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Aluminum Handrail Systems - Interna-Rail®

Features and Benefits
  • In-line fittings provide a smooth architectural appearance
  • Fitting-based system that allows some reconfiguration when such is required by site conditions
  • Shipped in pre-fabricated sections of 10 - 24 feet, easily installable by non-specialized labor
  • Extremely non-corrosive and low maintenance when compared to steel
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Glass Railing System - Interna-Rail® VUE

Interna-Rail® VUE is a post mounted glass railing system where the glass is captured at the posts, emphasizing maximum transparency and low cost.

Features and Benefits
  • Maximum visibility and transparency
  • Attractive appearance at a low installed price. The standard clear anodized finish provides an aesthetic appearance that is close to that of stainless steel, at approximately 1/2 the cost
  • Maximum flexibility - glass can be mounted on the walking surface side or away from the walking surface. A variety of acrylic resin panels can also be used.
  • Optional finishes: clear anodized aluminum, dark bronze anodized aluminum, powder coat to AAMA 2604 specification or Kynar®
  • Infill Panel Options:
      o 3/8" thick tempered glass or other glass finishes
      o 3/8" thick acrylic resin panels, huge variety of designs from Lumicor® or other architect specified vendors
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Glass Railing Systems - Interna-Rail® KLEAR

Hollaender's Interna-Rail® Klear railing for glass offers what architects and owners another option when specifying or designing glass railing systems:
  • Transparency
  • Visibility

This system uses the glass infill up to 42 inch height requirement and does not have a top cap on the glass. - the glass is captured at the post, not top and bottom - minimizes the amount of horizontal rails in the system, thus maximizing visibility.

Posts are attached with a grabrail or handrail at 36 inches above the walking surface on level, ramp, and stair railings.

The result - while maintaining structural integrity, this glass railing with no top cap provides more visibility than competitive railing systems.
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Railing Systems - Speed-Rail®

Features and Benefits
  • Kit of Parts design allows for on-site assembly, easy to reconfigure when drawings do not match site
  • Unique Industrial Chic look is ideal for urban or industrial aesthetic
  • Installable by non-specialized labor
  • Anodized aluminum pipe and aluminum magnesium fittings are extremely corrosion resistant, allowing for the lowest long term maintenance cost
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AL ADA Compliant Handrail

Features and Benefits
  • Shipped as a kit of parts, field assembled and installed for easy reconfiguration
  • Aluminum magnesium fittings and anodized aluminum pipe are highly corrosion resistant, providing lowest long term maintenance cost
  • Can be used with 1-1/4 inch or 1-1/2" posts, and from 1" IPS to 1-1/2" IPS rails, meeting both ADA and UFAS codes
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Welded Wire Mesh

Welded wire mesh infill panels are constructed from .120 inch diameter steel wire and every second wire is welded within the steel hem. Hems are constructed from 14 gauge steel. Three holes are drilled in the bottom hem to prevent water buildup.
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Perforated Infill Panels

These panels are available for level or raked (stair) applications and are manufactured using a hem or U channel. All panels are 14 gauge steel, held within a 14 gauge steel hem. To prevent any water buildup, 3 holes are drilled in the bottom hem.
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NO-Frame Perforated Steel

"NO-Frame" Perforated Steel is our most cost-effective infill panel system.
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Slotted & Decorated Patterns

Handrail systems with slotted hole pattern infill will cost 25-35% more per linear foot than standard infill. Decorative hole patterns cost approximately 35-40% more per linear foot than standard round or square patterns, and require special order. All patterns are in carbon steel, e-coated and powder coated.
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Picket System

Hollaender's® component picket system uses mechanical connectors that are specially machined to attach pickets to top and bottom rails. These connectors prevent any turning or slippage of the pickets (a common problem) and have the usual advantage of mechanical systems in having no welding marks. When used with Speed-Rail® or Interna-Rail® frames, this is a very cost effective yet aesthetically pleasing solution. Pickets are 3/4" Schedule 10, and railing is available in mill finish aluminum, anodized, or TGIC Polyester powder coat.
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Core Mount

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Side Mount

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Top Mount

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Clear Anodized Coating

Hollaender's® standard finishes for fittings and pipe are architectural mill finish and clear anodized aluminum. Our clear anodized coating is specified as M10C22A41. It is architectural class with a nominal thickness of .7 mil.

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Mill Finish Powdercoat

Powdercoat colors are available in a wide variety of colors with the standard being TGIC Polyester, a highly weather resistant and durable coating. Depending on the color requirement, TGIC Polyester products that are compliant with either AAMA 2603 or 2604 may also be available.

Click Here for Color Chart

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OSHA Retrofit Guardrail

Retrofit existing railing with infill panels that meet four inch maximum sphere rule dictated by I.B.C.
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Architectural Retrofit Guardrail

These panels, either perforated metal or wire mesh, can have different openings, and will also remove the effect of "ladder effect" railing.
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Solar Mounting Systems

Hollaender® manufactures structural pipe fittings that are used with pipe to make pipe rack systems for both ground mount and roof mount PV arrays.

Hollaender's Speed-Rail® fittings are ideal for this application because the aluminum-magnesium 535 alloy used to manufacture them is:
  • As strong as malleable iron.
  • The most corrosion resistant aluminum alloy available.
  • Supported by our 10 year corrosion warranty.
  • Can be used with steel without any concern for galvanic corrosion.
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LEED® / Green

Hollaender's® metal railing systems qualify for LEED points under 2 sections of LEED - NC Version 2.2
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