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Walls - Glasspan™

As originators of Glasspan™ Systems we have a decided advantage over our imitators. We''ve already solved issues they''ve yet to encounter. We were the first to apply the systems to halls, walls, foyers and features. The first to negotiate curves, corners and uneven surfaces. Today, we continue to flex our imaginations and stretch our talents to create new solutions for architects. We ship finished panels, ready to hang upon arrival, from North America to Russia, Turkey and the Middle East. We don''t just go up and down walls, we get around. CLICK HERE FOR BASIC PRODUCT DETAILS
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Elevator Walls and Ceilings - Glasspan™

Our elevator walls and ceilings come with a built-in swagger factor. Not only do they change a transportation box into a visual experience, they do so while meeting the elevator's exceptionally demanding safety requirements. Behind the beautiful, contemporary styling beats the heart of a structural champion. Stainless steel support grid and stronger glass (we can prove it.) Unique paint and lamination treatment. Sturdy redwood framing and fire proof composite backing. (We can prove it.) Our finished panels are shipped ready to hang upon arrival all over the world. CLICK HERE FOR BASIC PRODUCT DETAILS
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A Glasspan™ System ceiling can complement a theme, create a subtle ambiance or totally reflect the floor below. (Check out the car museum photos.) In short, make the difference between a project and a work of art. When we ship our finished panels they''re ready to hang upon arrival. And whether they''re for a lay-in system or a concealed grid, individual panels can be easily changed out. Another reason our imitators are still looking up to us.CLICK HERE FOR BASIC PRODUCT DETAILS
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We love it when people ask for help with their special situations. Our Glasspan™ systems are so versatile we can usually find a way. After more than three decades we''ve applied our brains and our products in hundreds of specialty applications. So far, we haven't figured out what we can't do. And because so many architects and designers call on us for help, we do know what our imitators can't do. CLICK HERE FOR BASIC PRODUCT DETAILS
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Our trim treatment is to Glasspan™ as wit is to intelligence. It brightens an already admirable trait. It also pulls everything together using brass or stainless steel in widths from 1/2" to1/ 8". With a tolerance of -1/32" and + 0", the finish is virtually seamless. CLICK HERE FOR BASIC PRODUCT DETAILS
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Back painted glass for Adhesive application.Uses:wallsCounter FrontsTable TopsSignageFinishes:Solid Colors, metallics and pearlsTranslucent areas and graphicsStandard and custom colorsAnnealed or tempered glassAdvantages:Available in any colorCleanable and easily maintainedSimple to install, can be field-cutEconomical for renovation or new constructionColor is protected by glass for the life of the job
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COLORSPAN or mirror with factory-applied safety glass backer on the back for adhesive spplication. Meets ANSI Z97.1. Catagory I or II; approved for elevatorsUses:WallsElevatorsSignage, Counter Fronts, SpecialtiesAny application requiring safety glassTrim Details: 250 EX, 375T and customFinishes:Colors: See COLORSPANMirror: Clear, bronze, gray, black, green, blue and peachAdvantages:Same as COLORSPAN, plusStronger than standard Laminated glassLighter than standard laminated glassCan be repaired on-site
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COLORSPAN laminated to COLORSPAN I - Surfaces may be the same color or different. Meets Meets ANSI Z97.1. Catagory II.Uses:Surfaces installed in glazing channels where color and graphics are visible from both sides.Banners and dividersFinishes:See COLORSPANAdvantages:Total OpacityGraphics not visible from back side
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