GAF Commercial Roofing Products

TPO - EverGuard®, EverGuard FB Ultra

Best For: Any application (including high heat and solar applications) where you want the very best performance you can get.
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HydroStop PremiumCoat® - Finish Coat

HydroStop™ provides fully reinforced membrane system designed to protect as a primary waterproofing membrane for a variety of substrates. ENERGY STAR® rated systems are available with system warranties up to 25 years.
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Sealants - Major Seal

Major Seal is a moisture-cure polyether sealant designed for difficult flashing conditions (irregularly shaped penetrations, low parapet walls, at door thresholds) on BUR & SBS roof systems.
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Insulation - EnergyGuard Polyiso, EnergyGuard Perlite, Dens-Deck®

Insulation - EnergyGuard™ EnergyGuard' Polyiso & EnergyGuard' Tapered PolyIsoEnergyGuard' Ultra Polyiso & EnergyGuard' Perlite TaperedEnergyGuard' HD & HD PLUS Polyiso USG Securock® Brand Gypsum-Fiber Roof Board
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Fastener System - RhinoBond®

The Drill-Tec® RhinoBond® fastener system allows roofers to achieve the look and performance of a fully adhered roof at nearly the cost of a mechanically attached system. The system is designed for use over many insulation systems: ISO, Securock™, Dens-Deck® Prime, high density wood fiber board, or plywood.
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Low Rise Foams - Insulation

Low Rise Foam AdhesivesOlyBond500™OlyBond500™ SpotShotLRF Adhesive OLRF Adhesive MGAF 2-Part Roofing Adhesive
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