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Global Situational Awareness System (GSAS)

Global Access
The Guardiar Global Situational Awareness System is a cloud-hosted Video Management and access control system.

Through our mobile app and web client, Site managers and site supervisors can oversee their respective sites from anywhere in the world.

Complete Control
All live camera feeds, recorded footage, access logs and site entry permissions are available in just a few clicks for effective, round the clock management.

Respond to incidents faster than ever before, with instant notifications of alarms and site access requests.

Safe and Secure
Video and access devices installed on your premises connect over the internet with an encrypted link to the secured cloud-based user stack.

Take away the worry of physical backups of your footage and data with automatic uploads, stored on our secured servers located in the US.

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High Security Perimeter Fencing

Strong, functional and imposing perimeters to deter and delay breach attempts

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Beyond the Perimeter

A proactive approach to protection
Stopping threats in their tracks is something we're known for. We even identify and halt potential threats before they can reach you.
We take a technology-driven, proactive approach to protection that gives our customers and their clients true peace of mind.

Beyond the line of sight
Not just beyond the perimeter, but beyond the line of sight. We utilize the latest in thermal imaging and radar technology to recognize even the most covert threats, and complete your protection.

We look beyond the accepted limitations of security, finding custom solutions for each unique challenge you bring us.

Total protection
Our systems detect and verify any form of attempted intrusion, acting as your second line of defense. The alarm is raised and can be set to trigger a series of events to ensure a swift, effective response. Integrated with lighting and CCTV, it provides complete accuracy to identify potential threats.

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Access Control

We Design and Implement
Access to your site is an essential consideration of any security solution.
From pedestrian footfall to hostile vehicle mitigation and even aircraft, we design and implement world-leading access control products for every possible challenge.

A Lifetime of Protection
By assessing your access requirements alongside your potential threats, we can implement custom solutions matching the protection level of the rest of your perimeter.
Our expert team will ensure your system will continue to protect your site over its lifetime.

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Critical Infrastructure

The security of critical infrastructure such as airports, harbors, diplomatic facilities, and water plants is vital to our existence. Damage to critical infrastructure, including its destruction or disruption by terrorism, criminal activity or malicious behavior threatens to have far-reaching political and economic consequences.
Guardiar understands these multifaceted critical infrastructure environments and offers total perimeter security solutions specifically configured to meet each requirement.

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Data Centers

With the exponential growth of data usage across various industries, data centers are responsible for safeguarding highly sensitive and confidential data. Protecting these important facilities and their reputations from targeted sabotage or criminally motivated attacks is paramount.

We specialize in the design, engineering, and management of total perimeter security solutions that protect data centers against physical breach attempts.

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Educational Facilities

Educational facilities carry a heavy burden by taking responsibility for people's safety whilst on their premises. Staff, scholars, and visitors need to be, and feel, safe, in order to foster an environment of teaching and learning.
An imposing perimeter effectively controlled access and reliable situational surveillance are three key requirements in implementing a strong primary layer of defense. Our expertise in integrated perimeter security and quality products can assist education facilities in safeguarding people and assets.

We're focused on keeping children safe, so they can focus on learning.

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Energy & Utilities

Electric power is indispensable to critical infrastructure functions such as data storage, transportation, telecommunications, emergency services and the general wellbeing of people. The protection of energy sites is vital. With the growing threat of sabotage, criminal activity, and terrorism, energy facilities are becoming increasingly vulnerable.

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Oil & Gas

With an increase in criminally and politically motivated targeted attacks, the Oil & Gas industry is faced with real concerns over employee safety, disruption to operations and severe damage to facilities. To operate safely in these often high-risk or remote areas, effective security has become a prerequisite for sustaining operations and welfare.

At Guardiar, we specialize in the design, engineering, and management of total perimeter security solutions that have helped numerous oil and gas operators across the globe protect their site perimeters. As part of our total security solutions, we develop unique products to meet the unique challenges the industry faces.

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Public Sector

Our range of static and retractable bollards deliver aesthetically pleasing, yet reliable protection of public spaces, walkways, and entry areas. By creating a 'stand-off', they provide the benefit of restricting vehicular access without obstructing pedestrian movement.

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Rental Facilities

The most valuable assets of any equipment rental company are usually parked or stored in an open area, making them vulnerable to theft and vandalism.
We provide a modern solution, so you can protect them and monitor their safety without the high cost of additional personnel.

Automation can help your rental facility provide a safe and seamless service for your customers. Plate recognition cameras combined with access control gives you the option to white-list expected customers, increasing efficiency and operating hours while reducing demand on personnel.

The Guardiar Global Situational Awareness System puts the control of your facility at your fingertips. Respond to access requests, view live feeds, and respond to incidents from wherever you may be.

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Intrusion Detection

The purpose of a standoff zone utilizing vehicle barriers, crash rated fences, and intrusion detection technologies is to prevent entry and determine at a safe distance, if a human subject or an approaching vehicle is carrying concealed explosives or weapons. Standoff defense and intrusion detection is perceived as the greatest challenge facing the "at-risk" communities today. The threat posed by suicide bombers is the key to the emergence of transformational counter-terror solutions, technologies, and tactics for implementation of integrated Intelligent Perimeter Defense Solutions (IPDS).

The maturity and deployment of advanced, standoff technologies for creating a fully-integrated intelligent perimeter standoff, includes both passive and active imaging, capable of detecting and preventing entry of suicide activists and other terrorists at a safe distance. These solutions are changing the landscape of homeland security and asymmetric warfare. SecureUSA is a global leader in the design engineering, integration, and implementation of Intelligent Perimeter Defense Solutions (IPDS). 

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Crash-Tested Surface-Mounted Barrier - FutureWEDGE® 2400

Features easy and simple installation with its bolt down, surface-mounted design. No need for excavation and other costly construction requirements. FutureWEDGE® 2400 series is laid into place and can be operational within one working day minimizing costs, lane closures and operation downtime.
A Stand Alone Vehicle Access Control System.

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Environmental responsibility

An important aspect of Protecting the Future, Today is being environmentally responsible in the products we manufacture, and the processes we use in production. Guardiar delivers total solutions from one trusted provider. From high-security fencing to the best in surveillance technology, our products and solutions are delivered around the world, giving complete protection and peace of mind from perimeter to door. We aim to use the best technologies available to guarantee a sustainable development. From emission control to lowering our energy, water and gas consumption and managing our waste, we monitor all production processes with care, transparency and reliability.

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