle Trim Stones: Angle Trim Stones

Electrical Outlets  

Stone Veneer: Electrical Outlets: Octagon

Stone Veneer: Electrical Outlets: Rectangular Center

Stone Veneer: Electrical Outlets: Rectangular Offset Center

Stone Veneer: Electrical Outlets: Round Center

Stone Veneer: Electrical Outlets: Round Offset Center

Flat Post Caps  

Stone Veneer: Flat Post Caps: Flat Post Caps


Stone Veneer: Hearth: Hearth


Stone Veneer: Keystones: Keystones


Stone Veneer: Mantles: Mantle

Peaked Post Caps  

Stone Veneer: Peaked Post Caps: Peaked Post Caps


Stone Veneer: Quoins: Quoins

Rectangle Trim Stones  

Stone Veneer: Rectangle Trim Stones: Rectangle Trim Stones